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Post Combine Mock Draft!

01 March 2013 - 12:40 AM

This is my mock and i'll also do some free agent picks. The Panthers are not as bad as people thought cap wise. I also have an interesting and different take on the oline through FA but, that will be coming later...............

Make sure you give me your opinion because it helps me a lot. I will only include one COMP(6th round) pick this time even though they might have two. This is my second mock i think, my last was after the senior bowl.I will have a brief explanation for each, so lets get started.

Well so first I want to trade back in the first round to the 24-28 spot. Now I know there are a few teams that might want to trade up. Colts,Packers or Seattle all could want to move up for a better WR, OG, DE or CB.In return panthers would receive an extra 2nd and 5th round pick. I have saw this done a couple of times. So this could very well be a realistic trade for the panthers in terms of the draft chart points.


1. Quinton Patton- Wr that does everything well. He already proved he can go against the big boys when he put 21 rec and over 200 yards on Texas Am, who beat BAMA. This guy is underrated and not many casual fans know him. He runs crisp,quick routes that allows him to get open in the middle and down field. He is also elusive in open space and has deceptive speed. He does not drop many passes and can track the hell out of the ball. Patton is also very good at catching fade passes in the end zone. He finished his season with 13 tds and over 1300 yards.Has been impressive at the senior bowl and the combine.I have heard comparisons to Reggie Wayne and Victor Cruz.

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2.Brandon Williams- BIg DT that can penetrate and also COG up the middle to stop the run. He is from a small school but he will be playing by a solid vet in Edwards. He also had a very good senior bowl and combine, which showed he could get down with the big boys. He benched 38 reps(the best mark) and was not slow for his size. I think he can be one of the best DT taken out of this draft.

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2.(trade) Darius Slay-CB from Miss. State who didn't get as much as attention as J.Banks but performed just as good. He ended the year with 5 ints with 12+ plus pass break ups. Had a Helluva Combine and played well against big SEC teams. He's was also the fastest(4.3) corner at the combine and also has some size at 6'0. Also Panthers will probably release Gamble for more cap room so CB will be a big need.

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4.D.j Swearinger-Play maker at Free Safety. Can HIT HARD and BALL HAWK at the same time. Avg combine so should be here but, he has always been underrated anyways. Panthers need a safety in the worse way to help with the run and pass. LOVE this guy because he is very feisty and is always around the ball. Also you need a guy like this with Brees and Ryan in the division.

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5.Kieth Pough- Small school linebacker that will be a steal. Great leadership and makes the sure tackle. Has good size,speed for a linebacker and turned in solid combine. Panthers need help at OLB, watch Bucs and Giants game if you don't agree. Also Beason might not be here. Both OLBs are aging and they have an injury history too. Would be a nice edition with Luke to help stop Panthers from getting run over by rookie running backs.

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5.(trade) Chris Gragg-Should be a 2nd rounder but got hurt. Had the best combine(lead in most drills)out of all the TE. CAN run a 4,46 but officially clocked at 4.50. Another BIG catching TE to help Cam when in trouble. Newton also seemed to like the TE a lot when he had Shockey and also could help Panthers become less stagnant in the red zone. He has potential to A. Gates like he just has to really want it.

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6. Omoregi Uzzi- Big OG that has a mean streak in him. Team was top 5 in the Nation in rushing. Would be a solid ugrade at the rg spot. Panthers have to protect Newton and at the same time this will help the erratic rushing game. While it looks like J-Stew and D-will will still be here next year, this move could help them out a lot. Teams that ran the option well all had good o-line men who could open up holes. Also a 6th round pick, Alfred Morris, ran wild because he had a good o-line.

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6(comp).Quanterus Smith-An unknown diamond in the ruff. Q.Smith is a DE that plays at a small school but, he has a lot of upside to be a big time DE in the NFL. Before he got injured he had 12.5 sacks(could have had 16+). His highlight is against Alabama where he beat D.j Fluker for 2 sacks and ended the day with 3 total. Gettleman comes from a pass rushing philosophy so this would be the perfect pick. Disrupting the Qb is the most important aspect of the defense and that's what Smith does. He has been compared to Bruce Irvin, a rookie DE on the Seahawks, who stacked up 8 sacks last year.

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2000's All Star Decade Team!

06 February 2013 - 04:50 PM

This is my list for the best player at each position on field for the nfl from 2000-2013(lol i know)

The player would have at least played 8-9 years of good football. okay lets get started and as always ill welcome your thoughts!!

Owner-1.Jerry Richardson

General Manager-Jerry Reese

Coach-1.Bill Belichick 2.Tony Dungy

Quarter Back-1.Tom Brady,2 Peyton Manning

Running Back-1. Ladanian Tomlinson 2.Fred Taylor

Wide Reciever-1.Randy Moss 2. Marvin Harrison 3. Terrell Owens 4. Torry Holt

Tight End-1.Antonio Gates 2.Tony Gonzalez

Full Back-Vonta Leach

Offensive Tackle-1.Jonathan Ogden 2.Walter Jones

Offensive Guard-1.Larry Allen 2.Will Sheilds

Center-Kevin Mawae

Defensive Tackle-1.Warren Sapp 2. Vince Wilfork

Defensive End-1.Michael Strahan 2.Dwight Freeny

Milddle Linebacker-Ray Lewis

Outside Linbacker- 1.Derrick Brooks 2.Demarcus Ware

Corner Back- 1.Champ Bailey 2.Ty Law

Safety- 1.Ed Reed 2.Brian Dawkins

Punter-1.Shane Lechler

Kicker-1.Mike Vanderjagt

Kick Returner-1.Dante Hall 2.Devin Hester

Post Senior Bowl Mock Draft! *updated*

27 January 2013 - 03:21 AM

okay so this is my second mock...the next will be after the combine.

okay i want to trade back to 26 for a extra 2, 4 an 6. also i would trade gamble(5th,d-will(5th) and beason or thomas davis(6th)

and i will add the two 6th round comp picks...okay so lets get started

lol if you do not think those trades would work, the mock would just be this.

1, jonanthan banks
2. larry warford
2.markus wheaton(trade down extra)
4.brandon williams
5.jonanthan cyprien
6.joseph fauria
6.jasper collins(comp)
6conrnelius washingston(comp)................thanks guys for the feed back!!

1. jonathan banks-with some cb's rising banks could fall a bit, but no worries he had 12 ints. he is good corner that shuts down the wr completely most times. with gamble gone panthers need a true no1 cb.

2.larry warford-ford needs to give this guy a deal for his last name.thats just what he is..a big powerful truck that goes through anything. warford has had a great senior bowl and opened up gaping holes. he is not that far from chance warmack and will be great pickup to help with the oline.

2.markus wheaton- a speedy wr that has been compared to mike wallce during senior practices. he had 90 grabs, over a thousand yards and about 12 tds.wheaton can easliy beat corners deep and get alot of seperation until he draws double coverage. which leaves the other wr wide OPEN.

4.brandon williams-a big 340 pound dt who can move well enough to get sacks. b-will rose up draft boards with great practices at the senior bowl. ths a big guy who can get push and will require double teams.williams can help the turn the panthers line into a great one because its not far away.

4.brennan williams- lol aother williams. he is a guy that is just a stud at right tackle who got hurt. so while he should be a 2nd he dropped a bit due to his injury. brennan blocked for bernard who is the top rb coming out of the draft.most times when you see a great running back he has a great oline but they never get the cred.(he is number 73 if you watch the video)

5.keth pough- a small school olb that can make tackles all over tha field and cover te just as good. why this pick? well for starters our lb core is old,hurt and some might get traded. also coming into the 2012 seasom with luke and beason back, i thought the lb core would be much improved. but i was wrong and they gave up alot of yards to rookie rbs. keith also has the most tackles for lost in history for the FCS with 71 and also had very good practices at the east west shrine game.

5.jonanthan cyprien-another small school guy thats getting some attention since joining the senior bowl. he is a strong saftey that plays agressive and makes the sure tackle. in his last season he led the team with 93 tackles, had 4 ints and 5 pass break ups.

5.stephan taylor-stanford rb that stood out at the senior bowl as the most complete back. he can run in or out side the tackles and blocks very well. he also can catch out the backfield and make a play. he does not have blazing speed but he has good vision an can break tackles. this guy seems like he could be this years alfred morris. in his last season he had 1500 yards with 14 tds and also knocked off oregon from its title dreams.also you need a guy if dwill is gone, even though they have a bunch of unproven backs.

6.caleb sturgis-a clutch kicker that panthers really need to stop juggling avg guys. kicked a 49 yarder at the east west shrine game. so he can make the long kicks to with accuracy.

6.brandon mcgee-another corner since you dont have a sure fire starter for the other side. you never know how nortman or thomas will turn out. mcgee is a guy that didnt play up to his true ability but he has the skills to be great if he can be consistent. when i watched him i was most impressed by his speed to close in on guys if he had got beaten deep. he also is a guy that looks to strip guys and will go for the int. he had great week of practice at the ew game and had a great game at the end of that week.

6.jasper collins-a small school superstar that comes from the same school as pierre garcon and cecil shorts. had over 1,600 yards with over 20 tds. reminds me of quinton patton a lil bit and he can also return punts. collins impressed scout at the ew practices with his great route running and sure hands. this guy could be another mount union wr like garcon to take the nfl by storm out of no where. has slot capability like percy harvin if you ask me.

6.joseph fauria-newton needs tall wr to match his high release point?? well this is this the guy to get. fauria had over 500 yards and about 11 tds, with most coming in the redzone. he could help the panthers be less laggy in the redzone as it always seems they get down there but end up having to settle for three points. he also blocks well and he is a staggering 6'7 in height.

6.cornelius washington-a guy who came out of nowhere to impress everyone at the senior practices. washington gets great push and is a guy that could really develop into something great behnd cj and hardy. he also had a few hurries at the bowl game and one sack if i recall right. plus gettleman loves drafting pass rusher and he would be a good choice in the later rounds.(he wears no 83 in the video)

my mock draft.

03 January 2013 - 11:27 PM

trade down in first for numbaer 2. also trade dwill and jgross for extra 4th round picks and trade cgamble for 3rd. . lets get started!

1.terrance williams wr- deep threat with speed to burn baby.

2.xavior rhodes cb - need to replace gamble with great physical corner

2.barret jones lt- can play multiple oline spots but really excells at lt.

3.phillip thomas s- led nation in interceptions,

4.alvin bailey g-underrated because teams sucks

4.dan mccullers dt- very big that takes on double teams for pass rushers

4.mychal rivera te- only about 40 catches with about 600 yards..decent blocking

5.seantrel henderson rt- very big at 6-8 with talent. could be a great rt if he wants it bad enuff.

6.caleb sturgis k- what can i say..solid kicker and clutch. lots of touchbacks too.

so what do you think. lol