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my 7 round mock with comp picks added

24 March 2015 - 12:56 PM

I did this based off the Fanspeak simulator game, and with a mix of what I want and what I think

Gettleman would do.  I know he's in love with Gurley, but I'd rather take an OT or WR in the first,

and Gurley won't fall to us in the second.


Going in, my goals are to get starters at OT and WR, a safety and a CB, adding depth at other positions.



1.  Very tough choice here...I'm choosing between CB Trae Waynes, WR Jaelen Strong, OT Peat,  RB's Gordon and Gurley, and DE's  Preston Smith and OO, both of whom we had contact with.  I know how much Getty loves his DE's.

I think Getty would go with Gurley.  I want to go with Waynes.  of course, Getty wins.


Todd Gurley





2.   I'm choosing between Peat and DJ Humphries....can't see either of them falling to us in the 2nd in the real world.

Also choosing between WR's Perriman and Agholor, both whom I love.   None of these guys will be here in the 3rd, so I'm going with the one I think will be the sure thing for us for years.


Nelson Agholor
Position: WR | Height: 6'1" | Weight: 190



view his stats here...








3.    choosing between CB's Kevin White, Josh Shaw, and  DE Trey Flowers.  I'm pretty comfortable with Alexander and Ealy opposite CJ for one more year.  


Kevin White, CB, TCU



4.    OT Rob Havenstein,  Wisconsin.  Even if he doesn't win a starting job, we need depth at this position.



5.   S  JORDAN RICHARDS - STANFORD    Good value here at a position we are very thin at.  I may even take another S later.



5.   Second Pick of the 5th!    Near the top of the BPA's are another OT, a G, and a DT...we need depth at all three positions.  


DT  XAVIER WILLIAMS - NORTHERN IOWA   Dont know much about him, but we need to start grooming a rotational player to replace Cole and Edwards.  And we may not be able to sign both KK and Star due to cap issues.  I believe we'll spend a top 3 pick next year on a DT.  This pick

should help a little in the future transitions.



6.    I'm choosing between speedster WR Stefon Diggs and DE  LYDEN TRAIL - NORFOLK STATE who Jeremy liked in his mock.  He's got the measurables, and in the sixth, it's certainly 

worth a shot.  







6.  Second pick of the 6th               

7.   I wouldn't mind trading this pick to move up in the 5th or 6th, but I hate mocks that
try to anticipate a trade.  I wish we could have gotten a better player at OLB, but the
value was never there.   Hope he provides depth.





Hartsock: Hardy unmanageable at times

18 March 2015 - 11:48 AM

Ex-Panthers tight end Ben Hartsock, while praising Hardy's playing ability, told a Dallas radio station the embattled free agent could be "unmanageable" at times in Charlotte.






Hardy negotiating with Seattle/Tampa/Dallas

17 March 2015 - 11:13 AM

as well as Dallas and the Bucs

Jonathan Jones@jjones9 2m2 minutes ago

RT @Rand_Getlin: Hardy currently in negotiations with the #Bucs, #Seahawks & #Cowboys. Scheduled to visit all 3


@ DFWSportsFlo
According to Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, the Dallas
Cowboys' plan is to have a deal done with DE Greg Hardy today.

Getty and BPA?

14 March 2015 - 01:20 PM

2013:  going into the draft, our needs were plenty...
DT, in fact we needed 2
DE (Hardy was yet to come into his own)
and here is what Getty took
1.  DT
2.  DT
we did not have a 3.
4.  Kugbila, OG
5.  AJ Klein    LB
6.  Kenjon Barner  RB
He ignored every position that others thought were needs except DT, and he double dipped there.  Barner is gone, Kubila may be, but Klein looks like he will stick, at least as a back up.  We didn't have a 3rd, and we satisfied our greatest need, but this draft pales in comparison to 2014.
In 2014, our perceived needs were
OT..Gross just retired.
WR...Smitty is gone
DE...because of 20 percent of our cap space going to CJ and Hardy, and Alexander
with a then 4 game suspension, it was a need.
and here's what Getty got.
1.  KB...one WR is set longterm.
2.  Kony...he dropped to us...Getty loves pass rushers....he came on at the end of
    the year, and with Hardy and Alexander missing over 20 games combined, we got
    lucky here.  Still, this position wasn't our greatest need...we thought.
3.    Trai Turner.   Homerun at a position of need.
4.  Boston. ...even though safety wasn't listed as one of our primary needs, it
    needed a big upgrade....looks good so far.
5.  CB was a big need, and picking Bene, who was not on most of our radars, 
    looks like a homerun.
6.  Gaffney, no longer on the team, could have been at least a ST contributer,
    basically stolen by the Pats.
The UFA's aren't being considered here because this is only about how Getty drafts.
So he completely ignored one of our 2 biggest needs, OT, but scored big at WR.
Picks 3, 4 and 5 contributed hugely, and all were on our needs list.
The only 2 "surprises" I see as far as picks we would call BPA instead of a need
would be Barner, and Ealy, but both brought value, and Kugbila, who looks like a flop, but he was a hog mollie.  
Seems to me Getty doesn't take BPA, he takes BPA at one of our positions of need.
I think his idea is asking, at each pick, who will help us the most this year and going further, which may indeed not be the BPA. 

Person: some FAs Getty might add

14 March 2015 - 12:36 PM

one thing I don't understand...He says we signed Ashlee Palmer, but this is an article

about who we may sign?