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We Can't Let Russell Wilson Slide on Us

06 January 2015 - 01:27 PM

So Russell Wilson loves to slide. It's probably because he's so low to the ground already that it just comes easy for him. I swear sometimes, I think that he forgets that he's not playing baseball. We've got to remind him that this is football. It's going to fall on the back end to lay the wood before he can get down. I'm talking Kuechly, Davis, Norman, Benwikere, Harper, Jones and Boston. If this Bruno Mars looking mother F-er wants to step out the pocket and pick up yards on us, then we have to make him pay with pain. We cannot let him impose his will on us by sliding.


Moreover, when he's in the pocket we've got to hit him. Even if we can't get the sack, we've got to get hits, hurries and knockdowns. Unpopular opinion here, but I personally wouldn't even be opposed to an early 15 yard penalty for a late hit, just to set the tone and let him know from the get-go, "We're going to hit you." It's about attitude and imposing our will.


Real QBs take hits.

Cleveland's Top 2 CBs Could Be Out This Week

15 December 2014 - 11:55 AM

Joe Haden is getting an MRI on his shoulder today and Justin Gilbert likely got a concussion yesterday. With the Browns being 2 games out of the Wildcard and a game and a half out of the division, I doubt they rush either of them back. This is big because with those guys, they had the best secondary in the league. Without them, either Cam or DA should be able to throw all over.


7-8-1, fug the Saints, Playoffs?!?! etc etc.

0 Int 0 FF 1 Sack

22 September 2014 - 09:27 AM

Maybe we got lucky on some turnovers weeks 1 and 2, and the Steelers game was just the universe balancing itself out.


Maybe our defense was missing Greg Hardy, not just on the field but on a psychological level as well.


Maybe the Steelers' dink and dunk, screen play, short passing game just matches up poorly with our strength of pass rushing.


Maybe Bell's 81 yard run to put the game away, right between Star and Kawaan, Luke and TD, and Harper and Decoud, was just a freak play we can write off as an anomaly. 



Either way, I expect our defense to come away from this game pissed off and stronger than it was before. If I were Joe Flacco, I'd be scared.

Cam Plays Madden on Twitch (Video)

31 August 2014 - 08:02 PM



Pretty cool.

Playoff stats of our new pass catchers

11 July 2014 - 10:49 AM

So I'm sure one of the firsts things you all, like me, did when we signed new players this offseason was check out their nfl.com player page, to see what kind of numbers guys like Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Avant, Tiquan Underwood, and Ed Dickson put up over their careers. I got to thinking though that one thing these pages didn't show was playoff stats. Given that we'll hopefully be headed back to the playoffs, and that how players play in big games says a lot about them, I was curious to see how our new guys did in the post season. Here's what I found.


Jerricho Cotchery


2011 Wildcard Steelers @ Broncos L: Rec-1 Yds-31 TDs-1 Lng-31 


2010 Wildcard Jets @ Colts W:  Rec-2 Yds-17 TDs-0 Lng-10


2010 Divisional Jets @ Chargers W: Rec-3 Yds-25 TDs-0 Lng-15


2010 AFCCG Jets @ Steelers L: Rec-5 Yds-33 TDs-1 Lng-14


2009 Wildcard Jets @ Bengals W: Rec-6 Yds-67 TDs-0 Lng-18


2009 Divisional Jets @ Chargers W: Rec-3 Yds-25 Tds-0 Lng-15


2009 AFCCG Jets @ Colts L: Rec-5 Yds-102 TDs-0 Lng-45


2006 Wildcard Jets @ Patriots L: Rec-4 Yds-100 TDs-1 Lng-77 Rushing Att-2 Yds-17 (w/ Pennington)


Jason Avant


2013 Wildcard Saints @ Eagles L: Rec-5 Yds-21 TDs-0 Lng-6 (w/ Foles)


2010 Wildcard Packers @ Eagles L: Rec-7 Yds-93 TDs-1 Lng-24 (w/ Vick)


2009 Wildcard Eagles @ Cowboys L: Rec-2 Yds-32 TDs-0 Lng-20 (w/ McNabb)


2008 Wildcard Eagles @ Vikings W:  Rec-5 Yds-47 TDs-0 Lng-14


2008 Divisional Eagles @ Giants W: Rec-4 Yds-43 TDs-0 Lng-21


2008 NFCCG Eagles @ Cardinals L: Rec-2 Yds-23 TDs-0 Lng-14


Tiquan Underwood


Was on the Pats for their 2011 playoff run. Didn't catch a pass in the divisional or AFCC games. Was famously cut the day day before the Superbowl, apparently so the Giants couldn't sign him for playbook info. Neither the Jags nor the Bucs made the playoffs while he was there.


Ed Dickson


2012 Wildcard Colts @ Ravens W: Rec-1 Yds-24 TDs-0 Lng-24


2012 Divisional Ravens @ Broncos W:  Rec-3 Yds-29 TDs-0 Lng-14


2012 AFCCG Ravens @ Patriots W: Rec-0


2012 Superbowl Ravens vs 49ers W: Rec-2 Yds-37 TDs-0 Lng-23


2011 Divisional Texans @ Ravens W: Rec-1 Yds-14 TDs-0 Lng-14


2011 AFCCG Ravens @ Patriots L: Rec-2 Yds-23 TDs-0 Lng-16


2010 Wildcard Ravens @ Chiefs W: Rec-1 Yds-2 TDs-0 Lng-2


2010 Divisonal Ravens @ Steelers L: Rec-0



Some thoughts:


  • Cotchery looked like a #1 6-7 years ago with Pennington. Struggled as part of an anemic offense with Sanchez in 2009 and 2010. Stat line against the Broncos reaffirms that he can be a red zone target for us. 
  • Just from this snapshot you can see why Avant wasn't happy in Chip Kelly's system. Five catches for 21 yards and a long of 6 seems like he was under used when previous years' playoff performances show that he can catch balls further down the field. Biggest thing that stands out from these stats is just how consistent Avant has been, even in the playoffs
  • Ed Dickson's playoff numbers look acceptable if unexciting for a TE2. Kind of worrisome how he disappeared for a few games, but that could be that he wasn't targeted or didn't take advantage of the targets he got. Of note is that his best playoff game was the biggest in the Super Bowl. Still rooting for B Williams to beat him out, but either way I hope we use more two TE sets this season.

So people can bitch about our WR core all they want, but these numbers show that our new skill position players (save Tiquan who hasn't had the opportunity) have gotten it done in postseason over the years. Hell, even our rookie, KB played and excelled in the National Championship game. All in all, between Benjamin, Olsen, and solid role players and possession receivers around them, I think we're set up not only to get to the playoffs again, but win games in them.