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In Topic: Nice defense Saints LOL

10 September 2014 - 04:34 AM

or just tried to make the point that invading conquering france was more important than winning the war


Well done

In Topic: Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

07 September 2014 - 05:49 PM

I swear that isn't of you are not happy if you are being pessimistic and whining about something. Bet you guys are just a delight to be around.

Couldn't imagine watching the games with some of these people lol

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

04 September 2014 - 05:07 PM

So the guy picking on your son has a girlfriend he has sex with all the time, isn't a virgin and has a family on the way all at just 16? Well isn't that the ultimate huddle hero according to what YOU and everyone here is always posting here, or is it different since his smack was directed at your nerdy offspring? Oh wait, you just clarified the guy wasn't actually picking on your son, he was actually paying him a compliment. I not sure I would have appreciated getting called a name at school and then having my dad run tell a bunch of people on Internet that I actually am that name I was being called, but apparently it was meant as a compliment so it's all good. Oh well, the sixteen year old may not be good at smack since he makes compliments when he tries to insult, but he should still be a huddle hero for not being a virgin, having sex on the regular, and having a family on the way all at the same age the forehead guy mark's only action is sniffing another guys "heavenly smelling" neck.


This was a total mind fug.

In Topic: Panthers offense is LOL

31 August 2014 - 06:43 AM

You should see my balls.


When's the last time you were able to do that?

In Topic: Cooks drawing double coverage already.

21 August 2014 - 07:39 PM

Cooks dropped that pass man. Slightly overthrown? Maybe. But a catchable ball. Cooks dropped it.

Lol incoming a 3 page paper on why he caught it with pff to prove it.

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