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#2975015 remind me when we can finally move on from D-Will and J-Stew?

Posted by thefuzz on Today, 01:44 PM

The funniest trump card people played back then was the old, "I think I'll trust Hurney's judgment over some armchair GM thank you". I was all like, "hello?! We already have an armchair GM running the team. It's him."


If I saw this pic again.....

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#2974792 If you could make 1 move on the roster...

Posted by thefuzz on Today, 11:25 AM

I would have probably tried my best to get Gross not to retire.



Outside of that, would have drafted Cordy Glenn instead of Amini.



I would start Hardy until you can't.

#2974671 A little Cam Newton praise....

Posted by thefuzz on Today, 09:52 AM

i agree.  you have some people saying Shula doesnt help the Oline out enough with extra blockers and others saying he doesnt help Cam out enough because he has extra blockers.  I'm just seeing reality that nobody knows what the fug they're talking about, other they want to blame anybody but the players who arent executing.


I blame him for being a piss poor OC, and not understanding how to make changes on the fly, but the RB's staying in to block...that's not on him.



We had a chance to get Hue Jackson, but because we had a coach who had not shown his true colors yet, the team didn't want to commit to a long term answer at the OC position....in steps Shula.



Hated the hire then, and I hate it now.  We needed someone qualified to come in and help this mess of an offense, instead we just got a little more messy.

#2974642 remind me when we can finally move on from D-Will and J-Stew?

Posted by thefuzz on Today, 09:33 AM

This is hilarious.




You guys need to look up the DWill and Stew extension threads.  There was so much "hurney magic", "hurney got dis", and "yall fools don't know how the salary cap works".....



There were 3 or 4 of us that was screaming about these deals...the rest were saying we weren't Panther fans.


Please you guys, look at how contracts effect the salary cap before thanking Jesus every time we sign a player to an extension.

#2972652 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - My non-overreactionary observations

Posted by thefuzz on Yesterday, 10:32 AM

Couple different things that jumped out to me last night.


1: We are slow on offense.


2: Cam, and the team rely on Cam's athletic abilities far too much.


3: Shula is a major issue, and can't be counted on when needed.


4: It's not shocking that Dick LeBeau figure out how to expose this offense.

#2972645 Opponent backed up to their own end zone... then huge run.

Posted by thefuzz on Yesterday, 10:30 AM

We are staying aggressive, because we can't score points.

#2965918 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by thefuzz on 20 September 2014 - 03:38 PM

Gotta love our fan base.






Was joking that he would be mentioned in the same breath as Manning....I fully expect Manning to retire within 2 years.


Lighten up Francis.

#2965906 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by thefuzz on 20 September 2014 - 03:34 PM

Cam is only getting better 2 years from now he will be mentioned in the same breath as Manning.



#2965650 6 years, $150,250,000, $54,000,000 guaranteed, Projected contract f...

Posted by thefuzz on 20 September 2014 - 11:15 AM

I don't know. In 2010 he had 13 picks and 7 fumbles and through 2 games this year he has 1 pick and 3 fumbles.

Maybe last year was the fluke.

He throws the ball decently, but he throws a lot of picks and fumbles the ball ALL THE TIME.

Although in fairness the fumbles I am using aren't all lost fumbles, but still.



Honestly, you should watch him play instead of going off of stats alone.  He completely controls that offense, and dices folks up.  So far he has played the Seahawks, and carved them, and the Cardinals (really good D) and should have won that game going away.





Worth the read.

#2960686 Hardy on Exempt List

Posted by thefuzz on 17 September 2014 - 02:19 PM

Don't you act? Actors spent as much time in court rooms as they do on sets.

Never go to jail tho. ;)



Nah, I think you are talking about Fiz, please don't confuse us.

#2960565 Hardy on Exempt List

Posted by thefuzz on 17 September 2014 - 01:45 PM

Have to be honest here.....If I had been accused of what Hardy has been accused of, I wouldn't have a job by the time the sun came up the next morning.



I don't like the way that this is going down, but such is life.

#2960444 Homeowners: Give Me (First-Time Homebuyer) Your Advice

Posted by thefuzz on 17 September 2014 - 01:22 PM

Make lists of all the things you want to do.


Get in the house, live there for a month or two, then arrange the list you made before closing in order of when you want to now that you are really living there.



First few things for us were new paint throughout, pressure washing the house and deck, flooring in the bonus room to make it more usable, putting up new blinds, and getting the grass looking better.



Next up: Kitchen counters, new cabinets, and re-doing the master bath and closet.


And after that: HVAC and a new roof.





This is coming from someone in the biz, before you drop a ton of money into these things, figure out how many years you want to stay in the house.  That will change the importance of your rankings.

#2958441 Are northerners more racist than southerners?

Posted by thefuzz on 16 September 2014 - 04:22 PM

I have heard some pretty bad things all up and down the Eastern Seboard, and I have traveled it extensively, but certain things/areas do stick out.



Florida/LA area I heard things that I have never/rarely heard in NC.  However, I have never heard such things said as often, and with hate as some parts of the North.



Some of the hate up there is real.  Italians, African Americans, Irish, Jewish, Latin Americans, Scots, etc.......mind you, I worked with a specific section of the North, mostly older retiring folks.

#2941516 fast food wages--economics

Posted by thefuzz on 10 September 2014 - 04:08 PM



The Fast Food worker will soon go the route of the textile worker.....machines will replace them.  And then where will they go.


Textile jobs dried up...went to fast food....when fast food jobs dry up, where will they turn?  Not many more jobs want/need labor with virtually zero skills.


I think that we all know where they will "turn".



But that's a large part of this anyway.

#2936984 Voth's Snap Count Analysis

Posted by thefuzz on 08 September 2014 - 12:30 PM

I saw Hardy completely gassed out there on the Sucs 2nd TD drive. Like on a knee not moving.


I thought I saw him motion to come out a few time, they left him in.


Maybe due to "light" training camp, and cooler than normal temps in SC, the boys aren't fully conditioned yet.

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