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#3334089 Panthers exercise 5th year option on Kuechly

Posted by thefuzz on Yesterday, 03:14 PM


#3331973 Let's talk about Salads

Posted by thefuzz on 23 April 2015 - 02:03 PM

Make at home?

#3331697 Bachmann: Officially Batshit Lunatic

Posted by thefuzz on 23 April 2015 - 10:35 AM

Dick Cheney while in power... "Debt doesn't matter."


Most republicans opinion on debt while DC and shrub were in power...  crickets.


Most republicans once a democratic president takes office...  "Oh my god the national debt is out of control... worst president evah!"


Reality check...


Cheney pushed massive tax breaks for the wealthy, and didn’t even try to pay for them. He pushed for multiple wars, and didn’t even try to pay for them, either. He supported Medicare expansion and No Child Left Behind, and like the rest of his agenda, Cheney just threw the costs onto the national credit card, running up a bill for some future president to pay.


But now he’s worried about the deficit.





When pubs were in office, Obama was screaming about the Chinese credit card Bush was using, and just piling up debt to hand to our kids.


When dems are in office, it's exactly the same, just coming from the other side.


What I really like are the dems that were towing that line then, and the pubs that are towing the line now.  


Seems most can't think on their own.  I have been clamoring about the debt, and long term financial outlook of this country for a very long time, across both pub and dem houses, and white houses.

#3331685 Bachmann: Officially Batshit Lunatic

Posted by thefuzz on 23 April 2015 - 10:30 AM

is this a preview of the economics lessons you give the underpaid cooks in the kitchen of your wendy's franchise?


What the fug are you talking about?



You have no clue how the real world works, this is apparent from every post you make in here.

#3330011 Word on the street: Gurley going top 10

Posted by thefuzz on 22 April 2015 - 11:27 AM

Get ready to see him twice a year when the Falcons take him.


I'm OK with that.  They still can't rush the passer, and Luke and TD can just about neutralize any back.

#3327404 Top 10 2014/2015 WR prospects

Posted by thefuzz on 20 April 2015 - 09:57 AM

We can beat around the bush all day on who was/is the better WR/prospect.



I can tell you 1 thing though, give me the WR with the routes, and hands, and I will beat your speed/size guy all day long.



Sammy is explosive, big, strong, etc...but he doesn't have the routes or hands that OBJ does.

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#3327380 28 pages

Posted by thefuzz on 20 April 2015 - 09:28 AM

I'm pretty much convinced Obama is an agent of the Bush administration. *


Suppresses 9/11 docs embarrassing to Bush administration.  Check.


Fails to investigate Bush administration for starting illegal conflicts.  Check.


Fails to prosecute Wall Street Bankers.  "Too big to jail."  Check


Supports/signs into law, insurance/big pharma friendly republican health care program.  Check.


Continues MIC war on humanity.  Check.


Supports secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, opposed by dems/supported by pubs, that will create a big sucking sound as more good paying American jobs are shipped overseas.  Check


*No tinfoil hat required as all this has already come to pass.


Heading right down the path you and I talked were quoting each other on yesterday....the parties are 1 and the same at the end of the day.

#3327329 recent study shows that partisan politics has overtaken race as society's...

Posted by thefuzz on 20 April 2015 - 09:03 AM

One party is very similar to the 1970's GOP:  Not overtly religious, believes in science, is moderately progressive and is largely beholden to their largest donors/big business.


The other party panders to religious superstitions, passing laws based on Bible passages, proudly denies scientific findings,  uses the terms "liberal", "socialist" and "communist" interchangeably, opposes any social progress that has been implemented since the end of the war... The Civil War and overtly champions the cause of the oligarchy to the detriment of the rest of society.


So if you don't care about these issues:


Reality based education


Safe working conditions

The environment


Social welfare


Either of these parties will do, because both of them primarily pander to the rich.


However, one of these parties still occasionally does the right thing for the other 99.9 percent of Americans.



I understand the difference, and can look at both of the big parties and see small differences.  However, neither party really appeals to me on a broad sense.  Both have some "talking points" that I agree with, but neither really go out of their way to stick to those talking points.


The biggest issues for me are not the ones you listed, nor are they the Pub's talking points....military, guns, bibles, gays,....etc.  We have a spending problem in DC, and the politicians are trying their best to run this country into bankruptcy, and the middle class into oblivion.


If you want to see me fired up and get behind a party, and I will, get someone to really cut the budget, taxes, and the burdens that the federal gov puts on the "normal folks" out there.

#3326736 recent study shows that partisan politics has overtaken race as society's...

Posted by thefuzz on 19 April 2015 - 03:22 PM



IMO, both parties are almost the exact same these days.




#3322446 Hillary is a go, chances she wins the GE?

Posted by thefuzz on 15 April 2015 - 12:02 PM

She would be the 2nd oldest President to be sworn in for the 1st time if she wins.



Wondering if the media will make a big stink of it?


Also wondering if they make a big stink of it, just to cover for her pretty bad track record?

#3322372 Chris Christie wants to end Social Security payments to high-income beneficia...

Posted by thefuzz on 15 April 2015 - 10:50 AM

14.2 %.



That.  That right there, should tell you something is very wrong.



Just like every other "tax" this program has ballooned.  We, as Americans seem perfectly fine with the Federal Government dipping their hands a little deeper into our wallets with every passing year.



Wondering..... if when this was started, and the maximum % paid was 2%, and only on income up to $3,000, the government had to tell folks that within 100 years the % would be 14.2, and the max income it would be collected on would be almost 120k, if it would have passed?

#3319630 True Detective Season Two

Posted by thefuzz on 12 April 2015 - 02:33 PM

Don't ever trust a man wearing a bolo tie.


Philip Rivers?



And yes, this looks fantastic.

#3319624 The Masters 2015

Posted by thefuzz on 12 April 2015 - 02:27 PM

Had to leave to run an errand for my son earlier and I missed the last 30 minutes of today's round and I just watched it...

Spieth struggled mightily on 17&18 (despite the brilliant chip on 18) and I think that bodes very badly for him tomorrow. He doesn't have the experience these other guys at the top of the leaderboard have so we shall see. 4 strokes at the Masters isn't a big lead on Sunday. He's got to get ahead of that push he defaults to under pressure.

Tiger and Rory paired probably gives the PGA, golf fans, and CBS a stiffy, plus with Phil hovering around the top too... Ratings should be huge.

Too bad I have to go to Raleigh tomorrow... :( :( :(

Ima try and be back by 6 to catch the end or find somewhere to stop and watch......




It's awesome.

#3316797 What stresses you out?

Posted by thefuzz on 09 April 2015 - 11:07 AM

One rule I've learned, happy wife happy life. No truer statement ever. The woman drives all stress in men.


I would probably be on trial for murder if my wife and I shared a bank account.



For the life of me I can't understand why a woman will 20 and 30 dollar you to death.

#3316711 Dream car

Posted by thefuzz on 09 April 2015 - 10:16 AM

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