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  1. He is to draft picking what fitt is to gm'ing...
  2. ....Morgan saw that he was a malcontent with low character and got rid of his azz..end of story. The laughable part is he had the audacity to want TJ Watt money... lol
  3. Fittererer is unemployable in the NFL... let that sink in.
  4. No confidence in the TMJ...he actually looks surprised when he catches the ball...
  5. He had great content and was a logical dude but not sure why he was infatuated with Fitt. He was shockingly bad and I don't think he'll land another job in the NFL...Old numbnuts Dave got burned again trying to fast track success with out due diligence...
  6. Wow!...Tell us something we DON'T know! Thanks for all the informative incite....Not sure what I would be thinking without this post. We already know this...for the last 6 seasons. You act like you got this big epiphany...
  7. Yep...use to have 3-4 players on each side of the ball to get really excited about....cant really say that anymore especially on the offensive side.
  8. ...next thing you know they're posting bs....for wolfcop and CamWhoaaCam to slurp.
  9. Thought we banned these bitches....don't drink cool aid...
  10. 3rd round bust....Fitt do what he do....
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