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In Topic: Pro Bowl game thread

Today, 04:33 AM

No blitzing in the pro bowl. Hey guys let's just vote in all the 3-4 blitzing linebackers.

fug you dumbass voters.



In Topic: Pro Bowl game thread

Yesterday, 11:22 PM

Dalton owes the entire Carter squad all the cash each guy just lost

Beat me by ten seconds

In Topic: Pro Bowl game thread

Yesterday, 11:21 PM

Dalton should pay every guy on his side 27k

In Topic: K going for 1000 today in msg.

Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Were you there in the snowstorm last year? It was shitty as fug. Took me 3 hours to make a drive home that normally takes 5-7 minutes

Don't bring any facts into his argument

In Topic: What QB gets the most help from his team?

Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Our defense was pretty damn good last year. It got us to 12-4 but we still got bounced out of the playoffs. They have a really good defense but he finds a way to make plays. ALL THE TIME. I'll give the guy credit. Still wouldn't trade cam for him

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