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Panthers Wild Card Game Among Worst Games of 2014

05 February 2015 - 11:42 AM

According to SI






We can look back now and hold up the Super Bowl, the NFC Championship Game and a handful of other moments as the NFL's gold standard for postseason drama, but the opening game of wild-card weekend did all it could to ensure the 2014 playoffs had nowhere to go but up. The battered and undermanned Cardinals capitalized on two gift-wrapped Panthers’ turnovers to take an improbable 14-13 lead at halftime, but as so often happens, 20 yards of second-half offense were not enough to put the game away. A final botched hook-and-ladder play landed Arizona in the record books with 78 total yards of offense, the lowest mark in playoff history. The blame largely fell to Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley, who became a sympathetic figure as he stumbled through a 16-of-28 performance for 82 yards, the first touchdown pass of his career and two interceptions in his sixth NFL start. The Panthers played their own valuable role in this high-stakes eyesore: Brenton Bersin's truly impressive muffed punt and Cam Newton's pedestrian performance helped keep Arizona close before a long Fozzy Whitaker touchdown and Ted Ginn Jr's fumble on the ensuing kickoff wrapped things up. -- Eric Single



I guess whenever you attend the game, it seems more interesting 

GDT: Charlotte Hornets (6-15) @ Memphis Grizzlies (17-4)

12 December 2014 - 11:44 AM

Tip off: 8 PM EST


Past Results:

Memphis - 71

Charlotte - 69


Last time these teams met, it was an ugly game.  With it being the Hornets second game of the year, both teams came out and shot 36% from the field.  There were a total of 39 TO between the two teams, the Hornets having 20 of those.


Since that game, both teams have gone in different directions.  Memphis is sitting pretty near the top of the West while Charlotte is busy playing catch up, but two straight wins and more practices is giving this team more confidence.


With the return of MKG, I think this game will be closer than it would've been a week ago.


Projected Starters





Big Al








Looking forward to a hard fought game.  Hornets seem to be flowing better offensively, and hopefully the win on Wednesday night, one of the more complete games from the team, will carry into tonights game.  



Charlotte - 84

Memphis - 80

Big Eastern Conference game Tonight!

03 December 2014 - 02:40 PM

Bulls and Hornets, 7 eastern on national TV! (NBA TV)


I know it seems like the Hornets have been shatting the bed this year but theres plenty of time to turn it around.


Hornets haven't played a game since NOVEMBER 29TH! The Bulls are coming off a Double OT loss to the Mavericks who have a potent offense.  They had to travel after that too!


Another reason to get excited is that this is the first time this year that Hornets had more than 2 nights off in a row.  In fact, since the beginning of the year on Oct. 29th, the Hornets have had only TWO 2 day breaks.  Everything else was a back to back or a single day off.  


Hornets played 18 games in the month of November. (added the oct. 29th game in there)


If it seems like a lot, it is.


The rest of the year, the Hornets will play roughly 13 games a month.  More rest days means more days to recover from nagging injuries, which means more practice, which means more chemistry on the court. 


November was a packed month where Charlotte played a lot of really good teams, and play well against a lot of those teams, but ran out of gas late.


Keep the faith and keep cheering this team on.  I have confidence that Cliff and the rest of the staff will get these guys in rhythm 

I'm just going to leave this here

24 November 2014 - 10:49 AM



Absolutely ridiculous.  3 open guys on the perimeter, and even Big Al could've gotten a dump off pass.  Yet Kemba forces up a terrible shot, Hornets lose.


I've been a big Kemba supporter, but hes not at UCONN anymore, and isn't the best player on the court.

#1 Problem on the team

05 November 2014 - 12:52 PM

A lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball.



Last night, I saw Tyreke Evans attack the basket and score at will like he was back at Memphis, with a DII guard trying to guard him.  He scored at will.  I noticed also, too many open shots on the perimeter for guys like Evans, Jrue, Anderson and even Gordon, who thankfully was booed to the bench.


Poor weakside defense led to easy baskets right at the basket.  Poor switch offs (Kemba getting switched to guarding Asik) and poor closeouts led to easy New Orleans baskets.


Opponents are shooting 45% from the field, 39% from the 3pt line.  Both of these are in the bottom third of the league.  


The Hornets may be allowing the 5th least amount of PPG, but teams are shooting a very high percentage and its due to too many open looks.


Also, the Hornets seem to be sloppy with the ball, nearly all the time.  Too often, as the offense was going through a play, it seems the point guard can't hold on to the ball and messes up the flow to offense, which leads to rushed shots and poor shot selection.  


I think this team will get it together.  Lance I think will pull it together as well.  Cliff has a plan and I beeeeelieve in Cliff.




Also, FWIW, if you ever thought Charlotte, back in the dreadful bobcat days, was a bad basketball city, just go to a game in New Orleans.  I went last night to the game, and the arena was probably 45% full, and never got loud.  They have a potential MVP, and a solid team that was pretty entertaining to watch and the fans just seem the least bit interested.