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In Topic: Munnerlyn inspiration to secondary

31 December 2012 - 10:00 AM

This man gets it

Just remember, Wilks was Rivera's guy. Fixing teams can be a complex business. Rivera directs the ship, McDermott the defensive crew, Wilks teaches and reinforces the DB concepts, and Captain (and his 'mates) translate this guidance into on-field performance. All deserve credit for their improvement. It's not one guy--not Wilks, not Captain, not Rivera. But when it starts to fit, individual performers start to stand out. Captain being one such individual, but all of the defensive crew improved by leaps and bounds this season.

In Topic: Munnerlyn inspiration to secondary

31 December 2012 - 09:33 AM

I don't have a link to prove what I am saying but I have noticed that the secondary is playing physically and competing with receivers and tight ends aggressively in our man to man coverages. When Gamble and Norman were replaced, the guy all the young guys would look to for guidance would be the Captain and Godfrey. Maybe it is me but guys like Josh Thomas and DJ Campbell really stepped up and were physical. Thomas and Munnerlyn might not be the biggest corners in the league but they played exceptional man defense the past few games and aren't afraid to mix it up.

I bring it all back to Munnerlyn who is a fiesty physical competitor who lays it all on the line and will go up against anybody. Pound for pound he is one tough dude.

Totally agree. One of the things I like about Rivera's approach is that the team's leaders aren't limited to the big name, big rep guys. The unsung players who grind it out are acknowledged as the key contributors they are.

Captain fought to defend his place on this team. Fans lost faith in him when he played on the outside. But Rivera's staff recognized his strengths, put him in a position and scheme to maximize them, and a no-name secondary did an excellent job supporting D-line the latter half of our season. But Rivera set a subtle tone that reinforced this mindset.

Rivera defended captain when others blasted him. He praised him as one of the best nickel defenders he's ever seen. And he pruned playing time from guys that didn't play up to standard (e.g., Norman).

Our defensive improvements, in my view, were the result of countless such examples across the team. This isn't flashy, "look at me" leadership and can be easy to overlook--both at the player and coach levels. But when we hear players coming out in support of the staff, I think it's these kinds of things that fuel that sentiment. They are a top-10 unit with a decidedly humble roster of active players.

It's easy to be impatient, but that ability is one of the key attributes of good coaching. If they can put it all together next year in all 3 phased of the game, the coaching debate will be a murmur compared to the roar it is today.