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In Topic: Brees back in cover of SI

Today, 10:41 PM

Oh yeah, and Stafford.  Forgot about him... he's usually mixed somewhere in that Ryan/Romo group.

In Topic: Brees back in cover of SI

Today, 10:37 PM

I'm definitely not a Ryan fan in the least but first off you said "fan base". The falcons fan base will take Ryan over Newton, go ask on TAFT and see. Secondly, nobody other than Panthers fan base thinks Newton is a better QB than Ryan at the present moment.


You just completely made that up because I've seen poo tons (and I mean poo tons) of fans that have Cam ranked higher than Ryan.  In fact, it seems the majority opinion among many outside of the NFC South is:






Newton/Luck/Wilson/Rivers in whatever order

then Roethlisberger/Kaepernick/Ryan/Flacco/Cutler/Manning 2/Romo once again in whatever order


But the one constant is, after last year especially, Rivers, Wilson, Cam, and Luck are usually the next 4 right after the obvious first 4.  I mean yeah, there's some that still rank Ryan higher, but it all depends on who you want.

In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Today, 10:18 PM

You do realize that's Ryans numbers from the worst season the a falcons team has had since he arrived and a newtons numbers are from his teams best year since he arrived, yet Ryan still has most of the better passing stats.


Lol you and your half-ass truths...


2013 was not Ryan's worst statistical season by any means.  In fact, it was easily his 2nd best statistical season as a pro after his 2012 year.  If you're going by pure statistics, Cam's best season was his rookie year before the running game completely fell apart, we didn't have a revolving door at offensive line, and Steve Smith hadn't completely lost his speed/explosiveness/jumping ability and was still a #1 WR.


In fact, Cam's rookie year is very comparable to Ryan's 2012 year.

In Topic: Hornets sign Brian Roberts

Today, 10:09 PM

Super Bowl

In Topic: @riverboatronHC....R.R. gets on board

Today, 10:07 PM

Where is that animated .gif of ultra stoic Ron at a press conference? That thing cracks me up every time.


Lol yeah that thing is great



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