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#3229098 Ed Dickson to re-sign?

Posted by ZB1224 on 02 February 2015 - 08:48 PM

I never realized there was such a strong link between an OC, who's in charge of a whole side of the ball, and whether or not a blocking tight end is being used enough.



Dickson's OK.  PFF calls him their second lowest ranked free agent.    He is, outside that one season he started because of injury, a blocker.  


Greg Olsen received 123 targets on a team that was 19th in attempts (so, 13th from the bottom), so it's not like they don't use the TE.  Dickson played more snaps than all but Olsen out of the FB, TE groups - 47.3%, which isn't a small feat given that the league in general spends about 60% of the time in 3+ WR and Olsen missed under 4% of total snaps.  So, I don't think Shula isn't using him enough, it feels like he's been using him about as much as possible. 


Well, maybe it's Cam, right? same stat - Olsen got 123 targets.  A massive volume when you're hardly throwing the ball, so Cam will throw to a TE (some of those targets are Anderson's, absolutely).   Again PFF has him rated low, so sounds like he's not getting open (if anyone who pays for PFF wants to throw out his run block v/s receiving grade v/s pass block grade, or yards per route run or anything like that, would be neat. 


So, maybe Ed Dickson isn't a super star and that has nothing to do with anyone else (like internet goobers trying to further agendas)?   Just a thought.  


Ed Dickson

Snaps: 622

Overall: -16.2 

Catching: -2.1

Pass Blocking: -6.7

Run Blocking: -8.1

#3042476 Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 26 October 2014 - 12:40 PM

Yeah Shula sucks but KB has got to catch that. If he does then that awful call never exists.

#2858040 How Hornets matchup against Top Teams in East

Posted by ZB1224 on 19 July 2014 - 02:21 PM

I'm not sure why Kemba vs Kyrie is even being debated. I haven't read all the pages of posts, but I figured I'd offer my input. 


Kemba is a solid young PG and we are blessed to have him. Anyone who says otherwise is lost. However if you think that Kemba is better or even on par with Kyrie then I just don't know what to tell you. Kyrie is the better finisher, has the better mid range shot, better 3pt shot, better handles (although it's somewhat close), is bigger and just the better pure scorer. Kemba is about equal with him when it comes to passing ability in my opinion and has better intangibles. Kemba also has a tendency to stay healthy while Kyrie get injured a decent amount (except last season where he was relatively healthy). 


I'm just not sure what there is to debate. Kyrie had his worst year as a pro probably and it's still better than Kemba's best year as a pro (2012-2013). Kyrie shot 43% this season (his worst), while Kemba shot 39% this season (his best was 42% in 2012-2013). Their assists are a wash, but both have plenty of room to improve. Kyrie has never had much talent around him, but neither has Kemba, other than Big Al, and honestly Big Al doesn't get you assists. Kyrie is a bigger and better version of Kemba. Their shot selection is very similar but Kyrie is more efficient everywhere on the court. 


Kemba is one of my 5 favorite players in the NBA, but Kyrie is definitely a tick above him right now.

#2756188 Let Kemba walk

Posted by ZB1224 on 29 April 2014 - 06:50 PM

I'm a big Kemba fan, but he is not a 2nd option on a contender. 


He is a volume scorer and not very consistent. Granted he can look like a legit #2 option at times, but far too often he looks like a guy shouldering too much of the load. I mean he shot 39% from the field and 33% from three. His numbers were a bit down from last season when you look at efficiency. His defense was definitely improved this season despite going from 2 spg last season to 1.2 spg this season. The best thing that could happen for Kemba is to get a legit #2 scoring option and a SF/SG that can stretch the floor (although I love MKG) or get a couple of #3 scoring options like a Rudy Gay and an Arron Afflalo. Couple that in with Cody Zeller developing into a good pick and roll option for Kemba and we have ourselves a team. Obviously I don't know how viable this whole scenario is though.






Big Al

#2686484 Nicks reps and Panther reps talking.....

Posted by ZB1224 on 12 March 2014 - 10:50 AM

Also idk how many people actually follow PFF, but I'm pretty sure that Nicks is their 2nd highest graded WR ever during the Giants 2011 Superbowl run. During that playoff run he had 28 receptions, 444 yards, 15.86 yards per reception, and 4 TD's in 4 games. 


1. Hakeem Nicks

2013 Grade: +0.1
2013 Snaps: 845


Hakeem Nicks headlines the 2014 Free Agent wide receivers. In 2013 Nicks had his worse season as a pro, however that does not take away from what he has shown since entering the league in ’09. What separates Nicks from all the other free agents is that he has shown the ability to be one of the upper-tier WRs. In the 2011 playoffs Nicks had 28 receptions for 445 yards (205 YAC) and graded out at +7.6, which is the second highest grade we have given out for a WR in the playoffs.


Nicks has shown great ability, but the past two seasons has been hampered with multiple injuries. The biggest question mark is if the two years when he has been hurt will slow him down, or if he is able to recover and become the threat he showed in his first three seasons. Nicks is a player who has never shown the ability to take the top of a defense, instead he’s a dangerous intermediate threat who can make things happen after the catch.


If Nicks can come into the 2014 season with full health he can be a major addition to any team. He is the one WR in this class who has the ability to play at an elite level and could provide a boost to any passing attack. Any team who gives him big money will have to hope he is back to his best and that he can stay on the field.



#2686391 Nicks reps and Panther reps talking.....

Posted by ZB1224 on 12 March 2014 - 10:05 AM

You would pay this guy $6 mill per year after an 800 yard season with 0 TDs???




I would probably be comfortable at 2/10 or maybe even 2/12. Ideally something like 1/4 or 1/5 though. I'm just not sure if that would get it done.

#2686382 Nicks reps and Panther reps talking.....

Posted by ZB1224 on 12 March 2014 - 09:59 AM

Still believe smitty is gone.  But, I would also be stoked with a receiving corps of Nicks, Rice, Olsen, and any number of rookies that could be taken in the first or second round.


I'm not sure if I can handle 89 being cut or traded. I would still support the team, but I certainly wouldn't support the decision. He's still an above average WR, the GOAT Panther, and an THE emotional leader on the team. Also despite his age I think that he could have an even better year if he's finally able to become that slot receiver that he's been wanting to be.


EDIT: Also I'm not counting out McNutt and King to make an impact. I'm not sure if they will or not, but you have to think that they certainly have a chance. With those two it will almost be like we have two additional mid round draft picks, but with some NFL experience.

#2679100 The Legend of Duke's Kyrie Irving

Posted by ZB1224 on 08 March 2014 - 10:06 AM

He's not even a top 10 player at his own position.


Kyrie isn't a top 10 PG? Not sure what you are smoking. Yes he is extremely overrated, but he is certainly a top 10 PG. There are only a handful of PG's that I would for sure take over him (CP3, Westbrook, Parker, Curry, and maybe Wall). Now I do also feel that Kemba is very underrated. Kemba has been a top 10 PG for 2 years now imo. I would say that Kyrie is a tad bit better than Kemba right now and probably has a little bit more potential, but in saying that I also wouldn't trade Kemba for Kyrie (mainly because I am a bit biased). 

#2667633 Caron Butler Being Bought Out

Posted by ZB1224 on 26 February 2014 - 07:02 PM

One of these guys is definitely in play for us, IMO. 


Clips already signed Big Baby.  There are only so many roster spots and money available to sign these guys.  You're telling me that Granger,  Butler, AND Jimmer would turn us down when offering more money than any of those other teams can offer, and more likely, a much bigger role?  No.  If we want one, I think it's highly likely we'll get one of those guys.

I'd prefer Granger or Butler because we now have a two-guard who can shoot the three now, so having a SF who can do the same could be lethal, and Butler is a great all-around player.


That's exactly what I am saying. I don't see why Jimmer wouldn't want to come here if he's promised PT, but there's literally no reason for Granger or Butler to pick us over the Spurs, Heat, Thunder, Rockets, Clippers, etc other than a few extra dollars for this season. I can almost guarantee that they will take the shot at a ring over the extra few dollars that we can offer them this year. However, I think in the off season one of them may chose us over a top contender if the money is right.

#2552300 For the fans who wants to keep "winning", are you guys:

Posted by ZB1224 on 19 December 2013 - 12:13 PM

I could never openly root for any of my teams to lose, but if the Bobcats do lose a game it doesn't really upset me. What sucks is that imo we are 1 superstar wing player away from competing for a strong 3-4 seed and actually making noise in the playoffs, in my opinion. We are very good defensively (and I fully credit Coach Clifford for that), but we lack a consistent offensive weapon. Guys like Big Al, Kemba, and Henderson are really solid weapons to have, but either aren't consistent enough or don't have the talent to be a #1 option. I just imagine that this team would be nasty with an Andrew Wiggins or a Jabari Parker.

#2536085 Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 08 December 2013 - 10:51 PM

We just don't have enough weapons on offense and we're just really weak on the offensive line...