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Week 12: Who do we root for?

19 November 2013 - 11:18 AM

Can it be Sunday already? Who should we root for?


Saints - Falcons: Falcons for obvious reasons.

Panthers - Dolphins: Obvious answer is obvious.

Steelers - Browns: Doesn't matter, but I'll go Browns just because fug the Steelers.

Bucs - Lions: Lions to help them establish a lead in the NFC North.

Vikings - Packers: Vikings to keep Packers out of Wild Card race.

Chargers - Chiefs: Doesn't matter, but I'll go Chargers because Rivers went to NC State.

Bears - Rams: Rams to keep Bears out of Wild Card race.

Jets - Ravens: Jets to increase our SOS.

Jaguars - Texans: Doesn't matter.

Titans - Raiders: Doesn't matter.

Colts - Cardinals: Colts to keep the Cardinals out of Wild Card race.

Cowboys - Giants: Giants to increase SOS and because I hate the Cowboys.

Broncos - Patriots: I hate the Patriots but a win for them increases our SOS. 

49ers - Redskins: Redskins to keep 49ers out of Wild Card race.


Do you agree? 

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