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In Topic: Dave Gettleman?

Yesterday, 08:31 PM

Im sure this has been stated many times in this thread but we truly won't get a feel for what Gettleman is looking for until we get this cap situation that he was given dealt with. We DO know the following:


1. Dline is very important. He will do anything for a great line rotation. 

2. Oline size is important. He wants big guys. Don't know how early he feels about drafting oline. 

3. Secondary can just plug in guys. Feels like the dline makes the secondary better or worse. 

4. Wasn't sure about Cam or anybody from the old regime at the get go and very tight lipped about his feelings. 

5. Hard nosed negotiator. Doesn't care about hurting feelings. Will ask and make guys take pay cuts or restructure. 

6. Doesn't seem to care too much about personal relationships. This is far different from Hurney who all the players loved(bc he gave them a shitload of money and was too good of guy) 

7. Won't reach or overpay 


That is all we know. We don't know anything beyond that. As much as some people want to blame him for this year, we can't!! We are only 4 games into the season!! It's too early. Now what happens if we don't have a good season? Do we blame Gettleman? Sure we can, but the fact is he is just one of the reasons. We won't be able to judge until we can get some of these crazy contracts off the books soooo sorry we can't throw him under the bus yet. 


In Topic: Anderson is a better option than Cam right now

29 September 2014 - 12:47 AM

I don't buy this "let Cam heal" bs. If our defense was holding up and we were winning nobody would say anything even if he was getting smashed around on offense. Can you all imagine what happens when Cam actually throws his first pick of the season? The uproar in Charlotte will be crazy.
Fact: Cam has been passing extremely well and very efficient.
Fact: Cam is hurt.
Fact: He is learning what it takes to become a truly great pocket passer bc he can't run.
Fact: missing one game was hard on Cam, imagine more
Fact: DA isn't the answer
Fact: Cam and the panthers need to find a will to fight through this together
Fact: Benching Cam is not the answer. Its just searching for answers to the wrong question

In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin: Panthers Playmaker

27 September 2014 - 10:28 AM

He's dropped balls in at least two games now, including a very well thrown TD pass by Cam last week.

He doesn't have a good drop percentage or YAC, suck it up.

So you are saying that jump ball was a drop? You need to suck it up and stop thinking that a rookie is gonna come in this league and make every single play. That was nowhere near a drop. I also did say his YAC wasn't good but actually gave reasons with routes that he is making. You spout off drop percentage when I say making catches that others couldn't make. So basically everything I said you ignored and kept to your originally flawed argument of a small sample size.

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In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin: Panthers Playmaker

27 September 2014 - 08:09 AM

Here's the catch though, he's not dynamic in YAC and he's dropping balls. His drop percentage so far is already around 10% if what I read a minute ago is true. Kind of wish we had someone dynamic beside him, and not just possession receivers. Maybe Hill pans out.


I honestly hate it when people bring up drop percentage after such a small sample size. First of all he had drops in 1 game. The other two he had no drops. Also drops don't count the crazy catches he makes that others wouldn't . I can usually count 1-2 catches of those per game. Now as far as the dynamic YAC, this is another stat that drives me crazy. He averages almost 16 yards per catch. He is tied for 5th in the NFL for catches over 20+ yards. That sounds pretty dynamic to me. Once again I understand your point about YAC he only averages about 2 yards of YAC, but he's routes are slants, deep ins and hitches into traffic. The only routes he could get YAC in are the deep streaks but those have been for TDs!

In Topic: Should we sit Cam?

24 September 2014 - 10:59 AM

No, I think this will be better for the future for Cam. He isn't relying on his legs and he's learning how to become a more efficient passer. I know he isn't 100% but if there isn't a big risk for further injury I say play him bc its going to really help him and the Panthers in the long run. 

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