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In Topic: Panthers roster turnover

13 April 2014 - 08:56 PM

Interesting thing to consider, we still don't know who are "Gettleman Guys". He hasn't been able to sign anybody over a two yr contract bc of cap restraints. 


All people can go by right now is 1 draft. 


So I'd say its really almost impossible to say we have gotten purged ourselves from Marty Hurney until we get rid of the contracts Hurney did and see the ones that Gettleman gives out 

In Topic: Bobcats Wizards

09 April 2014 - 10:11 PM

It's no coincidence that his assists have gone up now that he has a healthy big man to pass to who can actually put the ball in the basket.


It's not easy to get assists with Byron Mullens and Bismack Biyombo as your pick and roll threats.


*This is not meant to be a Biz-bashing


I think everybody would Biz-bash when concerning his offense. I love the guy for his defense and bc he teases me with being good one out of every 4 plays. 

In Topic: Bobcats Wizards

09 April 2014 - 08:53 PM

Just read through the thread. Damn u guys are whiney.

Kemba has ice water in his veins. Look, his FG% sucks, but he is the only guy on this team that can create his own shot. Also people undervalue how much pressure he puts on defenses. We get a lot of offensive rebounds because of the attention he demands.

I actually disagree with those who say he has a limited ceiling. He has already improved so much, especially in creating for others. If he can improve his jumper just a little bit more he will be hell on wheels.


Post All-star break avg 7.5 asst per game. Id say that is improving a lot from his first two seasons. 

In Topic: Bobcats Wizards

09 April 2014 - 08:41 PM

Great win!! Yes Kemba shot horribly but once again he came through when he needed to and got 12 assts in the process. Big Al was big Al and we didn't crumble when we gave up the big lead which shows a lot! Now lets hold on to the 6th seed!!

In Topic: the offseason before the postseason

05 April 2014 - 04:20 PM

Klay Thompson would be real nice but could we get him away for Warriors? Unlikely. I don't get the hype around Affalo, just cant see him as a player I want to pay. I think Lance is a better option than Affalo.


Yeah Klay is my pipe dream. The only possible reason is if the Warriors can't afford him. The 15 season they owe 52m between just 4 players, Lee, Curry, Iguadola and Bogut, so anything is possible. 


The reason I would take Affalo over Lance is the 3 ball. I just don't see Lance as good or consistent and feel that with Big Al down low having Affalo would be a great fit. 

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