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In Topic: kalil on carolina's biggest flaw so far...

Yesterday, 12:45 PM

Those plays are to slow developing and our interior was letting guys run free that's probably why they didn't call very many.  I remember them specifically running a counter with stew and he was met in the backfield as soon as he got the ball


I remember that one too, but it was a complete missed assignment and then a whiff block from Turner. You are right that not many were called. The reverse to Philly Brown went for a good chunk of change if not for the holding on KB. And you are correct that the some of the slow developing plays were getting blown up but I think there were not a lot of creative running plays. I think the sprint counters where newton runs right and the back runs left would have been a good change up.  

In Topic: kalil on carolina's biggest flaw so far...

Yesterday, 09:28 AM

I agree run blocking wasn't good especially on the inside of the line, which is where the Lions are strong. I wish we would have run more counters and misdirections. The reverses and counters seem to do a little better. The inside runs and sweeps just sucked. 


Teams weak in the middle = Stewart/Tolbert and pounding the middle

Teams strong in the middle = DLo and counters, reverses and tosses 


We just had the wrong runner for the game last week 

In Topic: Some Love For DG

Yesterday, 09:21 AM

He is in Ozzie Newsome league of GMs


What has Ozzie Newsome actually done in the past 4-6 years? I don't know much about their team and to be honest am not sure why he gets so much credit. Look up every draft after the Flacco draft and tell me what makes him so great. I see a lot of drafts in the past that weren't so successful. What made Newsome amazing was a great run of probowl/hall of fame 1st round pics. Lately...not impressed. 


I love what DG has done and how he has been finding late round gems. I hope it can continue!


15 September 2014 - 11:38 PM

Not to mention the "Let's Go Lions!" chant during an injury timeout for one of our players.

I heard that too and told the lions fans around me that was classy and I would say go back to Detroit but I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy

In Topic: Harper 65 snaps, Godfrey 7

15 September 2014 - 10:02 PM

I have really liked both Harper and Decoud. I think they have been great leaders and both helped us get the W. Harper even though he was beat came in and didn't give up hitting Johnson in the end zone helping to cause that ball to pop out. And we all know that Decoud got the tip for the INT. I truly feel like they are a better tandem than last year. Hell our entire secondary has improved a lot. I absolutely love what Cason has been doing. Melvin White has been solid and Bene has been all around the ball. 

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