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D.G.saved this season regardless of what some think

Today, 08:02 AM

When he placed the franchise tag on Hardy, he had no clue that he would be breaking bad.He took a calculated risk on a players sensibilities and lost that hand.He backed up his gamble by building the deepest stable of players at that position in the NFL.He basically saved this season with that one plan. Most teams have maybe one/two quality backups if the starting DE is lost.This team is where it is because of the stout Defense. D.G made sure that if the franchise gamble didn't pan out, they could still be dominant.When the Giants clean house next season and are looking for a GM...we have one of the best that they let walk.This man's foresight is part of what will make him a top 5 GM very soon.

Wes Horton..what we know and what we don't

Today, 05:07 AM

Looks like he will be starting over Mario according to R.R. They think he is stouter against the run then Mario, but not the edge rusher that Addison is.Stats are 6'4 270 lbs and another UDFA.He had 2 sacks in 2013 with limited playing time.The team had at least 4 sacks every home game in 2013 and 7 so far in 2 games.Heavy rotation up coming with Horton in on running downs and Addison on passing downs this week.So what do you think about Wes...will that rotation get the job done? Not much choice actually....time to step up and do what needs to be done.

The Greg Hardy thread....for everything Hardy related

Yesterday, 06:16 AM

Just a request from this huddler if Jeremy could pin this thread.The repetitive Hardy threads all saying the same things is monotonous.Please condense all things "Hardy" in one thread.Let the rampage begin.I will start by saying with the Peterson news this morning influenced by the NFL, it is speculated by many that the same will be happening to Hardy very shortly.
I now hand off the ball.



edit:  merging stream-of-conciousness (or lack there of) NEW threads on GH in here.  If anyone is still reading you may notice a few jumps in discussion

Peterson to play sunday...maybe Hardy next

15 September 2014 - 10:57 AM

Per J.Jones.Very confusing this whole affair.Vikings send out a press release saying that he will play.Would this also influence Hardys status? We will see.Impossible to predict what the team will do with him..now, tomorrow or next month...who the hell cares anymore.

Steelers prediction thread...lay it out there now

15 September 2014 - 09:38 AM

Sunday is the first chance this season that the nation gets to see this team.Media may try to fluff us off, but the proof will be right there for all to see.Huddle score predictions and any other important predictions that will have us at 3-0 for 2015.

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