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Impressive Thing I Noticed About Cam's 3 GWTD Passes this season

31 December 2013 - 01:37 PM

I don't really post much around here anymore but I'm always lurking and following this team but something occurred to me today that was nice to recall.


In the New England, Miami, and home New Orleans games this year, Cam and the offense had brilliant drives in the final minute of the game capped off by TD passes to win.


One thing I noticed is that in each of those games, we were down by 3 points in all three of those games. Not 4, not 6. I can't help believe that if this was the team from the last two years that we would have been more content to play it safe and settle for a tying FG (and an inevitable breakdown given our recent history before this year).


I've gotta say this season has been a breath of fresh air with the new Riverboat Ron and Cam coming into his own as a leader. Not to mention the defense. It was great to see this team finally materialize into something great after all the flashes of potential we saw the past couple years.


Happy New Year's and Keep Pounding guys. :)