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In Topic: Benjamin reacts to Madden Rating

20 July 2014 - 11:46 PM

No. The first series of shoots of the rookies was about their speed. Looks like you can't comprehend poo either

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Just so we're clear here: you're suggesting that their idea of a Madden promotional video was to ask a bunch of rookies playing various positions (including quarterbacks) what their SPEED rating would be, and video-tape their answers? Oh and then they decide it'd be a good idea to reveal their overall ratings afterwards...instead of, you know, showing them their speed ratings that they just took their predictions on. Maybe for their next video, they'll take those same rookies and ask them what they think their Pass Block rating should be. Then they'll instead show them what their Spin Move rating is!

And Kelvin Benjamin is trying to say his speed specifically should be an area code?

Wait a second...you don't happen to be Sherlock Holmes, do you?

In Topic: Benjamin reacts to Madden Rating

20 July 2014 - 02:57 PM

He was talking about his speed. Maybe you need to lay off the powder and learn to comprehend

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Ummm wrong...just cause Mike Evans threw out some line about being 91 speed doesn't mean everyone is only rating their speed. You think Kelvin Benjamin was talking about his speed being an area code? I'm sure he'd be the first person to acknowledge that he's not a blazer. I'm guessing each player was simply asked to rate themselves and some of them took it upon themselves to break down certain individual ratings like speed...like Mike Evans and the first guy did. Speed is after all one of the more controversial and key ratings in the game.

I think it's even MORE laughable if Manziel was giving himself an 88-92 speed rating with his 4.68 40 yard dash. Cam was clocked at a 4.59 and was given an 85 speed. RG3 got a 93 speed I believe, with a 4.38 combine. These Madden ratings are lazy and things like speed are determined almost exclusively from the combine performances if they're available.

In Topic: Carolina has almost $19M in dead money on the books

18 June 2014 - 04:22 AM

It's not a damn theory Gross basically said it himself. I can't find the exact quotes, but he said the reason that he didn't like Dave was because he asked him to take a paycut and he didn't feel like he should. Gross was going to play another year!! But when Dave Gettleman restructured his contract it made it void this offseason.

So what does that mean class? If Dave Gettleman doesn't force his PRO BOWL LT to take a paycut, he's our starting LT today.



He's going to say all the right things because he's a stand up a guy, but the reason he isn't playing is because his contract was voided.


So let me get this straight: when Gross speaks highly/positively of the organization, let's disregard that since oh he's just "saying the right things" cause he's a stand-up guy.  But if he says anything you deem to be less than flattering about the organization/Gettleman in particular, then he's being genuine.  Oh boy...you don't seem to have an agenda here at all!


You understand that even if Gettleman didn't alter his contract and he was still under contract this year, he could still retire right?  That doesn't seem very "factual" for you to declare that Gross would be playing this year if not for the voided contract.  You're assuming that he retired because the money wasn't good enough, rather than the hundred other reasons as to why he could have retired (health, spending time with family, heart not in it, pursuing other passions, etc.).  All these "facts" you claim you're stating are really just your own shoddy deductions which support your agenda.  Your posts are littered with a ton of hypotheticals.  Seriously?  Gross would not have retired if his contract wasn't voided?  Get out of here with that man...if I told you that Gross would have retired either way, that's just as ridiculous and (in)valid a statement.  Bottom line: no one knows what would have happened either way.  Your hypothetical scenario is no more valid than anyone else's.

In Topic: NFL.com's World Cup-NFL team comparisons

15 June 2014 - 10:36 PM

I'm just glad the Panthers are now relevant enough to even be included in an article like this.

In Topic: Your 5 Boldest Predictions for the 2014 Season

09 June 2014 - 05:03 AM

The boldest prediction I can think if is that this will be the only Boldest Prediction topic posted between now and the end of the offseason...actually, that's too bold - between now and the end of the week.

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