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In Topic: #1 in the South again

Yesterday, 02:07 PM

You are here in this thread to show how strrrrong willed your Saints fans are and how classy you are. You wouldnt have responded with something meaningless like " I dont care derpy derp" otherwise right? The point of the article was to show how fan bases are forming and dissipating. You took that as fighting words and decided to let those Panther's fans that youre gonna stick your chest out with pride.

Youre a loyal Saints fan and by golly all the Panthers fans need to know that. . unfortunately, it was a pointless comment for the reasons I said before.

Whats funny is your obvious lame attempt to look strong made you look weak and defensive.

From a 3rd party's perspective here: you need to chill out man, I don't know how you deduced all that from his harmless comment but you're getting worked up over nothing.

In Topic: Star's Sack .GIF

18 August 2014 - 08:57 AM

No offense to Cole, but WHY would they double him over Star? They were just asking for a sack on that play...

In Topic: Eric Weems is now available

17 August 2014 - 02:13 PM

oh my god please

the ONLY place on the team im really concered about is our safties....

a whole football year for 4 safties that haven't really played a full season... I think Eric would add furiously to our d

pllllllllease football gods end up with the top defense.


Lol are you thinking of Eric Weddle? He isn't getting cut anytime soon...he's a top safety in the league. Eric Weems is a journeyman WR/return specialist.

In Topic: Roll call for Chiefs game Sunday night - who's going?

15 August 2014 - 11:49 PM

Section 345...got season tickets this year.  My section really seems to have perfected the art of the golf clap. I get some pretty disturbed looks if I cheer too loudly, which is fine for now so I can preserve my energy for the regular season.  I'll try and make sure those nancies get with the program!!

In Topic: does barner make the team?

12 August 2014 - 03:59 AM

Barner's one 8-yard run or whatever in Friday's game was the most impressive to me (moreso than Reaves touchdown). He was decisive, burst through the hole, and even trucked a guy...but every other run was a dud. He seems like he has the potential to be a poor man's DeAngelo Williams where he'll have a bunch of no-gains and then bust out a 40-yarder. But whereas DeAngelo will get a big chunk every 6-8 carries or so...Barner might take 10-15. That just ain't practical if you want an efficient offense. I think the skill-set is there...his main issue is that he's indecisive. He'll hesitate in the backfield or after fielding a punt and will get tackled before he decides where to go with the ball. That's how I feel at least...

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