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Genesis Rodriguez

29 July 2014 - 04:27 PM

She is absolutely beautiful. 






What $250,000 Buys You Around the Country

29 July 2014 - 04:02 PM



This article make me depressed. You can get this in Georgia for $250,000? Really? I'm in the wrong damn neighborhood. What can you get in your neck of the woods?





Hats off to Starbucks

16 June 2014 - 10:33 AM

Starbucks offers workers free college tuition






Starbucks employees nationwide will be eligible for a free college education through Arizona State University's online program beginning this fall.


The new initiative, touted as the first of its kind, will allow many of Starbucks' 135,000 workers to graduate debt free from ASU with no requirement to repay or stay on with the company. The funding will come from a partnership between ASU and Starbucks.




Under the program, Starbucks employees who work at least 20 hours a week will receive full tuition reimbursement if they enroll in ASU's online program as juniors or seniors.


Kudos to Starbucks for offering tuition without tying up an employee to the company. Talk about positive Corporate Social Responsibility (I put in the acronym C-S-R but for some reason, the autospell changed it). 


Thoughts on the new program?

NFL Stadium Seating - Endzone

15 May 2014 - 06:43 PM

I'm about to pull the trigger on buying tickets to the Minnesota game in November and am looking at endzone tickets at Section 150, Row 5 at TCF Stadium. Does anyone have any experience sitting in an endzone (regardless of the stadium)?


Last year I sat first row in San Diego and it sucked because you couldn't see anything but the back of people standing on the sideline at times. However, I think endzone tickets may not be as obstructed.


I want to be as close as possible to the field without having to look up at the monitor and watch the game instead.


Any tips and/or advise will be appreciated.

Per PFF - The Most Improved Team is....

22 January 2014 - 03:56 PM

Carolina with a + 240.3 increase from the previous season.

Kansas City comes in second with a +203.3 increase.




The article is ESPNInsider so I will only post a snippet. However, the article singles out Star, Kawaan, Luke and TD but doesn't mention a single offensive player.




Stepping Up: We'll get to why they were so much more effective, but there's no denying that the duo of Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis delivered in 2013 with their combined grade shooting up by 12.0 points. Most of the hype has been directed at Kuechly, the tackling machine who was cast as the figurehead of the Panthers' resurgence. But it's actually Davis who graded better, chiefly because of his work in coverage. In an increasingly pass-happy league teams need their linebackers to be able to cover, and Davis is really something special in that regard. He earned the highest grade of all 4-3 outside linebackers in that facet of play.


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