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Laniakea Supercluster

Today, 02:09 PM


Here's a cool video on our galaxy and the immediate superclusters around us. It makes me wonder if there are other leagues in other planets out there experiencing the PR problems that the NFL is having right now.

Road Warrior Thread

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

Could you make a forum for road games? That way planning for trips, tailgating and meeting up can be done without the expense of filling the main board with questions and comments about future road games.

I'm interested in this as I would like to set up a tailgate/meetup for the Minnesota game. I would be willing to sponsor and gather enough people however I don't think it appropriate to flood the main Panthers forum.

Ultimate Cock Block

04 September 2014 - 04:17 PM

Ok which one of you is this guy





A Texas man is expected to survive after his roommate allegedly stabbed him for having loud birthday sex with two women.

Investigators say 42-year old Antonio Flores Narcisso became enraged at the noises coming from his roommate’s room. The victim was celebrating his 35th birthday by engaging in a consensual threesome with the two women.


Beheading Suicide

02 September 2014 - 12:53 PM



I'm not condoning what this guy did but damn, this guy really thought out his suicide.




 A 51-year-old man decapitated himself in New York's Bronx borough by chaining his neck to a pole, getting into his car and stomping on the gas, police said on Tuesday


NFL Teams Rankings by Fan Confidence

13 August 2014 - 12:37 PM

Pat yourself on the back Huddlers. Way to show that this team has one of the, if not the best fan base in the world.




No. 3 Carolina Panthers: 85.78% 

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