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In Topic: Post a picture to describe the Panther's 2008 campaign

15 January 2009 - 10:46 AM

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In Topic: Cardinal fans think putting Panthers in ER would be priceless

10 January 2009 - 01:49 AM

This is what happens when you're deprived 60+ years of playoffs and get a slight bit of hope in your direction.

In Topic: Who else cannot SLEEP!!!

10 January 2009 - 01:44 AM

Me... watching the new Che movie to pass time.

In Topic: Clueless, angry Tampa Bay Buc fans.

18 December 2008 - 04:24 PM

'85 Broncos missed the playoffs with 11 wins... it is possible the Panthers miss the playoffs though, unfortunately. Other teams need to win out, with Panthers losing these last two for them to miss.

In Topic: Guys, I know you all are confident, but...

18 December 2008 - 01:22 PM

This team is playing GREAT, right now.....

At home.

They really haven't done anything playing AWAY that would indicate us having the ability to go to the #1 team in the league's house and knocking them off.

We pulled two of those away wins completely out of their asses, and they were against bottom feeders. Even the Raiders gave us problems in their house.

I hope this team can pull out a win tomorrow, but i'm not going to be in "FIRE FOX", "CUT PEPPERS" mode, if we get our faces kicked in. I only get like that when we play like garbage against lesser teams; just like 90% of this board does.

You guys should be proud of what this team has accomplished thus far, and I hope we can turn our road woes around when it really matters. Playoffs are like a brand new season.

I guess the point to this thread is to not get all pissy if we lose, and to stop being so overconfident. It's good to think we can win this, but quoting blowout scores isn't realistic. This is a great team, who's mettle will be tested when it really matters; playoffs. This game should be a test to what level we're really at, and a learning experience.

I honestly predict second seed, and we play Minnesota in the second round of the playoffs.

Don't look at just the numbers... I could easily say the Panthers will win because the Giants haven't won a home game in December since '05 -- thus meaning Panthers will win because Giants (to date) are 0-6 at home in December games since their last win at home.

I get what you're saying and all, but it's just as easy to make a case in the other direction. It's football -- any given Sunday.

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