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In Topic: San Diego

Today, 10:57 AM

Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is also legit. Just came back. Ahhhhhhhmazing beer scene.

In Topic: Panthers draft hat has been unveiled:

Today, 08:57 AM

I don't think I can say I've seen a fitted hat with a flat bill

Huh? I see them all the time. I also own a few.

New hat is slick.

In Topic: What will you NOT drink?

Today, 08:50 AM

Jager. It's run its course.

In Topic: Where do you go to buy beer (Charlotte area)?

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

There's a place called the rhino market that just opened up this past winter. I guess the owner used to work at the common market and got their blessing to open a similar store on this side of town. It's in the freemorewest area being the burger co. It's been my go to spot for a couple months now.

Their chicken torta is on point as well.

In Topic: Cigar City Brewing

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

Gotta be a collabo with the 2 breweries. Lips of Faith series by New Belgium is some limited release stuff.