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#1194630 worst part about this forum

Posted by replive on 10 May 2011 - 10:29 PM

D) People who make useless threads trying to show how their viewpoint is superior through ad hominem and complain passive-aggressively about people who don't agree with them. They use the worst of the worst examples of arguments against them and often forget that not every post on a forum has to be a well-articulated 30-paragraph essay citing statistics and football theorists. Jesus Christ it's a football forum.

#1184148 How good will Cam be this year?

Posted by replive on 03 May 2011 - 04:22 PM

whoa trd is starting to make sense

#1184101 How good will Cam be this year?

Posted by replive on 03 May 2011 - 04:08 PM

yes again

#1184084 How good will Cam be this year?

Posted by replive on 03 May 2011 - 04:02 PM


#1180714 Would you like the Huddle to add this Cam Smiley?

Posted by replive on 02 May 2011 - 01:46 AM

Depends. Do you like pie?

#1180252 osama bin laden killed ?!!?

Posted by replive on 01 May 2011 - 10:26 PM

phillyb is such a buzzkill. people will start rationally thinking about this in a couple days, might as well enjoy the manic nationalism while it lasts.

#1180110 A Blank Slate

Posted by replive on 01 May 2011 - 09:29 PM

only mr scot could write an essay about literally nothing.

#1176296 Mcshay "Drafting him (Cam) was a gamble, and thats why this franchise is...

Posted by replive on 29 April 2011 - 11:32 PM

I think we are where we are now because we haven't gambled on a franchise QB in a long time.

#1170245 Mort: 99.99% chance Newton to Panthers

Posted by replive on 28 April 2011 - 04:03 PM

Two posters said the same thing.

Neither used the correct form of you're.

#1144502 make anagrams of prospect's names...

Posted by replive on 15 April 2011 - 12:58 AM

Posted Image

These Mallards are on their way to rescue the Carolina Panthers from another 2-14 season.

#1124465 Guaranteed solution; the Panthers should get a quaterback from Aldi

Posted by replive on 02 April 2011 - 07:56 PM

does this mean a qb with no bag(gage)?

#1120183 What is love??

Posted by replive on 31 March 2011 - 12:52 PM

a second-hand emotionnnnnn

#1115984 Jordan Gross is the Panthers candidate for the Madden 12 cover...

Posted by replive on 29 March 2011 - 12:50 PM

I love how Gross gets Matt f**king Ryan in the 1st round. What kind of poo is that? And Steve Johnson vs. Danny Woodhead? Seriously? We're supposed to actually pick one of those guys for the cover of Madden?

Go 12th man!

If you didn't notice, all the first round selections were against division rivals (atl v us, buffalo v new england, etc.)

but yea those weren't really good choices.

#1113133 Final 4

Posted by replive on 27 March 2011 - 07:25 PM

bleys be trollin'

i dig it

#1110893 To the people who say "Smokescreen!"

Posted by replive on 25 March 2011 - 06:41 PM

so you get fulfillment by pointing out that other people get their fulfillment through stupid means?


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