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In Topic: Manziel early riser for Browns

Today, 09:12 PM

I swear this guy is worse than ESPN when it comes to Manziel. I think he is a bigger Manziel fan than Panther fan.

Lol whatever you say buddy. If not being a bias tool means I like manziel more than the panthers I guess you're totally right

In Topic: Huddle question: Do they pay Cam next year?

Today, 08:57 PM

Yeah in no way would our roster look this bad without the bad contracts strapping us for the past 3 years. Gettleman has been putting us in position to drop these bad contracts and has been slowing building the back end of the roster and drafting well.

The teams future is very bright.

In Topic: why are so many atheists retarded in the modern era?

Today, 06:09 PM

I hate when people generalize atheists by saying they're wearing fedoras. The fedora is identified by its broader brim. In reform atheist societies like Portland, they wear a "Trilby" which has a upturned back and narrow brim:


In Hipster Atheism, located primarily in Brooklyn and Berkely, they wear a Pork Pie, which has a flat top, and unlike a fedora or trilby CANNOT be worn at a rakish angle!

But what really drives me nuts is when people say "look at those atheists over there in their Newsboy Caps." Okay, first of all, that's agnosticism. That's not even the same as atheism. Atheists don't even wear newsboy caps! It's just ignorant:

But you know in more enlightened atheist societies, their imaginary girlfriends don't require them to wear any head covering at all. They are allowed to go without a hat and shave their neck.

I thought this was a thread about atheists not posting pictures of Phillyb.

In Topic: Huddle question: Do they pay Cam next year?

Today, 02:21 PM

I think you have to look at this from Gettlemen's perspective. He might just allow Cam to play on the $14m for 2015. I might do the same. Here is why:

Cam runs the ball a lot when we are successful. Historically, this has been unsustainable in the NFL. I want to see him converted to a pocket passer. This will require a lot of work on his mechanics. The injuries will add up. Watch film of him as a rookie and film from last year and this season. Different.

Andrew Luck has the same basic skill set as Cam. He is big, can move, and has a strong arm. However, he is a pure pocket passer and he has been improving each year. I would gladly invest $100m in Newton if he showed growth, but he has not developed into the pocket passer we hoped he would become--now that could be due to other factors, but we do not know if he can be a consistent pocket passer. If he cannot, if he must run to produce on offense, then you have to pause before laying out $100m+ for a QB who plays a style that has never been successful over the long term. Anyone who suggests that Cam can become that player needs to re-watch games when they tried to make him a pocket passer.

Cam needs a ton of work with his mechanics before he can make the transition. He needs weapons and protection. But what bothers me is the back-foot throwing. It is a sign, regardless of reason or legitimacy, that the QB is afraid. Once the demons get into your head, you are done. It has happened to so many QBs who were drafted by bad teams. I hope we can correct these issues and make a long-term, pocket passer out of Cam because I do not want my $100m+ QB running the ISO play.

So, I am guessing that Gettlemen either signs Cam to a reasonable offer based on his recent production and not potential (remember, second contracts are about production) or I watch him play in 2015 for $14m before rolling in the Brinks trucks. Gman has a tremendous responsibility to the restoration of this team, and he is not going to blow that by writing a check for 20% of the cap space for a player who is basically at the crossroads. I want to win as much as anyone here, but giving Cam $100m is no home run--in fact, it is rather risky. Get him a LT, another WR, and lets see what he can do from the pocket. If he does well, write the check. If he doesn't, you have not mortgaged the future for an NFL option qb.

All contracts are based on future production. You never pay for past performance. You pay for what you think you are going to get from the player out of the life of the contract.

Through the first six weeks of the season cam was the highest rated QB in the league from PFF and was an MVP candidate then his oline got riddled with injuries and you saw the drop. Cam was killing it purely from the pocket due to his injury.

I don't think you really know what you're talking him tbh

In Topic: Manziel early riser for Browns

Today, 02:14 PM

Damn what terrible work ethic this kid has!!

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