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In Topic: LA Riots of 2015.... Time to call Al Sharpton and Jesse... Video is NSFW

Today, 11:05 AM

How about non lethal force when dealing ONE homeless guy?

In Topic: New Bungie game: Destiny

Today, 05:35 AM

People still play this game? Wtf

In Topic: Did you know Russia ALMOST became Pro Western state 10 years ago?

Today, 12:31 AM

God I bet it was a crazy time to be an important Russian political person during the fall.

A lot of crazy power plays and people just go missing like that.

In Topic: Season 5: The Walking Dead

Yesterday, 11:26 PM

but the heated speech it will take a bullet to keep him away from his guy just seemed like a subtle statement. merely an observation.

I feel like Glenn would have made the same speech if it was Maggie with the broken ankle.

Just trying to illustrate that Aaron has people he cares about it too.

In Topic: Frank Hollywood's 2.1 Mock draft: Post Combine

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

I agree completely that he's the BPA, but I don't think Gettle will take the chance. His comments during the combine about trouble players slammed the door shut on the thought of him landing here. I here you though, I want him in a Panther's uniform badly.

So do I man. Him and KB would be a dream team.

Hopefully the panthers vet this situation fully and come to the conclusion he has turned the new leaf and feel comfortable he wouldn't fall back in bad habits. It seems to me he turned the corner.