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In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin loves the panthers

Today, 12:24 PM

KB isn't really my 'boy' There are other receivers I like more than him. You can check post history and you'd see O rarely posted about KB.

I just recognize the dude's talent and the ignorance on this board was beginning to irk me.

And again you are drawing way too many conclusion on a rumor that came from an unknown source, that was denied by an agent and was not confirmed by anyone else...

Lol at saying millions on the line. So one missed work out eliminates all his tape, combine, pro day and workouts with other teams because of a unconfirmed rumor?

We have no details of what exactly happened. All Brandt said was he blew off a workout because she was tired. No details on if he rescheduled or if he had a meeting. No follow up on this rumor either.

And again considering the apanthers just worked him out, it seems to me he is still on our board.

98% of people on this board don't know what the fug they are talking about come draft time

In Topic: Kelvin Benjamin loves the panthers

Yesterday, 08:09 PM

Sometimes I wish some of you guys didn't get opinions because when you do you literally poo post with no real knowledge at all and it is a pain to read pure bullshit ALL THE TIME

In Topic: Detroit Man Beaten While Helping 10-Year Old

Yesterday, 01:49 PM

Guns make it easier and with less effort. Killing without a gun takes some real effort. We are too lazy to go aronud killing at the same rates when guns are removed form the equation.

There is a reason people hunt deer with guns instead of hammers.

It will always come down to the conscious decision to kill. You seem to be consistently missing that point

In Topic: Man Who Never Served Prison Sentence Due to Clerical Error Arrested.

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

AFAIK, (& I'm not a lawyer but I've spoken to about a couple dozen about this online & IRL*) this is unprecedented, so nobody is sure.

*Meaning they can't think of a case like this off the top of their heads, but the consensus is that they can't because its that rare.

You think a judge can rule since he changed up his act that can be considered time served and let him go?

In Topic: Panther's QB Derek Anderson in Trouble With the Law...

Yesterday, 10:11 AM


100% truth

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