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In Topic: Manziel a Cowboy?

Today, 02:04 PM

Lol at people acting like manziel won't be good

In Topic: Cyrus Kouandjio revisted

Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Of course but it's a difference when it's an LT or QB versus an RG or TE. LT is a coveted starter to obtain early in the draft. Been like that for a while.

No, teams are trying to get value. If a tackle doesn't warrant a 15 pick but he does a 25 pick. Teams won't reach for the value.

In Topic: Cyrus Kouandjio revisted

Yesterday, 12:52 PM

Just my 2 cents but given that he's a projected starting LT if all is well and healthy, he should be gone by our pick. If 25+ teams pass on him, I'd be very wary.

Horrible logic. There can't just be 25 other teams that take better players or need a different position? He isn't the best OT prospect in the draft but he is certainly worth a late first round pick.

In Topic: War on women: 11,000 rape kits unprocessed in Detroit

21 April 2014 - 11:55 PM

maybe i should step back and redefine producing. i don't mean that culture/structure robs people of their agency. obviously they are not literally robots. however these things are very strong contributing factors that shape people and define the parameters of behavior and what it means to deviate from them. i am not attacking the notion that rape is conscious choice; only the notion that changing the structure that sets those parameters can't be fruitful.

since i've not given this the amount of thought and research necessary to pontificate on it at length, here's a thought-provoking huffpo (i know, i know) article related to the leggings incident i mentioned earlier that might illustrate what i and others are trying to get at.

I would argue 1) that patriarchy does not in fact exist in our society today and if it does it's doing a terrible job at oppressing women. 2) the factors in which you are talking about are getting overblown in terms of what is actually causing rape.

Leggings didn't make a fashion comeback until 2005, rape statistics have fallen every year since 2000. I fail to see how this is causing rape.

I'd also argue that banning leggings from schools is stupid. But short ass booty shorts which is mostly the argument I see not leggings is perfectly reasonable because that isn't conducive to a proper learning environment

In Topic: War on women: 11,000 rape kits unprocessed in Detroit

21 April 2014 - 11:21 PM

straw man :)

Your argument is rape culture is causing rape. Demonstrably producing. You said rape culture was telling a girl it's not wise to wear a miniskirt because she might get raped. I'm asking you is telling her not to wear a miniskirt producing rapists or not?

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