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In Topic: 1 Million Stories of White Privilege

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Read through this tumblr.

Basically just accounts white people have it easier in the drive thru line at Taco Bell.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Yesterday, 03:03 PM

Yeah because people always insult their good friends girlfriends/wives weight for a laugh. It goes over real well.

That is just low man, even for you lol.

Well at least you're in good company, you've got one of the biggest troglodytes this forum has ever seen agreeing with you.

Um yeah that's exactly how guy friends treat eachother. Do you not have any good male friends? Seems that way by your posts you choose to surround yourself with females. You exhibit a lot of females traits.

Anyways I'm not gonna add to your derailment of this thread peace.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Yesterday, 02:47 PM


Yeah because CarolinaCoolin would never simply enter a thread just to "call out posters", and offer "nothing of value".

Why he is simply above that. What a gentleman.

By the way, you're also doing that in this very thread as well, lol.

Lmao you take my joking posts in a completely different sub forum to try put this on me?

Me and gabe constantly do that. But good try.

Also I've only made 3 posts in this thread. The third of which was telling you that you go after low hanging fruit.

How long did to have to search through my posts to find those two examples of me and gabe messing with eachother? Lol

In Topic: 1 Million Stories of White Privilege

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

My favorite new Tumblr - 1 Million stories of white privilege: a Tumblr for sharing personal stories of unfair and unearned advantage so as to make clear that racial injustice is a WHITE problem

It's majority privilege. Any majority in the country they are in see these types of "privileges"

The "whiteness" isn't some nefarious global issue tumblr makes it out to be.

White people don't get these unearned advantages everywhere they go. They receive them in majority white countries which shouldn't be that much of a shock if you are at all realistic about how the world works.

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Yesterday, 01:50 PM

TheRed has only gone after the low hanging fruit in this thread just like he always does. Nothing of value, just here to call out posters and state no real opinions he has himself. All about the pie for him. What a hero.

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