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In Topic: Matt Ryan vs Cam Newton, who's better?

Today, 03:47 AM

Glorified runningback that occasionally throws vs. top ten cemented NFL quarterback.

Yeah I'll take Ryan every time.

Cam didn't win a game when the opposing team scored 21+ last season.

The defense carried him.

Meanwhile, Ryan proved he could still have a good season with Julio/Roddy axed most of the year and turned Harry Douglas into a 1,000 receiver.

He didn't have a defense, O-line, or running game to back him up either.

Sorry but without a defense Cam Newton is a chucker that accumulates mostly empty yards.

On the other hand, Ryan proved he can still have a decent season with his top two options gone and literally no help around him at all.

And I can already tell there's going to be replies about the record, but that's not the point here. This is individuals.

And when you compare the situations they were in with their QB stats....

It simply further proved Ryan>Newton. Newton will probably never be better until he learns to consistently throw the football instead of just chucking it 30 yards in a general direction.

Newton has a lot of potential, but at this point that's all that is. Potential.

He has yet to prove himself to be up there with the top tier QBs in this league.

And award for most bias opinion on a message board goes to..

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In Topic: House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

Today, 02:08 AM

"... As long as you arrive via the
western, eastern or northern borders
you are not welcome otherwise..."

Or just come in the legal way

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In Topic: The Leftovers - New HBO Show

Yesterday, 04:02 PM

Idk what you guys are watching but I love the show

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In Topic: Are we Super Bowl contenders this year?

Yesterday, 03:35 PM

I think there are some teams better built to win it all more than us but I believe we have a team to make it to the playoffs and after that it's anyone's ball game

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In Topic: As you have grown up have you become more liberal or more conservative?

Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Ouch, sorry. I moved into DC to avoid MoCo taxes. Whereabouts in MoCo?

I live like right on the line between moco and pg in silver spring/Burtonsville

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