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In Topic: Have drop back quarterbacks been exposed?

Today, 09:13 PM

Charlie Weis thinks so:

He believes that having a pure drop back QB put the offense at a disadvantage in playing 11 on 10 ball.

For the most part other college programs have been following suit with Weis' opinion in recruiting dual threat QBs and running the spread. Dual threat QBs are limited to their availability. Since they're limited in numbers, college programs are forced to use pure pocket passers. And, for the last few years the programs that have been making noises as far as national championships and Heisman contentions have been dual threat guys.

Under the comment section a user posted

And I couldn't agree more. Take Peyton, for example, it takes so many working part for him to succeed. The running game, WRs, OL, all have to be there because he won't pick up that 3rd & 5 for you with his leg. With Cam on the other hand, all 11 man on defense need to be on their toes. So he can survive with a 35 y old receiver, a bad OL, and whatever RB is in the line up. It was only a matter of time before NFL personnel figure this out.

If you watch the super bowl again you'll see that Russel Wilson had the Broncos defense on skate while Peyton was begging for one of his 5 yard pass to go 80.

You would post some bullshit like this.

Pocket passers will always be in the nfl. Shut up

In Topic: Peter King busted

Today, 06:57 PM

It isn't misleading at all. Maybe people don't understand how NC law works. That much is apparent. However, it seems people here want to believe it never happened. Just because the guilty verdict is removed until the jury trial, the fact is, he was found guilty.

It is. Because people say that like being guilty by a bench trial and being found guilty by a jury are the same thing. They aren't. Him being guilty at a bench trial his basically him being indicted by a grand jury. It just means there is enough evidence for his real trial.

Everyone should be operating on the fact as it currently stands. Greg hardy is innocent. If you are saying anything it means you have an agenda

In Topic: Peter King busted

Today, 06:22 PM

Yes his conviction is now wiped by trial de novo. But he was at some point convicted.

Was convicted now currently not. People saying he was convicted by a judge are intentionally misleading. He still has to have his trial. Until then don't make judgments

In Topic: One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 05:44 PM

sign him to a one year deal for 7 or 8 million so he can get his stats up again .. then let him move on.

That doesn't seem worth it to me. You need pass rushers. CJ isn't getting any younger and his hit is huge. It would be better off shorting Hardy's long term hit by signing to a deal we can work with. I think he will be found not guilty and then we can see where things go from there in terms of his long term future but anyone who says they know hardy will be gone at years end is just shooting in the dark. They have no idea what will happen.

In Topic: One small thing that helps Hardy's chances of playing Sunday....

Today, 05:31 PM

Still not convinced hardy isn't year next year. Especially with this probably decreasing his production this year he could be signed to a reasonable deal.

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