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In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

Today, 02:36 PM

I think the judge found Hardy guilty because he is guilty. Further, innocent people don't pay off witnesses.

I don't practice in NC and the appeals process for Hardy's conviction is rather unusual. De novo is just a standard of review and doesn't erase a guilty verdict.

No. The appeals process for Hardys conviction is pretty standard in NC. What are you talking about

In Topic: If Randy Gregory is available at # 25 ....

Yesterday, 05:27 PM

We don't seem to be as strict on drug related issues, just ask Frank Alexander. It's why Gman gave a guy like Gregory a visit but not DGB

This post shows how little you know about things

In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

Yesterday, 04:00 AM

These idiots on ESPN were just talking about how even if he didn't do what he was accused of that it's still a good suspension and he shouldn't even appeal it.

*googles Greg hardy*

First news result entitled "how NFL's roger Goodell got the Hardy suspension right"

*opens link to ESPNW article*

Shakes my head violently

In Topic: Greg Hardy suspended 10 games

Yesterday, 03:07 AM

Good post. It's so obvious that she was just trying to get paid. That is why she was begging him to do physical harm to her. This whole case was a sham and the people that lost out was us the fans who were missing one of our best players last year for no good reason. I for one don't hate Hardy. Good for him for getting paid. I wish him well except for when he plays against us.

This whole thing started because she got wind of Hardys incoming pay day and that she found out Hardy wasn't going to pay her rent anymore.

In Topic: Jameis Winston: I didn't steal the crab legs

Yesterday, 02:08 AM

I worked at a grocery store and that was the policy. What are you basing your statements on because it sounds like you are you the one that's full of poo

Are you just figuring this out about MH? Lol