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In Topic: If we double dip at Wr what would be your favorite combo?

03 April 2014 - 09:45 AM

Not too concerned about the actual players selected as much as the combination of them... don't want the same type to be selected; need a big/tall target in the redzone while having the game-changer/shifty-open-space type... something that could/would resemble Moose and Smitty (obviously wouldn't be that way right off the bat, but using those two as a template).

In Topic: Has Gettleman finally made a big gaffe?

16 March 2014 - 10:19 AM

All emotional ties the fans have, whether actually cutting Smith was one or not, to me, isnt as big of a "gaffe" as the timing of it was... why do it when you have no backup plan or replacement already hammered down; why not wait until a vet/replacement receiver is signed and on the books before cutting him (at that point could easily designate him as a June 1st)... there is no way any of the receivers on the active roster can be deemed as replacements for Smith, not even his low production numbers from last season (although his yards were down, he made MANY big time catches).

Aside from that, I tying so much money into Hardy may end up being one. Before flaming me for saying it, think of what could have been done with that cap hit; that could have essentially signed a vet OT and WR. The ravens signed Monroe to a contract averaging 7.5mil a season while Nicks took a deal worth 3.5mil and Ginn something very similar. That isnt to say they would have necessarily signed with Carolina, but the numbers don't lie, two quality players are better than one. Plus, there are a few vet DEnds out there that could have played a single season spot while finding/developing Hardy's spot; worse case you spend a 1st round in 2015 to replacement. As great of a player that Hardy is, he is replaceable.

In Topic: To fill the WR hole, Getts should sign....

15 March 2014 - 04:18 PM

Out of who is left, I would like to see DG look at Jacoby Ford to take Ginn's place, atleast as a returner... from there, James Jones and Danario Alexander are options as well; Alexander was looking good before his injury plus is a large target for Cam... Jones would be the reliable Vet needed to help carry the load... there is also Kenny Britt who shows flashes of #1 potential... injury concerns are there but that should also be used when negotiatingterms and money; that has to be part of the reason why a few of them hhaven't signed anyway

Whatever is done, it needs to be more than just a single year bandaid

In Topic: What the future holds and how can we replace what we lost?

14 March 2014 - 05:33 AM

Would have been nice to have Gross stick around for another year so that a LT could have beend drafted and play on the rightside for a season before transitioning over... would have also given us a season without relying on Bell at RT...


Hopefully, with any luck, they will bring in either a WR or OT that can fill a need; WR is more likely given the remaining FA class... would like to see something happen prior to the draft... Britt shouldn't garner a huge price with his injury issues, but has shown the potential to be a #1; why not bring someone like that in who you only have to pay like a #2 or #3... aside from that, I don't see any true #1 WRs out there as everyone else has their "red flags"


Time will tell...

In Topic: Who is left at OT?

13 March 2014 - 10:41 AM

Oher had a lot of issues when at LT for the Ravens, outside of his Rookie season... was much more consistant at RT... but even with that, better be ready for ALOT of false starts if we were to sign him


Anyone think he is a possibility especially with Hardy having a past with him?  Maybe come in and take somewhat of a lower deal?  I don't think the Ravens are going to be knocking down his door to give him a payday...

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