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In Topic: Would you rage if we took Tyler Eifert?

14 April 2013 - 11:46 PM

Nope. Life is too short to get irate over things like sports or politics. I just don't get how people get so invested in the off-season, Draft, training camp, etc. Football is some of you guys' lives. That's so sad.

Could be worse i could be robbing a store, killing someone, shooting up heroin in my basement... you get the idea.

In Topic: You would be mad if we drafted ____ in the 1st?

29 March 2013 - 07:22 PM

Sheldon Richardson

In Topic: According to Person we're keeping Williams...

24 February 2013 - 12:44 AM

Outside of the cap hit we would take in 2014 i personally dont see enough logic in keeping an aging RB. Deangelo wasn't producing in the early half of the season when we needed him most. He wasnt breaking off the big runs like he was in 2011, granted our OL was miserable this season. He averaged 3.6 YPC if you take away the very fluky game against the saints in Wk 17, also accordingly to PFF he graded out with a -2.7 in rushing this season. While i may point out that J-Stew graded out with a -0.8 in rushing this season. Definitely not great numbers but still better than what deangelo graded out at. Plus theirs other RB in free agency that have very similar skill sets like williams.
1) Cedric Peerman (UFA) (Grade +2.6) Note the grades are for rushing according to PFF ratings.

2) Mike Goodson (UFA) (Grade +2.8)

3) LaRod Stephens-Howling (Grade +1.7)

Guys like them are similar to what williams brings to the table and are also much much cheaper.

Thats just my personal take on it though.

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