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So it's 4/20

20 April 2015 - 04:01 AM

Who do you think is smoking up today?


For draft prospects, I'd be shocked if Randy Gregory and DGB were not.


For NFL teams, I'd suspect 49er Aldon Smith, Falcon Jonathan Babineaux, and Buc Mike Evans.


The blatant idiot award goes Falcon Rashede Hageman. He was openly looking for it on Twitter.


The Of Course-Duh! award--Josh Gordon


How about which player is cleaner than Mr. Clean? I'd say Teb ow. Anybody cleaner than him?


Let's hear your thoughts, rumors, and nominations for best food for the munchies. (Pizza flavored Pringles)





NFC South breakdown

11 March 2015 - 07:29 AM

So far, pretty quiet and underwhelming in the division. My opinion is that all 3 teams realize how far behind us they are at having a talented roster. I'll list the players they have that I feel are the equal or better than our own.


Falcons have some building blocks with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White, Jake Matthews, Desmond Trufant, and Devin Hester. That's it. Out of 23 positions we have better talent at 17. Noteworthy players they have cut are Harry Douglas, Steven Jackson, and OG Justin Blalock. Their front office structure is complicated at best, hot garbage at worst. Their head GM Thomas Dimitroff had his responsibility for scouting college and pro personnel taken away and given to Scott Pioli, but Pioli still reports to him. Meanwhile, new head coach Dan Quinn has final say over Dimitroff for the final 53 roster. And so far in free agency, they have brought in LBs Justin Durant (Cowboys-9 year vet) and Brooks Reed (Texans-5 year vet) and reserve OG/T Mike Person (Rams-5 year vet). Terrifying.


Saints have serious cap problems, but still Drew Brees, Kenny Stills, Brandin Cooks, Terron Armstead, Cameron Jordan, Junior Gallette, and Keenan Lewis would be equal or better than our players. Slight improvement over the Falcons, but we still have the edge at 16 positions. Front office structure seems sound, just have run out of road for the salary cap can to be kicked down. Noteworthy trades and releases include the loss of Jimmy Graham, LB Curtis Lofton, and RB Pierre Thomas. PT was the master of the screen, and will be missed almost as much as Graham. As far as free agency, they gained $1 million in cap space from trading Graham, but now have $9 million in dead money from him. Add on Max Unger's $4.5 million salary, and the Saints are back over the cap by about $3 million. They'll need to trade away or cut more players, or re-structure some current deals before they can play in the free agent pool.


Bucs have some pieces with Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, and Johnathan Banks are players I'd like to see in Panthers uniforms, but the rest of the roster is just as bad as the Falcons. 18 roster spots are to our advantage. The front office seems to realize it made some free agency mistakes last year, but Jason Licht and Lovie Smith are willing to own their mistakes since they cut Anthony Collins just 1 year after signing him to a hefty 5 year contract and sent Josh McCown packing. Look for them to be more cautious with who they sign this year. If anyone wants to play there that is, since they have been shut out so far in free agency. I mean, every rookie QB takes their team to the Super Bowl, right? All that cap space, no state income tax, and plenty of gentleman's clubs with working single moms within a 2 mile radius of Raymond James Stadium are Tampa's main selling points, since, you know, the team sucks.


Homer? Probably, but a realistic one. Here's to the 3-peat!

Big Play Bene recap from NFL Now appearance

04 March 2015 - 11:32 AM

Eric Davis and LaVarr Arrington asking Bene about the Shady-Kiko trade: " McCoy is a weapon out of the backfield that you need an extra defender to account for. Kind of surprised he's gone"


About Cam's development before and after car crash: "He seemed to realize it was serious and it seemed to affect his determination to not let it affect him and come back as fast as he could. He was in the training room every day doing everything he could to get back"


About what he could do to improve and help the team more: "The secondary is young, so I see myself taking more of a leadership role next year"


Eric Davis commented that since Bene has Eric's #25 he's gonna be watching him close :cool:


Edit: Video is now up, but my linker is busted  See post #3 below for link sorry

Cowboys drew ire of the football gods

11 January 2015 - 04:15 PM

with that pass interference call reversal.


The football gods delivered karmic justice with that Dez Bryant catch on 4th down being reversed to stick the dagger in the Cowboys season.


Nice to see there is balance in the universe.

Ernie Accorsi hired again

30 December 2014 - 09:35 AM

Remember when JR hired him to consult on our next GM hire and we ended up choosing between two guys from the Giants organization? There was a younger guy that was good with the salary cap and an older guy that did mostly player evaluations IIRC. We took the older guy and have won a division title every year since.


Well now the Chicago Bears have hired Ernie Accorsi to consult on their next GM hire. I wonder if Ernie's going to steer them toward the younger guy we didn't choose. If they do choose him, it will be interesting to compare his GM capabilities to Dave Gettleman over the next few years.