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In Topic: The reset button needs to be hit in 2015

Today, 09:04 PM

I agree. Mike from Breaking Bad. "No half measures"

In Topic: Carolina is allowing 5.7 yards per rush...let's put that into historical...

Today, 08:54 PM

This Chicago game will determine the entire season. If we come out flat and lose again, and lose so bad that DA plays the 4th qtr again then I am not kidding, Tank for the 1st pick and Rivera and the coaching staff has to go. Because it will be crystal clear that the players have quit on Rivera for reasons unknown, im sorry but if we get blown out three weeks in a row, thats players quitting on the coaches pure and simple.

If we bounce back and win, no doubt we have a winning season and possibly make the playoffs. This is truely a must win. We are at home, back in our element in a 1:00 PM game, with no silly distractions or story line. If we lose im fully convinced we go 2-14 or 3-13

In Topic: 10/01 practice tweets...stewart and davis in pads

Today, 12:03 PM

Joe Person ‏@josephperson · 10s10 seconds ago
DEs Charles Johnson and Frank Alexander not practicing today. Johnson had a hip flexor against the Ravens.

Frank.. what in the actual fug is wrong with him?!

In Topic: BOA Rocking Sunday?

Today, 07:28 AM

Oh, our fans will be rocking all right.. It will just be when our offense is on the field because they are abunch of dumb asses

In Topic: several items from USA Today...Benji OROY so far

Today, 07:25 AM

You really can't say this. Lots of people were saying he was washed up and telhl at would've put the chip on his shoulder again. Look at 2010 to 2011. Did we release him then? No he just got pissed off that everyone was saying he was old and declining. Same thing could've happened this year we don't know. You can't say we are better off without smith

Ravens O line is miles better than ours and Smitty would have stunted KB's development because we all know how Cam locked on Smitty, no way in hell KB puts up the same numbers with Smitty in the lineup. So what he is playing great, he has one-seasons max left in him. I could see if he was 25 and still in his prime and we cut him loose, but thats not the case.

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