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#2698939 Cam Newton now in danger of becoming Donovan Mcnabb.

Posted by Mike on 15 March 2014 - 06:43 PM

I think I'd take a Donovan McMabb career: 8 play off appearances in 11 seasons, 4 consecutive NFC East titles, 5 NFC conference championship appearances, and 1 Super Bowl defeat to the Patriots during spy gate.

Only slight is he didn't win a Super Bowl. Nonetheless if Cam can have that type of career here, then I'd take it. As he'd be at the helm of a perennial play off team, and arguably a Super Bowl contender. Obviously I'd love him to lead us to a Super Bowl as well. But if Cam equals what McNabb did for the Eagles, then he'll have had a damn good career, and potentially a HOF career.

#2415991 Can someone explain to me What the downside is to Firing Rivera mid-season

Posted by Mike on 07 October 2013 - 04:12 PM

I would like Rivera to stay on as the DC, but I know the chances of that are beyond slim....


I think he's got a great mind but is not a good head coach.


Assuming we could have any coach in the world, college or otherwise, who would we hire that would be available next season? 


Obvious former NFL head coaches that get linked with almost every job:


- Jon Gruden: I think he could do wonders with a QB like Cam. Plus I like the idea of trying an offensively minded head coach.


- Bill Cowher: a proven winner and could do a good job. 


- Brian Billick: did a good job at the Ravens for the most part, won a super bowl; and remember when he was the OC at the Vikings they broke the record for most points in a season, and were a good offense. 


- Lovie Smith: granted his offense can be dour, but he has a winning record as a HC, and could help continue this team's defense moving towards being an elite unit. 


A few potential coordinators looking for that first opportunity:


- Ray Horton: He can certainly coach a good defense. He has two super bowl rings as a coach, so he knows how to win. He might be worth a look if he can bring a good OC with him.


- Mike Zimmer: He's got a great pedigree in coaching up dominate defenses. He's a no nonsense kind of coach, so he might be what this team needs.


- Greg Roman: He's done a good job as the 49ers OC. He's worked with a dual threat Kaepernick, and would probably get the best out of Cam. 


- Jay Gruden: He's done a good job at the Bengals, and might be a good candidate from an offensive background. 


Then there are a few college candidates:


- David Shaw, Stanford: His record since replacing Harbaugh has been very good. He's been a coach in the NFL. He's well respected. And I think he could be one of the next college head coaches to get a chance. 


- Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M: Did a great job last season after replacing Sherman. His offense is NFL compatible, and his work with the dual threat Manziel would hopefully bode well for Cam. 


- Brian Kelly, Notre Dame: He's good head coach and tactician. 


- Bill O'Brien, Penn State: Proven coaching track record in the NFL, including being the QB coach and OC when Brady had his 5000 yard season. He's a good QB coach that might get the best out of Cam. He's also started well with Penn State. 


- Dabo Swinney, Clemson: Excellent record at Clemson. A very solid coach. I wonder, would Gettleman dare to go for a Swinney-Boyd combination  :ph34r: 


Overall I don't know who I want to replace Rivera. I honestly don't mind who we get, or where we get them from, as long as they build this team into a perennial play off and super bowl contender.  

#2399551 Bucs Freeman benched for rookie Glennon

Posted by Mike on 25 September 2013 - 02:59 PM

I'm not surprised that Schiano has decided to bench Freeman because he has been reluctant for most of his time in charge to endorse Freeman as his quarterback. Sure he has said that Freeman is the starter, but he has also said that he believes in competition at the quarterback position; and when you consider how frustratingly inconsistent Freeman has been throughout his career to date, it is by no means surprising that he has been shown the bench after a poor start to the season. But as a Panthers fan I am rubbing my hands at the prospect of the Buccaneers switching to Glennon.




Because while Freeman is inconsistent, the thing with Freeman is he is quite capable of putting together a string of big games. Take last season for example, Freeman posted a QB passer rating above a hundred in five consecutive games between week six and week ten. During that time he threw 13 TDs to 1 INT, for a total of 1,467 yards. Now that is very respectable and his statistics during those five weeks were up there with the best QBs in the league. Now granted that season he had a few bad games (W3 @ Dallas, W15 @ New Orleans, W16 St Louis), but outside of those three games, Freeman had generally been above average to good most weeks. And in fact that season he had broken franchise records for the most passing yards and TDs in a single season.  


My point?


For me, Josh Freeman is a talented QB. He has a big arm and is relatively athletic. He isn't elite, and he probably never will be, but he is a good starting QB in the right system. In his second and fourth season with the Buccaneers his passer ratings were 95.9 and 81.6, both of which are quite respectable considering he has never been on an elite team. Now sure last season he did get more support with the additions of Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin, and while he broke franchise records for passing yards and TDs, it did not result in a winning season and a play off football. So I guess I can understand why Schiano has been reluctant to put his weight behind Freeman because last season he still did not take a big enough step forwards. Personally I just don't see the shift from Freeman to Glennon at this point in the season resulting in the Buccaneers becoming a play off team. If anything I see the shift only hindering them in their ability to win games, because despite having talent, Glennon is still a raw prospect that needs a lot of work if he is going to have the touch and mentality to succeed in the NFL. Now I might be wrong about Glennon, and he might step in and do a better job and turn around the Buccaneers season, but personally I think the Buccaneers have a better chance to win with Freeman than Glennon. I guess credit to Schiano for taking a risk on him, but I think this one will back fire. 

#2390845 Are Cam and Rivera adjoined at the hip?

Posted by Mike on 21 September 2013 - 05:08 PM

I think that Cam will be dealt if he cannot become the pocket passer Gettlemen wants-and that could be a mistake.  I think you could be 100% correct, but I also think, in the wrong system, giving Cam $120 million could be equally as tragic. 


For Cam to be great, he needs weapons, protection, and the option to run.  I am not sure Gettlemen sees football that way--he sees them multi-threat QBs as gimmicks.  I could be wrong, but we all have to piece it together.

Cam is not being handled right at the moment, if you ask me.  If Gettlemen bases a decision on a player with no protection, weapons, and coaching--dealing Cam could be the lowest point--like when the Steelers sent Unitas to Baltimore.  You remember that, don't you?  :)




Just going to throw this in here after seeing those other Cam Newton threads with quotes from Jerry Richardson saying that "Cam is the last quarterback I'll ever have"... 


If Jerry Richardson believes in Cam being this team's future, and it came to a point where David Gettleman wants to trade Cam away. Who would Jerry Richardson put his weight behind, the QB he believes is this team's future, or the general manager he has hired to build a contender?


I think it would be interesting to see who Jerry would back, because while Gettleman has done as good a job as he could to date, there are plenty of up and coming people that could get their chance as a GM in the next season or two. And while young QBs come along each year, QBs like Cam are come along once in a while. 

#2390804 Are Cam and Rivera adjoined at the hip?

Posted by Mike on 21 September 2013 - 04:22 PM

The only way this team gets rid of Cam Newton is in one of two scenarios: 


1. He doesn't sign a new contract. 


2. Some team this season or next off season offers a deal that is too good to turn down. For me, the deal the Redskins gave the Rams in order to draft RIII - i.e. 3 x first round picks and a second round pick - would be the least that Gettleman should get in return for a QB of Cam's ability. 


Personally, though, I can't see any new head coach wanting to get rid of Cam Newton as his QB. Cam has made a big impact on the league so far. He's thrown for over 8,000 yards, 43 TDs, and a 1,500 rushing yards and 22 TDs. I don't know many QBs that can account for 65 TDs over their first 34 games in the league except for Dan Marino. So personally I can't see any head coach or general manager wanting to get rid of a QB with the ability and sheer potential of Cam Newton. 


Cam might have his flaws, but when he gets a better supporting cast, and improves his all round game, then he could be the type of guy that could lead this team back to the Super Bowl [and hopefully this time win it!]. 


#2363233 Calm down...the rest of the NFCS is looking terrible in week 1

Posted by Mike on 08 September 2013 - 03:20 PM

You are right that the season isn't over, but as it stands the team is still failing to close out games and the offense has not yet clicked. The former has been a problem throughout Rivera's reign as our head coach. Plus, it doesn't matter how bad the other teams in the NFC south played, or how well they played, because ultimately it doesn't matter how they played because our team failed to get the job done. Granted it keeps us in the mix and shows that if this offense starts to click and the team can start closing out games, then we might be in the position to have a very good season. But as you know, that's a lot of what ifs. 


That said, while I am not happy that we have lost, I still have faith that we'll have a good season. 

#2320346 Jake Delhomme: "I will never go to a Saints game."

Posted by Mike on 11 August 2013 - 05:10 PM

He was a good QB for us. Not great, but certainly good for the most part. Hopefully he retires a Panther like Kasay did, it would be a nice touch.

The interview was a good read.

#2274960 NFC SOUTH

Posted by Mike on 02 July 2013 - 04:52 AM

You could say that perhaps recently the division is one of the best but none of the teams has a winning record. What are their records since realignment in 2002?

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons: 100-75-1 (regular season), 3-6 (play offs) - 3* division titles

Carolina Panthers: 86-90 (regular season), 5-4 (play offs) - 2* division titles, 1* nfc title

New Orleans Saints: 97-79 (regular season), 5-3 (play offs) - 3* division titles, 1* nfc title, 1* super bowl

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 81-95 (regular season), 3-2 (play offs) - 3* division titles, 1* nfc title, 1* super bowl

#2243473 Gettlemen continues to get criticism for not bringing in a WR

Posted by Mike on 27 May 2013 - 03:20 PM

I was reading a Rivera interview regarding the drafting of Short and to paraphrase the reason they drafted him was they had him graded as a first round talent so it was BPA. Going forward can we afford to do that with the urgency to replace Gross and Smitty? 


Adding a number 1 WR is a daunting task coupled with LaFell will never be that guy.....there are just not that many out there in the draft and to get one in FA is very costly.My guess is that it will be fish or cut bait with some of these guys on the roster this year. Sometimes you have to throw allot of sh$t on the wall before something sticks which the Giants and others have done quite well.


.My guess a Hakeem Nicks prototype is what we will be looking for. My hope is that Rivera will give Gettis  that opportunity and he can seize it.I think this debate over who and when we will get another starting WR is valid which is the reason I originally posted it. As for this past draft I agree with the pick of Star at 14 though I doubt   he will have the 1st round impact as we have enjoyed with Cam and Luke.


For me last season was all about strengthening our D-Line. As things stand our D-Line and line backing core have the potential to become one of the most dominant in the league. Our secondary may need to be addressed at a later date, but so far I think Gettleman's approach has been to build a defense that can become an elite unit. Having an elite defense will help our offense. So I think year one Gettleman wanted to sure up our D-Line, and going forwards I think he will address the other positions, and the reason he did not in this year's draft was because there was not a clear cut prospect at left tackle or wide receiver at our respective draft positions. 


You mention a tackle, but I don't remember a prospect within our draft picks that would have been a good pick. The only potential one was David Bakhtiari who went one pick after Kugbila, but he doesn't have ideal size to play left tackle and seems better suited to right tackle. The only way we could have secured Gross' long term replacement would have been to trade up to third overall to make sure we could draft Lane Johnson. But I don't feel that would have been an ideal scenario. Personally I think the left tackle position was not a position of need in the 2013 draft, and it might not be in 2014 if Gross remains on the roster. If he leaves, then we have next year's draft to find his replacement, or we could pursue Eugene Monroe or Branden Albert if the Jags and Chiefs do not re-sign them.  


As for a wide receiver. I think that will be on the shopping list for next year's draft, but last year there was not really a legitimate target at our respective draft positions. An argument could be made for us to have traded down in order to secure extra picks, and in turn that would have allowed us to draft Patterson in the late first, and still get Short in the second and grab Jesse Williams later on. In that scenario we would have a receiver and two defensive tackles. So that might have been an appealing option, but as things stand having Star and Short, two of the best defensive tackle prospects in the entire draft, more than make up for us not having traded back to get a receiver as well. That being said, I think that a receiver will be on the shopping list for next season, whether it be in the draft or free agency. 


That being said, I can see your point about the urgency to find replacements for Gross and Smitty, but equally there was urgency over our DTs. If we hadn't drafted Star and Short, we would have been left with Edwards, Fua, Colins and Chandler. Going into a season with those options would not have been ideal, and to be honest, I think we would have been weaker if we had drafted a tackle and a receiver instead of Star and Short. For me, our receiving core and tackle positions are more than good enough to be competitive, but our D-Line needed to be prioritised in this year's draft. So I don't think Gettleman ignored the fact that we need to address Gross and Smitty's replacements, instead he decided to prioritise other players in positions that were needed more. Granted we could have got a receiver or tackle after having taken Star and Short, but to be honest, I think this year's draft was not the year to address Gross and Smitty's replacements. For me, next year will be that time. 

#2242825 Cody Zeller bandwagon

Posted by Mike on 26 May 2013 - 09:30 AM

Zeller is a decent big man prospect and if Cho and co are sold on Zeller as our future big man at the PF or C position, then taking him fourth overall should not be a major issue. Granted at four Zeller might be a reach (the highest I've seen him mocked is seven to the Kings), but if we re-sign Henderson then our likely pick would be PF or C, and Zeller is one of the better big man prospects with a decent ceiling. So he could be a viable selection. He's got the ability and the size to make an instant contribution at PF or C. I guess the alternatives to taking him at four would be Bennett (though he is perhaps a bit undersized to play full time at PF) or Len, but of those guys I think I prefer taking Zeller if we re-sign Henderson. 

#2228925 If you were Gettlemen

Posted by Mike on 12 May 2013 - 06:17 AM

My problem is not bringing him back but not for 5 million when you could bring in another for 1.5 million at tops.That leaves 3.5 million that could get you a starter at DB or OL.I would have to let him go.The question is would you rather have DWill or Woodson and a rb that you could pick up for 1.5 million ?

Just to clarify. If Stewart is healthy then it might make sense to cut or trade D-Will in order to free up cap space, regardless of what it is used for (eg. Hardy extension, free agent additions etc). So I agree with you on that, but if there are question marks over Stewart, then I think keeping D-Will gives us a legit starting running back. It also gives the team the opportunity to move Stewart if they feel that is the better scenario.

1.5 million can land us a good enough back like Blount, or perhaps a Felix Jones (?) type. But if Stewart is healthy and is our guy going forwards and we cut D-Will, then personally I'd rather we promote Barner and Poole than sign another back.

#2194812 Panthers were targetting Russell Wilson last year

Posted by Mike on 14 April 2013 - 04:30 PM

Never said it would have been, just took exception to all the huggers saying no way Wilson would have had a chance here.

At least Carroll, after having spent a boat load of cash on a FA QB, had a "best guy wins the job" competition. Most huggers here would never allow such. I don't put any guy over the team.

I think our situation is different to the Seahawks. They brought in a QB that put in one great performance, and had never won a battle to become a starting QB in the NFL or college (he was given the role in his fifth year after JaMarcus Russell Left, and at the Raiders he's all but been given the job). But we had a QB that broke records as a rookie. I don't know why any team would have a legit 'best guy wins the job' competition when you have a record breaking rookie ex-number #1 pick on the roster. I can see why the Seahawks had it when Flynn is unproven as a starter, but with us Cam is set as our starter for years to come.

That said I do agree with you that no one guy is more important than the team, but Cam isn't the problem imo, he just needs more help.

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