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  1. Actually with this staff… I wouldn’t put it past them to do another all Defense Draft! Who needs to score points if we can just control the game with our Defense!?!? ugggg!
  2. I think Rhule’s master plan is just tell lies long enough and hopefully people will start to believe. I’ve never hated a HC before… Rhule is a first for me! I’ve disliked decisions HC’s have made, disappointed in their ability to win, or disagreed with their approach. Rhule, I just hate everything about the man!
  3. I was thinking the same nightmare! With this Clown a RB is not off the table.
  4. It’s like Fhule thinks “Sam” is “Cam” but in reality “Cam” is not “Sam” 1 is not like the other!
  5. Do you blame him, heck that O-line got him see ghosts lol
  6. They talked about the “process” & 2022 season…. Uggg
  7. Funny thing is I’m out in Seattle and the Carolina Panthers game is actually being broadcasted on local channel.
  8. When I saw the title… my first thought was we must have given away future draft picks, b/c that’s just what we do now!
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