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  1. I’m actually glad she’s taking the time to learn. Do I think she’s making decisions? No, but maybe one day she will and that would be from putting the time in to educate herself. I think of it this way: 1. I would rather the wife be learning about the team and how to run the organization from ground level up. She will be more likely to speak up to her husband when he’s doing too much or too little. Good thing! 2. I hope she becomes engrossed in the Carolinas and the Panthers so much that it becomes her home and favorite daily activity. This keeps the team from moving or if he was to pass, she knows how to keep an organization running. I actually have more faith in her than him. She got to where she’s at with more than a pretty face. I would bet she’s not some dumb woman most on this board want to make her out to be.
  2. As a person that has done analytical work and risk analysis for 25+ years… I wish I could help my team I’ve pulled for since 1995, my Carolina Panthers get this figured out. Carolina Panthers, bring me in with a few of my staff. I’ve already worked with an NBA team. That particular team picked the coach my team had the best grade on. Note: it’s worked out for them.
  3. David Tepper would make a good Penguin villain.
  4. Imagine if one day she takes over and after putting in the work to learn… turns this around. One could hope.
  5. 100% agree, both have no clue at all. Heck, maybe she is trying to learn so she can help her husband.
  6. Difference is Nicole “knows” things. She knows the ball goes that way some of the time and that way other times. She is great at knowing stuff. Remember if she wasn’t married to that one guy, she would probably be the person most teams would hire to fix their teams.
  7. Step right up, come on in folks. The circus is about to begin again. I’m for giving Nicole a chance at play calling or head coaching duties!?!? Heck she just might have blind dumb luck at it. Let’s go all in on this clown show.
  8. This is a get right game. As in get right back to the locker room after another losing effort. 28-9 Bears over Panthers
  9. How do we not know? Big time prime time game with a national audience. It always equals a BLOWOUT! Maybe we get a fluke TD or 2 FGs. But those come on garbage time. Panthers lose huge.
  10. Yep that’s about right… end on a sack. SMH
  11. This is such a Panthers type game. Highs and lows all day long.
  12. Dude! Just relax & get on with life. I’m not sure which is worse, this season or your posts. You are welcome.
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