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  1. Maybe the title of this post should be changed too... it seems “click bait” now lol
  2. WoW! Well at least you know what you got.... he’ll either be GREAT or a Mess!
  3. Was it Marty that wanted Teddy? Please find a way to send Teddy to the WTF’s.
  4. Honestly, it would be great to get him. I just think other QB needy teams are better placed to give the Texans what the want plus more than we can. But you never know what will happen.
  5. I don’t understand how anyone could dislike this pick.
  6. The one thing that gets me.... Are all these QB’s really that good or is it that so many teams are needing a QB that some of these “can’t miss/next HOF QB’s” are way over inflated hype?
  7. Any news on this Oregon kid Brown Jr! He looks pretty good in this game... I know one game small sample, however he was a starter for 3 years at BC right? Looks to have strong arm, accurate throws and can run too... Late round draft magic?
  8. I always love these “Huddle Meltdowns” over nothing really.... it’s not like they signed him... plus I’m encouraged they are looking at ALL available talent. Maybe he’s not a fit here, maybe he is? If he was brought in and was able to snag a spot from anyone on our current QB roster, that tells us what the current talent level is. Extremely cheap, no harm, no risk, and kick him out if he doesn’t want to conform to the high standards.
  9. The thing about “tanking” to me is.... every player on the roster is not wanting to lose their job. Each has individual reasons to play well. If on tape a player is giving half effort they lose their current job and it effects their next signing. This aspect to me gets over looked when everyone says “Tank” for a draft pick.
  10. For his sake I hope so... he would deserve it! I’m just saying some years a QB takes off in the sports world falls in love with them. You never know what might happen next year... that being said, If he plays like this year again then he should be taken #1 overall.
  11. I’m a UNC fan but I’m not sold he will be the overall #1 pick.... Heck there might be a 1 year wonder that hits big after transferring from a junior college to a major team. Plus next year you never know what the “Hot” QB will be by the end of the year.
  12. I think the idea is get talented rookies this year and let Teddy sink the ship one more season.
  13. Wouldn’t it be amazing to load up on talent this year and get that QB next year?
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