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Time to put something on Cam

06 October 2013 - 06:11 PM

Its time to stop blaming everyone but Cam Newton. Yes Cardinals had 6 sacks and a safety, but how many times did he run today?!?!?! 4 times!! I understand the health of your quarterback argument. It's ridiculous tho that cam newton stood in repo met for as long as he was with out getting out of the pocket. Bring back some read option. Get am newton out of the ok the obviously not a pocket quarterback.

At some point nobody else can take the blame. It's now on Cam! Get out of the fuging pocket your receivers aren't getting open your line is not blocking so get out of the pocket and become a damn play maker.

If Hopkins make it to the second round trade up!

25 April 2013 - 02:32 PM

I've been seing a lot of mocks today where Hopkins have fell out of the 1st round. If he does do you guys think we should trade up for him. I don't want to trade up 10 picks or something crazy, but if he gets within 2-3 picks I say pull the trigger. I wanted Janoris Jenkins last year in the first round, the guy fell all the way to the pick before us and the Rams took him.

If this happens again I may kill some one. It wouldn't take much to move up. trade our #44 (2nd round pick) and maybe our 5th.

Hopkins is the best receiver in this draft and is well worth it. Imagine Star/Vaccaro, then you get Hopkins.

I still say draft him in the first, but if he did fall to the second would you pull the trigger?

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