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In Topic: Top 4 reasons for current losing streak

Today, 04:53 PM



1) OL is just God freaking awful. On run locking and pass blocking. 


Solution - Go to a quick 3 step drop passing attack with mostly short routes. Even the crappiest of OLmen can cover for 3 seconds (generally). 


2) Defense - This is largely attributed to the DL. They are getting man handled at the point of attack. Also been an issue with gap assignment. Even Luke has been losing gap control / assignment. This is in turn affecting the secondary (especially the S's). Our DB's are simply not good enough to cover for any significant amount of time.


Solution - Start Short. Go over the basics of gap control. Light a fire under their a$$. I think the D will get things turned around. If we have another 2 games of this then I will go from this is a blimp to this is the norm. At present I will give the D and RR the benefit of the doubt.


3) O Playcalling / Shula - He is not adapting to the circumstances. Still continues to run the ball right up the gut. Still has way to many long developing routes. Still not enough check downs for Cam.


Solution - He needs to completely re-tool his offensive philosophy to better suit are weakness and advantages. Of which I highlighted earlier. 


4) Injuries / Suspensions / Players MIA - Guys like Davis,DW, and Cam need to get healthy. Hardy needs to come back from suspension. CJ needs to show up in a bloody game. He has went completely ghost. 


Solution - Fug IDK


The biggest issue with the OL is chemistry and the constant rotation at RG. We need to start Turner and keep him in unless he needs a breather.  IMO Chicago game is where the OL & DL turns the season around. 

In Topic: Time To Focus Our Attention On Da Bears

Today, 09:57 AM

No pass rush + trying to cover Marshall, Jeffery , Bennett.....and Forte out of the backfield?

Bears have best WR duo in the league paired with one the most well rounded RBs. Tough task for a struggling D


Not really, if the defense stops the run like last year they will control the game. 


The Offense can put up drives, but the redzone play calling is killing us along with stupid mental mistakes. This O can put up points and Chicago's D is about same as Detroit. 



Panthers 31 - Bears 17

In Topic: A big play offense (minus the big plays)

Today, 09:48 AM

Heard Troy Aikman while he was calling another game last week refer to that team's offense as "a big play offense with no big plays". 


Couldn't help but think "Man, that's pretty much us too" :(


The Panthers do indeed run a 'big play' offense; specifically, a Coryell offense.  For those who have heard that term thrown around here but aren't sure what it means, here's a basic primer:


The Coryell Offense (sometimes called Air Coryell) is based on vertical, downfield passing supplemented by a strong running game. The idea is to have a multidimensional attack so that the opposing defense can't concentrate on simply stopping one thing or covering one area of the field.  It's considered a 'big play' offense, meaning that you might see three or four modest plays suddenly followed by a huge chuck down the field for a bunch of yards and maybe a score.


So what sorts of things do you need to make that kind of attack work?


- Deep threat receivers with great hands (helps a lot of they can block too)

- Solid pass catching tight ends and slot receivers to attack the middle

- A combination of power runningbacks and speed/pass catching backs

- An offensive line that's strong in both run and pass blocking

- A quarterback that can air it out and makes good decisions


So looking at that little grocery list, tell me what we have and what we lack.


Which of these aspects are we most set at, and which just aren't there at all?



We have: TEs,  1 Deep treat, RB combo,semi- OL, and a GOAT QB. 

In Topic: Shula Has To Go Soon

Today, 09:46 AM

Shula is a yes man and is exactly who rivera and gm want right now. gman, rivera and sean are all defense guys.  this is a defense team, they dont want some big shot oc guy telling them what they need to do.



What? The teams identity has been the offense when Rivera started his tenure, the Defense only showed up last year. The real identity is to run the ball and stop the run. 

In Topic: Thread on Oline lineups

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

I see a lot people throwing out ideas


I didnt know Amini was a tackle in college and I don't recall us given him a shot at T here. Bell feet move too slow to be a tackle and seem to be doing worse on the left than the right. I mean the first play he let Cam get hit. Any chance he and Amini could switch? Im sure Chandler last year was a guard, not a T


Honestly, just now I realized we got a lot of undrafted offensive linemen 



No, he is little bit too tall for guard and would probably get out leveraged by DT's. The OL is lacking chemistry issue more than anything. Amini was holding off Star on his own in training camp its matter of time before things start clicking for the OL.


I bet by end of the season Amini-Kalil-Turner are going to be strength of the OL. 

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