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Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Also, Jennings might want to still be a no. 1 and he clearly will not be that here. Don't want an unhappy WR.


Too many Huddlers overthink themselves , I pity the fool !


They just didn't see eye to eye on 2 most probable issue dealing with FA



amount $$$  and # of yrs on the contract. 

In Topic: Which spots on our roster will benefit most from BPA.

Yesterday, 01:58 PM

With our holes seemingly having been addressed in FA, what position do you think we benefit most from BPA (assuming we are able to get solid players)?


1.RB- Stew's contract and health is always a concern

2.DE- Looking to replace CJ for cheap?

3.SS- Harper is slow

4.LB- Klein I doubt has lived up to expectations/TD replacement



If we can get solid contributors at these positions, we should field a formidable team next year.


I think you got your priority in the wrong orders.


2nd most important position in football  is the LT/RT which is in far worse situation those mentioned above, we cannot neglect this forever. We already had a top 10 defense for 2 yr and we can't still get over the hump primarily due to the stagnant offense. 

In Topic: Which spots on our roster will benefit most from BPA.

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Have to disagree with you there. There's a lot of uncertainty this year with the OT's.


Most uncertainty is technique , which is coachable , also the Top LBs, DE's and CB's worth the value will be taken before our pick but the OT's will be there. Even if they don't start at LT they will be immediate day one starters at RT which is  a vital position in the run game which seems to panther's identity to compliment a top defense right?  


Check out the link for grading on NFL combine with  6.0 being a Instant starter.




Everyone else: Please stop spreading false rumors about OT's there is talent in the 1st round that should make immediate impacts on multiple levels from the run game to a clean pocket for AceBoogie!

In Topic: Which spots on our roster will benefit most from BPA.

Yesterday, 08:37 AM

I would have to agree with DE and RB but since the draft is deep with WR and CB I would have to rank them higher than safety and LB but there could be some good LB at 25 like Dawson and Thompson. I wouldn't say OT because the best would probably be gone. Any tackle left when we pick probably wouldn't be BPA.


Wrong there are 6 1st round grade OT's that  would be BPA  over LB, DE , or CB  that would fall to us also.

In Topic: A Matthias Mock

Yesterday, 06:51 AM

Looks good to me. However, it's looking more and more obvious that Gettleman is trying to avoid taking an OT in the first.

Please explain? Just because he brought 2 OTs means nothing just like how he brought in DBs and WR.Its just to put us in best position during the draft and competition for the best 52 man roster