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In Topic: Schefter Tweet

14 November 2014 - 08:16 PM

ok, what you just said was so garbbled that I struggled to bring from it anything relevant other then the fact that you don't know NE's starting line for 2005. Yes, that matters. Not 2006. Because, at that time they had two UDFA's on the line and an awful Nick Kaczur at LT.

But, yeah, about your UDFA comment, this is the 2005 lineup:

LT - Kaczur - 3rd round
LG - Mankins - 1st round
OC Koppen -5th round
RG - Neal - UDFA
LT - Ashworth - UDFA

There are some other god awful lines in this league and there have been equally awful lines in the last 10 years. Miami for a number of years, Buffalo, St Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota,

So, look at the information and we'll just disagree. This comment is tiresome and it is not going anywhere. The Panthers have a shitty OL but that does not excuse the fact that nothing is getting done on offense. It is in Cam Newtons hands and he is failing.

Nothing is ever Newton's fault on this board. Like that other guy said, people want to break the bank on a rapidly deteriorating QB with no pocket passing ability.

In Topic: The Minimum Wage Debate

09 November 2014 - 08:48 PM

now its the poors fault that the economy isn't recovering like it should

Thanks King for reminding us that we really need to get into a race to the bottom. Only by imitating the practices of a Communist country do we stand a chance.

You dim witted moron we can only work with the economy we have, and that means getting more money into circulation. That mean spending. Poorer people will spend a larger percentage of their income on goods and services, which means more jobs. This idea that paying people a living wage will lead to some kind of economic disaster is just not borne out by actual facts.

Since most of us don't even get into the moral issues of paying people enough so they can live without government assistance, and are just arguing that the minimum wage reflect the actual economic state of the nation and doing so relying on history, economic facts, etc. the only reason I can see people don't want to raise it to simply get it in line with the economy again is because they are selfish or just have the continued delusion that just letting the rich get richer gets things working better, despite DECADES of proof that this will never, ever, happen.

China is fascist, not communist. That country would be in utter shambles if it was still communist (see: Russia).

You can't work with the economy you have because the economy you have is broken. It was run into the ground by the Marxist feminist leaders that Americans gobbled up like cum off the back of your mother's hand. An economy built on services will fail. Stuffing it with more socialist "everyone deserves a living wage" horse poo only hastens the plummeting.

The fact that so many grown men think otherwise is going to lead to some European-style rioting followed by more bureaucracy, more regulation, more taxes, and more outsourcing.

In Topic: The Minimum Wage Debate

09 November 2014 - 06:30 PM

Oh, good, another opportunity for the leftist fug-around to champion detrimental wage increases because they continue to struggle to fathom why a country like the U.S. has stopped recovering from its recessions.

No matter how hard you fugers cry, you can't make China raise its minimum wage. This country will not recover unless manufacturing recovers, and manufacturers know better than to build their businesses in the U.S.

In Topic: Brittany Maynard takes her own life

08 November 2014 - 09:52 AM

What a *****.

In Topic: It's been a slow week, racism thread due

21 March 2014 - 09:00 AM

a society in which autists such as himself have the divine right to rule as king




I literally stuck up for liberals in that last post, you mouth-breathing Trotskyist.


Go back to listening to Alice in Chains and quietly brooding on the suffering in the world instead of pretending you're the Carolina Huddle's George Bernard Shaw, you raging pussy.

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