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In Topic: Teams that got blown out in Preseason Game 3 and still did great

Yesterday, 10:45 PM

So preseason means nothing right? Thanks....

In Topic: rivera - newton will play vs pitt

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

It is bad. He missed throws when it counted, both to Olsen that would have set us up in good field position. Instead, he overthrew both of them. Also, we generated 0 points with Cam at the helm. That isn't good. I'm sure he will get his ryhthm back, but for this game, he was eh.


Missing 4 throws in a preseason game isnt nothing to be worried about. He's only had 17 pass attempts this preseason. Of course he will be rusty and make errant throws but what QB dosent coming off of surgery? Not worried one bit, and neither should you.

In Topic: rivera - newton will play vs pitt

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

In three quarters? That's bad!


Well granted Cam is always around 20-25 pass attempts a game, and the fact that he only played one series in the 3rd quarter (I think)....its not bad at all. We ran a lot too, so theres that........

In Topic: rivera - newton will play vs pitt

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

He needs it. He does not look at all ready for game day.



Yeah he needs work on timing, but 8-12 w/ 88 yards. I will take that all day

In Topic: xrays on newton negative...

Yesterday, 10:24 PM

Was this ever in question? Of course the x-ray was negative...he didnt fracture anything.

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