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In Topic: For those who are interested, here is where Cam first hurt his left ankle

25 March 2014 - 01:12 PM



Go to 2:29:02 (near the end of the game).  Cam runs toward right end, gets tackled, and his left ankle gets stepped on by 330 lb. Marcell Dareus.


That was one of only two times (the other being in the BCSCG when he took a helmet to the lower back) where I saw Cam actually react in pain in a game.  Considering the number of hits he takes, he's pretty darned durable.


I had forgotten all about that play until Rivera mentioned that this injury went all the way back to his playing days at Auburn.  I'd sure hate to get my ankle stepped on by Marcell Dareus.   :startle:


I watched the whole game, it that doesn't scratch your football itch, what will?

In Topic: Steve getting cut tuesday, had dinner with JR

11 March 2014 - 07:11 AM

What if Steve is being cut to bring in Talib? 


not that much ice in charlotte

In Topic: Steve getting cut tuesday, had dinner with JR

11 March 2014 - 07:08 AM

It's the NFL obviously, and all players making that kind of bank aren't entitled to say they "suffered" through anything for the most part professionally speaking, but as relative to his well-compensated peers, he has played on some devastatingly bad teams that others wouldn't have. The malcontents of the league would have held out, demanded a trade, demanded a quarterback worth a damn, etc. Steve never quit on this team even when a LOT of fans were on the fence about it. He always wanted to be here when things finally turned the corner and it's devastating to see us so close and for him to not be a part of it.


WR are notoriously "me first" players. Some say they have to be in order to get the touches they need. But in a time where it was entirely acceptable for players on bad teams to beg off and go elsewhere, that was never Steve. It's just sad to see that loyalty rewarded at this late stage of his career with this kind of nonsense. Especially when it's obvious to anyone that he's not DONE done. The player we sign with the money that comes open needs to come in here with respect for the player they're "replacing", as if that could be done.


If the Panthers don't win it all next season, I hope Steve Smith is on the team that does. And I will be jumping up and down cheering for him. I don't care what team it is.... but ideally not an NFC South rival.

I think he was planning to exit after the Jimmy Clausen year when Richardson was preparing for player's strike. I didn't blame him, that was the worse year ever. But the addition of Cam changed his mind.

In Topic: Steve getting cut tuesday, had dinner with JR

11 March 2014 - 06:54 AM

WoW some of you are completely stupid. My team comes 1st! Before ANY one player. Sure it would be great to have #89 forever but if the team needs to move on to get better then I'm in 100%. I will miss him but that is football. Get control of youselves people it is not the end of the world!!


what is that mushroom cloud I see then?

In Topic: Steve getting cut tuesday, had dinner with JR

11 March 2014 - 06:31 AM

I honestly hope he goes to Tampa and he stomps us twice a year.


Uh, can't go that far, but I will say if that happens I would feel some satisfaction.

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