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In Topic: Washington Post ranks Panthers #1 of all 32 NFL teams

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

ok there is an explanation to some of the whackiness



If they didn't read/comprehend the explanation at the link, they're not gonna do it here either.

In Topic: Voth talks to Kalil about Hardy, Gantt comments

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

It makes sense.  I mean, it's unfathomably stupid that our team is being put in a position where we have jockey media storylines against one another in hopes of avoiding a pitchfork-wielding mob of angry peasants.  Sure would be nice if some supposed "sports" journalists covering a football team would...I don't know...talk about the football played by that team?  I know, I know.  I have crazy dreams.

In Topic: Looking Ahead: Panthers @ Bengals Week 6

15 September 2014 - 03:29 PM

I know OP has already caught tons of flak for calling it a potential super bowl matchup, but I'm here to beat the dead horse.  It doesn't matter how legit the Bengals look in the regular season.  Until they win a game in the playoffs, I won't believe.  Not a chance they're in the superbowl.

In Topic: Hardy yesterday

15 September 2014 - 10:46 AM

You seem to forget that Hardy was convicted ... his appeal notwithstanding.



But his appeal IS withstanding.  That's a really important point.  A bench trial is hardly an affordment of the due process of law.  It's actually a rather disgusting perversion of it that gives far too much power to single individuals that have their own interests.

In Topic: Dear NFL Rookies - Don't trash talk Luke Kuechly

15 September 2014 - 08:24 AM

Ebron has the tools to be one of the best TEs in the NFL. I can promise you Ebron was running his mouth yesterday.


Now, with that being said, I am a UNC fan but Ebron has always struck me a bit of a jerky athlete. I don't know the guy at all and for all I know he may donate hours and money to charity, but just from what I saw at UNC....he def seems like he loses focus and has that entitled, everyone thinks I'm a superstar attitude. He is notorious for trolling and baiting NC State losers on twitter and I believe he was the one who was stomping/dancing on NCSU's logo after we beat them last year.Fedora about had a stroke when he saw that. A rookie TE poo talking arguably the best defensive player in the game during a losing effort absolutely shows immaturity. 


I'm a State fan, but I always try to let my bias go when it comes to individual players. Giovani Bernard, for instance...as much as I hate him for that game-winning punt return, he has been nothing but a class act and a damn good RB. But I agree that Ebron has always given me that same vibe.  I don't remember if it was him dancing on our logo, but I think you're right that it was.

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