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#2502325 Not one Patriot fan came back?

Posted by Smokey2569 on 20 November 2013 - 10:13 PM


Yeah!!!! I sure do miss those Patriot fans but at least we have their pictures. :)

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I see you found my families' 2009 Christmas card online. The internet...no privacy in this world anymore!!

#2502143 Not one Patriot fan came back?

Posted by Smokey2569 on 20 November 2013 - 08:07 PM

 I guess you have forgotten what's like to have a losing team. I hope the Panthers and Panther fans never forget what the last 5 years have been like.


No, I totally get it. I think its pretty cool that your fans were excited for a win like that. Goes to show that true fans can really appreciate a big win like that. Congrats again on the big win. I hope you guys can carry it into and through the playoffs.


Thats why there a big ol smile on my face. . and Im not your gay partner no matter how much you wish I am, but thanks, Im flattered.



You should look up what "projection" means in psychological terms. You will find it very interesting. The more you say "u mad" the more pissed I know you are. :P Every time you say it, you are revealing your fragile and weak mental state.


Ahh...A gay joke. Classy. True class indeed. You should be proud of your limited intellect. Bravo sir...bravo.

#2501694 Not one Patriot fan came back?

Posted by Smokey2569 on 20 November 2013 - 03:03 PM

The reality is this was a much bigger game for the Panthers and Panther fans than the Pats and their fans, because this is a team that has struggled so much lately that this win streak, in prime time, against one of the best teams of the last decade, meant a lot.


As to acting like the Panthers just won the Superbowl, I don't think so... If you think that was a lot of celebrating wait until we beat you again in February. ;)


Was a fun game, great to watch.


Well played man...well played. It would be fun to see a SB between the Pats and Panthers. I welcome that challenge!


I can see how you guys would be excited over a win like that. I appreciate the fan base that feels that way. They realize what a good game that was, and what a good matchup it was and to win like that means a lot. The people around me that I talked to were feeling the same way through most of the game.


I wish you guys the best the rest of the season!

#2501402 Not one Patriot fan came back?

Posted by Smokey2569 on 20 November 2013 - 01:05 PM

You can quote me if you want, but if youre too scared to acknowledge your own fears I understand. Its common among spineless Pats fans. It starts with your coach and extends to all of your classless players as well as your uninformed fans. Yes,. . . lol Yes we know the better team did win in fact didnt they? You didnt have cheats this time, although you tried to injure two of our best players intentionally. . . and mostly failed.



Saying nice things after you get your ass kicked doesnt undo YEARS of cheating. You dont get to walk up to someone and go "hey sorry I stole from you. Is it ok now?"   LoL no, its not ok.


Im not sure what youre smoking. If Brady gets himself another ring without cheats then come back and talk about HoF. . until then byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Someone is a little angry...jeez. I think class is congratulating the other team when they win and acknowledging when the better team wins. In this case, I am congratulating the other team's fans for their team being the better team.


Not quite sure that this win would qualify as an "ass kicking" either. Seemed to come down to the last drive, and the last play, which would not make it an "ass kicking".


There is such a thing as a sore winner...stop acting like one.


Congrats again Panthers Fans. Most of you that I ran into, spoke with in my seats and tailgated with were great people and welcoming into your city and stadium. All in all, it was a good place to see the game.

#2501323 Not one Patriot fan came back?

Posted by Smokey2569 on 20 November 2013 - 12:34 PM


stop being reasonable, you're making it hard to poo on pats fans. ;)




brady is definitely HoF bound.


spygate is irrelevant to that iMO.



Glad you are at least being reasonable, and not like that other guy on here that thinks Brady will not be in the HoF...I wonder what he is smoking...


Anyway, I was traveling back yesterday so couldn't post my congratulations. It was a good game, and the better team won. You hate to see a game end on a play like that, but what can you do? The Pats should have never been in that situation anyway, but they got beat on several occasions and didn't deserve that win anyway. Once they gave up that first down on the Newton scramble late in the game, it was all over.


Good game Carolina people. It was fun for sure, and really one of the best games of the week. My only question is, was it just me that felt like the fans were acting as if the Panthers just won the SB?


Great game, and the better team won. I can admit it...those that can't aren't true Pats fans.

#2489594 New England week

Posted by Smokey2569 on 16 November 2013 - 01:59 PM


Yep...I am pretty sure she can clean my corn hole any day of the week...

#2486741 New England week

Posted by Smokey2569 on 14 November 2013 - 11:37 AM

I must say that I truly enjoyed reading this rah rah bulletin board piece and it did give me a few chuckles. But where I really started to laugh hard was when I finished reading and realized how painful it must be to live in a city that has yet to win a Professional sporting championship. Oh, sorry…I forgot about those Carolina Hurricanes (Raleigh is in NC, right?). My bad. I forgot how all you fair weather fans came out for those games to cheer on a team that was given to you from the North. Typical, right? Us damn Yankees up here always having to give stuff to the South. So I feel your pain. Plus it must sting even worse when your football team gets all the way to the big dance, yet loses again to the North. Ouch…that’s a stinger…


But alas, you always have college basketball right? Who doesn’t enjoy cheering on a bunch of kids night after night only to see them lose to Kansas or Kentucky in the final round? But you have college football right? Oh, sorry…you don’t. You can always travel to South Carolina to see Clemson. But wait…you always have left turn to excite you every Sunday. Who doesn’t enjoy watching 43 cars go in circles for 4 hours? Sign me up!


I can assure you though that living in a city with teams that win is not all it’s cracked up to be. Those late nights watching your team in the playoffs makes for a real bad day at work the following day. Never mind the vacation days you have to burn in order to celebrate with millions of people on the streets of Boston as the duck boats drive by. I mean, who wants to deal with that curse every few years? It’s really torture. Trust me, you are better off living in a city that wins nothing. Gives you much more vacation time to head to the “lake” and party on your pontoon boats.


In closing, it does also sound horrible to have the highest paid supermodel in the world wiping your cornhole. I guess I would rather a sexy woman from the beautiful hills of Lexington to be next to me in bed while she licks vinegar and bbq off her stale cigarette smelling fingers. You are right I suppose. Who need Gisele when you have someone that looks like Honey Boo Boo’s mother? If wearing a pair of Uggs gets me Gisele, drape me in lambs wool from head to toe.


PS: Ben Affleck didn’t need to win an Oscar for Gigli…he already had one on the mantel for 6 years from Good Will Hunting. But if that wasn’t enough, he put another next to it last year. You guys have Ava Gardner though…she came close to taking a trophy home. Much like the Panthers did. But close isn’t quite first, is it?


And Steve Grogan is the QB that brought the Pats to their first SB. He lost unfortunately, but you guys know all about that, right?


Best of luck Monday night. May the best team win.


In case you forgot:

Boston Celtics - 17 World Championships

Boston Bruins – 6 Stanley Cups

Boston Red Sox – 8 World Series Titles

New England Patriots – 3 time Super Bowl Champions


7 Championships in 10 years.


North Carolina Championships – 1 Stanley Cup…impressive

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