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In Topic: Can we ever become a great team with Rivera at the helm

Today, 02:54 PM

My main concern is clock management. We have let precious seconds drift away in our 2 minute drills. The last couple of minutes in regulation of the Cincy game were terrible. We should have won that game before OT.

In Topic: Congtratz to Bersin for his 1st TD....

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

The guy has earned his spot for sure.

In Topic: Reported a lot of screaming and yelling in Bears locker room

Yesterday, 03:23 PM


In Topic: Still in 1st Place

Yesterday, 03:15 PM

poo is crazy.

In Topic: Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

Yesterday, 03:14 PM

I can't believe we are still on top haha. i'll take a first round playoff exit at this point.

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