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Biggest priority this offseason??

27 December 2009 - 07:32 PM

So I ask what does everyone here think should be the panthers biggest priority in the offseason (not including coach/FO positions)? I know that many decisions will depend on the coaching situation but i think the needs stay the same.

In my opinion it should go like this:

1. A viable option at the 2nd WR spot... I would love an Anquon Boldin or Vincent Jackson but lets be honest is that really going to happen? No... but all we need is viable not extraordinary we already have that in smitty. So my hope is maybe we can pick up a solid #2 in FA and possible pick up a steal in the draft somewhere at this position so our recieving corps would look like.... 1-smitty, 2-FA, 3-moose, 4-cheap FA pick up/Steal in Draft

2. QB (someone to compete w/Moore)... Don't get me wrong, I hope Moore is the future, I hope he is starting next season but their is nothing wrong with bringing in competition at the position and Delhomme is certainly not that.

3. DE (depending on the Peppers situation)... As stated this all depends on the Pepp situation so who the hell knows what we will need here.

Also, we need someone, somebody, anybody that can fckng return punts. One of the most frustrating things to watch on the team.

So thoughts?


21 December 2009 - 03:29 AM

This guy has to give the credit he deserves, 922yds(22nd in the NFL), 60catches, and 6tds in the situation he has been stuck in!!! and some people want this guy gone pffffffffff. To put up those numbers with one of the worst quarteback situations in the league this year and also the probably the worst supporting receiving corps in the nfl, I think deserves more credit than has been given to him. Surround him with 1-2 more guys with speed/descent route running ability and stability at QB and he has 2-4 more 1300 yd seasons in him, especially if we can bring in another guy to stretch the field and use smitty more in the slot (somewhat like welker is used). The guy is still a top 10 reciever in the league and will be that for probably 2 more years IMO. This team has the talent we just have to sure up a few spots (I think QB and reciever mainly). I am looking forward to this offseason, hopefully it will be an eventful one i.e. coaching/GM changes and FA acquisitions hopefully. We are not far away from being a contender again but the window i believe is the next 2 yrs, just my overly-optimistic opinion i guess.

Panthers Receiving Core

14 December 2009 - 01:00 AM

Watching the eagles/giants 2night it has re-occured to me how bad our recieving core is as a whole. Any NFL team contending for a playoff spot have 2-4 guys on the roster that can stretch the field deep and pick up YAC. How many do we have?..... ummm... 1. People are wondering why we cant move the ball on offense, I think it is pretty obvious. It is terrible QB play of course, but really who are they going to throw to? We have one explosive reciever capable of making great plays, then we have a 35-36 yr old possesion reciever and a 2nd round bust that couldnt beat a linebacker one on one. How in the hell does management let it get this bad. This team has a lot of holes to fill but this one has to be a priority this offseason. We have to bring in some speed at WR. Ohh yea and maybe a capable QB lol.

Run the Damn Ball!!!!!!

15 September 2009 - 12:50 AM

Line it up, pound the rock. We should have nearly a 2/1 run to pass ratio at the end of almost every game. We have a top 5 nfl back and two other backs that could start for most teams. We have a good run blocking o-line, and great backs this is our team. When we run the ball on 1st and 2nd and occasionally only pick up 2 or 3 yrds. , sure you will here a lot of boos but so what? Who cares? This is our only chance!!! THE RUNNING GAME........
Then, hit the big play to one of the best WR in the game #89.... go back to the simple stuff, let the run set up the pass, minimize QB turnovers no matter who it is. Do this for this year to give us a chance at a wild card, then get Fox, Delhomme, Hurney the hell out of here and start fresh but for this year this is what we have!

Is it an argument anymore????

02 February 2009 - 05:45 PM

A few weeks ago before the nightmare we called a playoff game against the cardinals, their were many smitty vs. fitzgerald discussions. I was one to come to smitty's defense and pretty much say i would take him over fitz but, now after that record-breaking postseason by fitz is it even a question anymore? Believe me I am a huge smitty fan aka smitty homer, but I cannot deny that fitz has now surpassed him in my mind. I believe he has set himself apart now as the best reciever in the league with andre johnson and smitty following along with some other guys. This is no knock against smitty he will still be in the discussion for the next 2 or 3 years so maybe he will prove otherwise, but for now I think you have to be crazy not to give fitz the nod. Pretty much a useless old argument but, just wanted to see what people think now a few weeks and huge fitz performances removed from the previous threads.

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