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Congrats from texans fan

20 December 2011 - 05:06 AM

I was at the game and the Panthers did us a favor by whupping up on us because on our message boards the stupid threads were growing...the TJ versus Schaub controversy n we are going to the superbowl etc. If we have to lose I don't mind losing to the Panthers since I'm a NC native and have always pulled for them but..lol. I'll make sure that I make a few of the Panthers home games next year and I try to catch them in New Orleans if if doesn't conflict with the Texans home game. Panthers on offense are fun to watch. They have a bright future with Newton who is a lot of fun to watch. Newton was smiling and laughing the whole game like he was playing a game..lol. You guys lost a lot of close games and with this being Riveras' first year that defense will be much improved and I look for the Panthers to return to the top very soon. Good luck the rest of the way.