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In Topic: Day 2, Round 2: Wait for a Hog Molly to fall to us or move up?

08 May 2014 - 11:32 PM

Gettelman is looking to restock the roster, if he trades up it will require giving up another pick and I do not think he would do that.

In Topic: How did we miss this little gem from Scott Fowler? / Top Dawg: Admit G-man fu...

16 March 2014 - 04:05 PM

After several days of reading people's post and reading the local reporter's offerings it appears that the general feeling is that the Panthers and Dave Gettelman in particular have screwed up by releasing Steve Smith. I felt the same way for a while but have changed my mind. I know it will be hard to replace Steve Smith in the locer room and in the huddle but I believe that is what the Panthers are looking to do. Everybody knows that Steve Smith is almost 35 yrs old and that is old for an NFL player and really old for a WR. On the other hand they have a QB that has three NFL seasons behind him and he is only 24 yrs old. The Panthers want Cam Newton to be the leader of their offense if not the whole team and not an old WR that is winding down his career. Steve Smith has a powerful personnality and a powerful persona and as long as he was on the team Cam Newton would never become the leader they want him to be. Cam would never step into the huddle in the final minute of a game and tell Smith to be quiet and let him tell everybody what they are going to do. Chances are that Smith would either want to fight or he would walk off the field. The people in the Panther's "head shed" felt like it was time for a change in leadership in the locker room and to do that the old leader had to go. They also decided that the "new guy", DG,  was going to be the one that do it and face the rath of the fans. With their cap and contract situation they also know that it is going to be hard to field a team that comes close to last year's team but they are going to try.


I'm curious to see how they plan to change the way they have worked with the cap in the past and how they plan to do better in the future and put better teams on the field consistantly. There are teams that are always one of the better teams in the league. They may have a one or two year down period but then have a ten to twelve year run where they are always in the play offs. The panthers are one of the teams that have a good play off team one year, lose the majority of their good young players to free agency and suffer for at least six or eight years just trying to have winning records. I don't know how the good teams do it and the Panthers can't but suposedly Gettelman knows the secret and only needs a couple of years to get the plan into opperation. I'm waiting to see it and I do not want to hear a bunch of excuses why it fails to happen. 

In Topic: What do we have.

09 December 2013 - 12:02 AM

You are right on the money! This looked like a John Fox coached game from five or six years ago.

In Topic: Same problem areas

08 December 2013 - 11:46 PM

Need a Tackle, CB and WR of starting caliber in the offseaon, whether draft or FA.


I think we need two of each one you mentioned.

In Topic: Speculation on JStew's injury by a doctor.

08 December 2013 - 11:27 PM

Add to draft day wish list, Running backs, DBs, OL and a couple of WR.



I was expecting the Panthers to lose tonight in the dome, especially after the way Seatle  kicked the Saint's ass last Monday but I didn't expect the Panthers to mail it in tonight. The Jets won today so they will be ready to play next Sunday in Charlotte.