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#2740208 The ACA will cost less than projected and cover 12 million uninsured this year

Posted by Delhommey on Yesterday, 04:18 PM

Our company has consistently denied doing any 401K matching for their own reasons, but every quarter someone asks about it.  


This past year someone asked about 401K yet again, but this time they said "Oh, well we can't offer it, mainly because OBAMACARE"


Well, that sat well with almost no one, so a few people did research. The additional cost from Obamacare (due to admin fees) was roughly $20 per employee per year. Yeah, that completely wrecked 401K matching.


Someone should start a tumblr of all the things companies are blaming Obamacare on.

#2739987 The Bundy Ranch

Posted by Delhommey on Yesterday, 12:27 PM

Notice how businesses and local governments have for decades used "eminent domain" to plow through minority neighborhoods in downtowns all over the US to put up Starbucks and the Gap and we've never seen Tea Party-like individuals make nary a peep?


Who's brainwashed here?

#2739973 Detroit Man Beaten While Helping 10-Year Old

Posted by Delhommey on Yesterday, 12:13 PM

Ooorrrr...we're keeping people in prison longer.  You know.  The graphic showing where we have a large % of people in the US in prison?  Maybe that's working?


That may hold true if I didn't have a fairly decent foundation in basic statistics and didn't understand that there are different incarceration rates within the US and around the world making this a relatively easy variable to isolate and show your statement passively made in the form of a question is absolutely BS.

#2739963 The Bundy Ranch

Posted by Delhommey on Yesterday, 12:01 PM

Like I have said, Hell hath no fury like old white men being treated like minorities.


Or let me use some of the Angry Old Guy arguments right back:



#2732785 Ed Dickson visiting the Panthers

Posted by Delhommey on 09 April 2014 - 01:06 PM

Nice if we can get him.

#2729972 The racial divide on paying players

Posted by Delhommey on 07 April 2014 - 12:56 PM

Love, love, love that idea.


But like you said, the top tier universities make so much money on the big 2, and are so influential, that it will never happen. Really a shame. So what's going to happen is the sports outside the big 2 at 90% of the colleges in the US are going to wither on the branch and die.


That's why the unionization may help scoot things along. These fat cats aren't going to change on their own.

#2729963 The racial divide on paying players

Posted by Delhommey on 07 April 2014 - 12:41 PM

The way college athletics departments are run today is shadier than the shadiest corporation. I was a journalist at UMD, and I honestly had an easier time getting information out of police departments than extracting the smallest amount of information from the AD's office. Unless you planned to write a fluff piece, they never even let you in the door. Meanwhile every single basketball player rode around campus on the exact same model of Vespa scooter. When I questioned the AD about it, they handed me some cock 'n bull story that they all got together and just decided to each get the same model scooter on their own.


So in no way would anyone argue that the ADs are getting victimized here. But for these players to complain that they should be getting paid for their personal efforts to get to be multi-million dollar athletes is laughable. They get free everything already, a free no-effort degree, plus if they get into a tournament, you should see the gift baskets these players get. iPods, head phones, gift certificates. Just shut up, play and just coast the way you've been doing.


No, who really suffers here are the actual "student athletes." When I was at Maryland, they cut like 4 sports from the athletics department. Women's soccer, field hockey, and a couple other sports got cut because the university was losing their shirt supporting basketball and football. They instead became intramural sports. Which meant they were basically after school activities, matches weren't official, and you had to pay to travel. So these poor kids, who weren't even on scholarship, worked their asses off practicing and earning REAL degrees, never complained or asked for favors, and just wanted to compete. But fug them, right? We should be paying these future pros because they're in the marketable sports and feel entitled to more than the princely gifts they receive anyway.


It's real simple: Create a legit minor league for the NFL and the NBA and stop having the NCAA be the defacto farm system. If, as an athlete  you want to go make a little money and get a head start on the big leagues, go there. If you want to get a cheap degree and have an outside chance of still making it in, go to College.


But with the University of Alabama pulling in $143 million last year, good luck with that.

#2725934 Main Reason for Americans' Relatively Poor Health? Inequality

Posted by Delhommey on 03 April 2014 - 01:48 PM

Inequality? How about lifestyle and responsibility? I have seen poor and rich buy cigarettes and alcohol while working at Sheetz when I was in college. It is your choice to live a lifestyle and you are responsible for the consequences. I know that sounds heartless, it is true. My sister was born over weight and struggled with weight, borderline obesity but she wanted change and did so. Now she is a personal trainer and role model to obese clients she takes on. You and only you can change, not to say that genetics can play a role but to use inequality is borderline retarded. For Christ sakes, my sister is about to graduate from college and makes decent as a personal trainer, some how she has the money to buy healthy options. O btw the government said she made to much to help her on groceries while in college and she struggles. Delhommey argument is this, it is the drug needle fault not you injecting yourself as the problem or it is fast food that is causing you be fat or the most ridiculous one you are poor that is why you are fat.


Exhibit A

#2725885 Main Reason for Americans' Relatively Poor Health? Inequality

Posted by Delhommey on 03 April 2014 - 01:11 PM

So we are going to get 6 pages of finger pointing and this party or that party is to blame and the same straw man arguments. Yet no solutions will be brought forth or people actually doing something about the issues.
Getting really tired of tinderbox rhetoric.

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There are plenty of solutions, but unfortunately America has been put to sleep by the myth that if you let large corporations do whatever they please, everyone will do better.


There are no solutions until everyone comes to the agreement on one point that should be obvious to everyone with eyes, ears, and a functioning brain: The current economic and governmental system creates and promotes inequality and that inequality is the cause of a large host of issues.


If you can't even agree that the problem exists, how can you hope to talk about solutions. And with our country filled with folks that believe that certain races are genetically/culturally incapable of success and that rich people are rich because of their abilities and not because they won the genetic lottery, yeah, people don't understand the problem.

#2725765 Main Reason for Americans' Relatively Poor Health? Inequality

Posted by Delhommey on 03 April 2014 - 11:34 AM


If the culprit of the decline in health is not health care, are individual health-related behaviors, often blamed for the high death rates in some groups, causing our low ranking in health? Apparently not. Americans smoke less than both men and women in the healthier countries, so tobacco, though important, is not a significant cause for our higher mortality. Diet and other similar individual behaviors prevalent in the United States also don’t account for our health disadvantage compared to other rich nations. When asked to identify solutions to our poor health status as a nation, many respond that we need more education. Many see education as the solution to a wide range of problems. But on average the U.S. population has more years of schooling than in any other country in the world. And while we spend a great deal of money on education, we don’t get much bang for those bucks.
There is growing evidence that the factor most responsible for the relatively poor health in the United States is the vast and rising inequality in wealth and income that we not only tolerate, but resist changing. Inequality is the central element, the upstream cause of the social disadvantage described in the IOM report. A political system that fosters inequality limits the attainment of health.


The claim that economic inequality is a major reason for our poor health requires that several standard criteria for claiming causality are satisfied: the results are confirmed by many different studies by different investigators over different time periods; there is a dose-response relationship, meaning more inequality leads to worse health; no other contending explanation is posited; and the relationship is biologically plausible, with likely mechanisms through which inequality works. The field of study called stress biology of social comparisons is one such way inequality acts.




The idea that income inequality leads to general poor health outcomes is brought to you by a Water is Wet grant from the No Sh*t, Sherlock Foundation, but I'm sure conservative blowhards will come into this thread with the "Poor people just don't work hard/Black people don't value education" bs like always.


#2724603 Devin Street may be an under-the-radar Anquan Boldin Lite

Posted by Delhommey on 02 April 2014 - 12:06 PM

Everyone mis-remembers Boldin being this hidden gem that came out of nowhere. The guy had 1097 yards and 13 TD's his last year at FSU (for those who don't follow college, that's a huge year). The only reason he dropped to the second round is cause he ran hurt in the combine and put in a sluggish 40. 


Street's a good receiver, but you have to worry about his wiry frame and his ankle. Don't see the Anquan comparisons at all.  

#2723725 Climate Risk: Worst is Yet to Come

Posted by Delhommey on 01 April 2014 - 02:29 PM

Conservatives before Global Warming becomes undeniable: It's a hoax!

Conservatives after Global Warming becomes undeniable: It's God punishing us for gay marriage!

#2721076 is being proud of being white wrong?

Posted by Delhommey on 29 March 2014 - 07:41 PM

#2713153 "Job Creators" steal another $9 billion

Posted by Delhommey on 23 March 2014 - 09:22 AM

In early 2005, as demand for Silicon Valley engineers began booming, Apple’s Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google’s Eric Schmidt to artificially push their workers wages lower by agreeing not to recruit each other’s employees, sharing wage scale information, and punishing violators. On February 27, 2005, Bill Campbell, a member of Apple’s board of directors and senior advisor to Google, emailed Jobs to confirm that Eric Schmidt “got directly involved and firmly stopped all efforts to recruit anyone from Apple.”

Later that year, Schmidt instructed his Sr VP for Business Operation Shona Brown to keep the pact a secret and only share information “verbally, since I don’t want to create a paper trail over which we can be sued later?”


I'm not revolutionary cause I want socialism. I'm revolutionary cause I want a real Free Market.

#2713082 Captain Munnerlynn Spends $1 Million in Oynx Strip Club in Charlotte.

Posted by Delhommey on 23 March 2014 - 08:27 AM

Black people always exaggerate, Charlemagne the God said something like "i dropped 5000 in one night and all the black chicks were saying i dropped 100k". Captain probably didnt spend 100k


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