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In Topic: Defense could be a strength again in 2015

Yesterday, 10:20 PM

i don't think CJ is gone. he's stepped up after shaking his injury and proved how valuable he is to a team that's been missing a pass rush all year. pair him with ealy on a cheap rookie deal next year and your overall cap commitment to the DE position isn't so terrible (though i'd love to see us restructure him somehow, and i'm sure getts will try.)


i expect the DL to look fantastic next year, the linebacker corps about the same (which is outstanding) and some serious upgrades at safety. look for one of our marquee free agent signings to be at safety if anyone's there to be had. we'll probably draft a guy to play the nickel since bene and norman look like fuging ballers on the outside.


we're not far off.


I'd probably sort my defensive positions of need like this as of now:


1) SS (We need a young playmaker back here---Boston/Jones has seemed serviceable enough at FS to replace an expected DeCoud cut)


2) DE (DL is this team's core, let's keep building it with a balanced attacker, not a speed rusher)


3) OLB (Glanton/Blackman/Klein...meh we can definitely improve here)


4) CB3/Nickel (White is solid but I'd like to find another young guy in the 3rd-7th rounds)


Expiring contracts in Edwards and Cole could warrant a new DT behind Star-short though.  

In Topic: Stewart...

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Keep the running game Stewart/Fozzy/Tolbert/Cam with DeAngelo inactive.  


No need to clutter it up again and have Shula confuse himself on who to use and when.  No reason to add a 30 y/o 5th running option in such a crucial game.    


Nothing against DeAngelo (he's our all-time lead rusher and had some great moments), but I don't really want to see him take a snap for us again.  



In Topic: Tre Boston?

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

He's looked like a rookie with potential...but still better than DeCoud haha.    


Since we began starting him 3 games ago and shifting in Jones a ton, we're 3-0 and our secondary has mightily improved regardless of the 80-yard Cameron TD.  


If we can scoop up a SS this offseason, that secondary could get really damn good.   

In Topic: Caption this Johnny

Yesterday, 08:43 PM

"gotta fix this prairie dogging...eeeekkkkk...don't poo yourself"


Jeez..he legit looks like he's 14

In Topic: Kony Ealy Development

Yesterday, 07:17 PM

We pretty much hauled in a starting WR, DE, RG, and CB in the draft...and maybe a starting FS down the road.   


Not to mention scooped up what it seems to be non-one-hit-wonders and potential mainstays at LG and WR3/4 in the UDFA class.  




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