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Today, 05:34 PM

I can see WR at 25 happening if certain players are gone (Dupree, Peat).  I think there's quite a decent chance Agholor or Smith is available and BPA.  These guys could be ahead of Landon Collins on the big board for all we know.  Dorsett goes early along with Perriman.  Agholor and Devin are pretty close to a plug+play WR2 who could play slot roles as well.  

In Topic: Andrus Peat

Today, 04:25 PM


Tony Pauline (Apr 23) writes:

"Sources say Andrus Peat won’t get past the St Louis Rams at 10 and could be selected even earlier. New York Giants perhaps?"


If something like that happens, I wonder how far Scherff could fall and if he slips to the late teens, could that be a possible trade-up for us?  That's one of the few trade-up scenarios I'd like. 


In Topic: Pick 1.25 (Poll)

Today, 04:05 PM

This draft is damn tough to sort out this year

In Topic: Just a week away...1st Round predictions in here

Today, 01:33 PM

I've got a new R1 mock prediction based on a stroll into Titan waters:  They shock everyone by grabbing Amari Cooper #2.  If Wright keeps it up at WR, Justin Hunter breaks out, and Cooper comes in the picture as their #1, that is all of a sudden a solid offensive team.  Mett can just launch bombs to them haha.   


Then... with Amari being the Raiders top choice, when #4 comes around they work a trade down with someone who wants Mariota.  


I think Gus Bradley wants a leader for his defense but don't see why people keep thinking Fowler is a fit in his defense.    They've got Bortles on O and Leonard Williams is too good to pass up on.   WAS get their Orakpo replacement in Fowler. 


This is as much as I'll do for a first round mock:



1-Jameis Winston QB



2-Amari Cooper WR



3-Leonard Williams DL



4-Mariota QB



5-Fowler Jr. DE/OLB



6-Dupree DE/OLB (I think Teams view him way higher than the media has)



7-Todd Gurley RB



8-Shane Ray DE



9-Brandon Scherff OL



10-Kevin White WR



In Topic: The Running Back Class

Today, 12:04 PM

Something to consider is that If they're set with Fozzy being a change of pace/scat type, Stewart as the big component, and Todman as depth/KR, getting another bigger but all-around back would be ideal.  


Langford, Buck Allen, David Johnson, Taz Crockett, and Yeldon all kind of fit the mold I'm thinking would be the best fit outside of Gurley, Gordon, Ajaye, and Coleman.  Big but fast enough to bust open long runs.