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#3331673 Thomas Davis to announce our 1st round pick

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 23 April 2015 - 10:26 AM

Does this mean they WONT cut to a commercial during our pick... and we might actually get some meaningful commentary from the panels about our pick? cause without FAIL every year.. after the pick before our pick they Cut to commercial ... and pretty much skipout on any meaningful conversation in regards to our drafting, only to come back and spend 30mins talking about the pick after ours...


Not that i hang on every word in the draft, but isn't anything said before or after a pic just regurgitated crap that has been said/commented on for weeks and months previously?


In many cases, less is more. Its all just filler for airtime anyway, and the same soundbites/opinions that have been expressed anyway. The same "panel" you are hoping to hear commentary from are the same group of talking heads that we see linked here everyday.

#3331479 Dear Carolina Panthers FO

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 23 April 2015 - 07:40 AM

Dear Armchair GM's:


We make the decisions we do because we have information about players, contracts, needs, and aspirations for the team that you cannot begin to understand or fathom.


While we know it is good fun and we DO in fact appreciate fan insights, rest assured we are working for the organization (and you aren't) because we bring something to the table that 99.9% of fans/others don't.


Thank you for your letter, and please accept this complementary keychain as a souvenir  and demonstration of our appreciation for the laughter and joy your letter has brought to us.






#3312360 Cam Newton will not be the highest paid QB in NFL history

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 05 April 2015 - 05:36 AM

Ive had a suspicion all last season (and posted it) that real help for Cam (cap issues aside) was purposely left out (protection for Cam namely) for the reason to keep Cam's stats down, thereby giving some leverage into contract negotiations. Might only be the difference between a 19 million a year contract rather than 22 million....but 3 million saved on the cap is pretty nice.


Still believe it,and if Gettleman in the businessman and strategist that many here like to believe..its not all that far fetched of a notion.

#3311864 Kelvin Benjamin has a new tat

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 04 April 2015 - 12:17 PM

Sorry, but that's just ugly.


Still...ball out in 2015 KB!

#3309849 Cam...... Ugg......

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 02 April 2015 - 11:04 AM

lol...and others get banned for making poo threads~


As Tom Petty said, "It's good to be king"

#3289218 End of the road for River in SD?

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 18 March 2015 - 10:34 AM

Back when i was a young buck, i used to take his order at Fat Daddy's in Raleigh. Never really understood why the managers and owners kissed his ass at the time ( they were all State fans and i didnt give a crap about college ball)...but he was always cool in there...never took on an air of superiority...etc.


Wish him much success wherever he goes or stays!

#3270361 Ted Ginn Jr agrees to 2 year deal with Panthers

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 09 March 2015 - 08:39 AM

Great news, see Ya Bersin!!!!


Bersin wasnt bad as a receiver when he was called upon. A punt returner he is not, but lets not throw him out just because he sucked at returning. He had his moments catching the ball before he was thrust into a return position when Ginn was let go...and people here couldnt not contain their hard on for him~


Bersin still has a role I hope. That hope relies on him catching passes...not punts~

#3220239 What QB gets the most help from his team?

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 26 January 2015 - 05:24 AM

Why does this matter? It's a team game



Funny, in a thread a week or so ago about why Cam gets no respect, I specifically said that he doesn't get the attention we all feel he deserves because of the cast (or lack of) around him. Some dude came up to challenge me on it, and got pied out the ass for his comments wondering why in the hell would I even bring up the defense in a discussion about why Cam doesn't get positive national media attention. Forget the fact our defense has carried us the past two seasons....LOL.




#3207193 Why does NFL media hate Cam Newton? (Bear fans take on Cam.)

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 16 January 2015 - 05:48 AM

Honestly, I'm not so sure why it is a mystery.


1. We are the Panthers (small market team)


2. While true Cam has been lacking in weapons, this guy seems to suggest that if Luck, Manning,..etc didnt have the weapons they have, there would be a difference, Its a TEAM sport, and regardless of how talented one given player may be...people only care about the TEAM in the sense that TEAMS win games. Cam is great and has done more than can be mentioned here to help the team, but at the end of the day we arent that great as a TEAM...so I fail to see why people not familiar with our TEAM would look at our TEAM and heap roses upon Cam. In short, as great as Cam is/could be...he will only be as great (and get respect for it) based on TEAM performance. Everyone knows a stout front and a couple great receivers that can run routes well and catch the ball more times than not will make just about ANY QB look like a star. Knowing that nearly everyone here has admitted such themselves when talking about other lesser QB's...why would it be a wonder that Cam being as awesome as he is.. not being able to shine because of a lack of that supporting cast?


3. I said it earlier I think in preseason, and I got alot of crap for it (and probably will again, but thats ok) that Cam is not the star of this team. Sure, he is the QB and the one that gets most of the attention, but star in terms of performance he is not. That honor goes to 59 and honorable mention to 58..  I really hate how this guys talks about what the TEAM has done last season and this season, and uses it to justify his position about Cam, and completely forgets the fact that our success last year and for the most part this year as well as a TEAM came from the defense...not Cam. Of course Cam played a major role, but I will keep repeating this is a TEAM. To go even further, based on the last two seasons, I would say that if our defense had not played as well as it has over the last few seasons...NOONE would be talking about Cam because we wouldn't have been relevant anyway.


4. Frankly, I dont want the national media talking about how great Cam is. Why? Because Cam has a big contract signing coming up. The more "good" attention Cam gets talking about how great he is and how valuable of a player he is just ups the figure his agent will fight for come negotiation time, or what other teams may offer him (that we may not be willing/able to offer him). Let Cam get signed first...and THEN lets fight and moan about him not getting respect. The lack of respect he is getting now may very well save this team millions in cap room per season in the coming years.



In the end, I dont think the media has "hate" for Cam. I just think they don't recognize what he has, can, and will do. Cam will go on and do great things with us no doubt, but I could not care less about what the national media things (like almost everyone here who craps on what national media says/reports.



But please oh please national media...like my QB and say nice things about him!!!  BWAHAHA


#3182546 Carolina to travel to Seattle 48 hrs in advance

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 06 January 2015 - 11:31 AM

Not sure it is a 'smart" idea. Seems like common sense to me

#3170310 Gameday Menu

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 03 January 2015 - 09:03 AM

Grilled BBQ chicken breast wraps with Swiss


Auntie Fee's potato salad


A few from the first batch of hot Italian sauages I made with the sausage maker I bought myself for Christmas


Rum! (Man I love living in a country where I can buy a 5 dollar bottle of rum and it actually be decent enough to drink)

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#3161366 Should we resign Byron Bell?

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 29 December 2014 - 08:01 AM

Man I just hate how we come off a dominating win and take the division..yet some are already crapping and finding fault with our team before the season for us is even over!


Seriously, you knuckleheads will have 6 months to lay down your gripes and make stupid ass threads about this or that player in time. How about supporting the team (and ALL its members) while we try to make a run in the playoffs?


Heaven knows if I had admin powers, I'd ban this OP for even bringing such stupid mess up! Get over it...what he deserves doesn't mean a darn thing right now!

#3153453 If the Panthers lose should Ron Rivera return?

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 26 December 2014 - 10:33 AM

I dont think RR should go, even if we lose.


Forget all the stuff about injuries, Hardy, cap situation, key player retirements and cuts last season, Cams surgery/injuries....etc. I know many want to see him go regardless, but i find if ironic that we give a pass to a player to "grow" into a position, but the same isnt given to a coach.


Throwing a new coach into the system just changes everything with the chemistry the team is finally beginning to build. Given to that, we have quite a few very key players on the roster that may decide that its better to just end their career with the end of a coaching regime rather than go through the whole transition years ago (Kalil and TD come to mind)


Some people around here were creaming themselves with wanting to hire Lovie. Look how that has turned out for TB..lol. RR may not be a great coach, and he may never be...but considering where we were at when he was hired, and the momentum the team has gained since then...I dont see a reason to get rid of him just yet. Sure we may not be skyrocketing, but we have been steadily improving in terms of management, players and coaches...and setting ourselves up for serious contention. Every year we have steadily improved our record. This year is obviously different, but that is somewhat offset that we are in contention for a division title and playoffs despite the record.


I like RR. I'd hate to see him go before a good maturation period of his style and management of the players has taken root.

#3011111 Gameday Menu

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 12 October 2014 - 08:58 AM

Smoked and sliced pig trotters, rolled in lettuce with some garlic, hot peppers, and samjang~~


Some spicy azz spanish rice i made in abundance~


And most importantly...Rum!!!


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#2964151 Can you relate?

Posted by coralreefer_1 on 19 September 2014 - 07:56 AM

I feel sorry for them, but mostly because of Lovie who I like (and someone many here including myself would have been brought in as DC)


For the fans? Nah....paying their dues as far as I am concerned.