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In Topic: Impressed by the commentators

27 November 2012 - 06:05 PM

Gruden was great. Best 3 and a half hour job interview I've ever seen someone give two potential employers at the same time.

Cheap shots aside, I do think Gruden does the best job of making even the lowliest of teams seem like contenders.

In Topic: Did AE's catch seal Gettis' fate?

05 November 2012 - 07:15 AM

Hey, I'm just glad that at an important moment, a Carolina Panther player didn't screw up and actually made something out of a play. Had a lot of good ones like that yesterday.

We've been waiting for a long time to see a game where someone didn't just blow it at an important time. Good Job, AE. Hope to see more from you and everyone else on the team.

In Topic: No Trades... No better

04 November 2012 - 10:58 AM

I got bored after the second line of rambling and stopped reading.

I'll make it short and sweet,

You quoted his past performance. What is he doing now?

If hes so good. Why is he 2nd string?

And is a good business to pay a 2nd string RB 43 million?

Because... aww fuggit. It would like be explaining algebra to an octopus, for a second time. You are a moron, and far too common on this message board.

Screw it.

In Topic: No Trades... No better

01 November 2012 - 06:47 PM

I'm glad DeAngelo is still here. Getting rid of him would have been a huge mistake.

Historically, DWill has the second highest average per carry in history for a back with more than 1,500 carries. He's second to Jim Brown and one spot in front of Barry Sanders. He's not a deadweight running back.

His production fell only when we picked up a new offensive coordinator who was wedded to running the read-option offense. This type of offense tends to kill speed and power running backs due to the hand-off delay that causes them to lose rhythm in an effort to give a mobile quarterback an opening.

It worked great overall for padding Newton's stats, and got us to six wins. This year, well, you see the results. Has it been bad for our running backs in general beyond DWill? If you haven't noticed, Stewie isn't exactly setting the field on fire, either. And he's another first class running back. Tolbert? Ehhhh, not living up to expectations either.

Surely all three of these guys, who all have low mileage for their years of service, didn't all of a sudden drink a big old bottle of suck did they?

This is a two running back league nowadays. You keep rotating backs in an out, keeping one fresh and ready to bust through the defense, or you find one who's hot on that day. Running backs also get hurt, a lot. Just look around the league and you'll see it. You have to have basically two first tier guys or your team is dead in the water.

Trade DWill? Chances are you won't find another one as good in the next two years. And those draft picks you get might just get you, well, nothing.

Fixing this team won't be done by getting rid of Williams or Smith. It will start, however, with playing professional football and putting away the sandlot plays we've been running.

I always think when I hear posts like the original one here, "These are the same idiots who claim Chris Gamble sucks because he doesn't get interceptions." Just like they don't look at the fact that he basically shuts down half the field and keeps a quarterback from throwing that direction except in extreme circumstances. Too many people look at fantasy football statistics and think that's football.

In Topic: The No FG Attempt at End of Half

28 October 2012 - 03:19 PM

Medlock was the majority of our scoring today. The problem wasn't about not taking a shot at a FG at the half. The problem is having to take a field goal FIVE times today.