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In Topic: Whiskey lovers

Yesterday, 09:27 PM

Been a while since I have sampled G. Dickel. Not a bad bourbon but I tend towards the Kentucky tipples.


Wouldn't turn down a shot!


In Topic: Panthers are signing RB Chris Ogbonnaya, per league source.

Yesterday, 06:26 PM

If you told me week 1 we would need to sign this guy week 4...

In Topic: Hardy being advised to sit out season

Yesterday, 01:47 PM



We fuged it up big time by not sticking to our guns.



Unfortunately we have no recourse with the exempt list.

In Topic: If I am Cam's agent this offseason

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

Brees was franchised once, then allowed to leave.  About the closest I can remember.

Yeah..he left because they drafted his replacement if I recall. 

In Topic: If I am Cam's agent this offseason

Yesterday, 10:44 AM

I'm talking about obvious the O-Line crapped it's collective pants and he took a beating because of it.  Make it incremental then, so it's not an all or nothing deal.  I'm pretty sure though this couldn't seriously be proposed in a contract negotiation because it would incentivize detrimental behavior (to the team).

More likely what happens is his agent tells the team, Cam would like to see some commitment to the line. The teams drafts or signs a top OT as goodwill and Cam then signs a long term deal.


But I doubt even that would happen.

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