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Yesterday, 10:13 AM

What evidence do you have to say it wasn't north Korea?

(Actually curious not trying to be a dick)

It's not that I have evidence it was someone else.


My understanding is that agencies try to identify hackers through signatures and style. However hackers spend just as much time disguising what they do. The article below cites this. If a hacker is sophisticated enough to hack Sony they are sophisticated enough to make it look like North Korea did it.


One of the evidence items is that some files were compiled on a computer using the korean language. So what?


Or the FBI could simply be lying . The FBI is sometimes like the local police sheriff who would rather string up an innocent guy than admit he doesn't know who did it. North Korea is an easy target as everyone just shakes fist and says...yeah evil! And then the media repeats North Korea 1,000,000 times and nobody thinks to actually ask how they came to that conclusion.


And what does "North Korea" mean? The government? A group in North Korea? A group sponsored by North Korea sitting in Iran?


I always laugh at how we fall for the same lines every time. Could have been Canada for all we know.


Read this



In Topic: Busy week...

19 December 2014 - 11:34 PM

Russia's economy crippling, new relations with Cuba, North Korea hacking, ISIS shooting in Australian cafe.

Just a lot at once....

Anything I am missing?

Just makes you wonder if the peoples eye is "looking at the shiny thing" while something else happens....

There is always something happening.


Russia is going to be fine.

The hacking probably wasn't North Korea.

A few people dying in an attack isn't a story and will probably happen again in a few weeks. Unless you count Chicago where it happens every day.


The Cuba story has teeth though. I'm intrigued. 

In Topic: The biggest influence in Rock music?

19 December 2014 - 11:11 PM



I was born after the beatles. I definitely feel as though they defined music for the next 40 years more than anyone. I continue to rediscover their stuff.


Led Zeppelin didn't define anything they just perfected a moment.

In Topic: a journey from theism - ideas, sources, commentary, questions, and a whole ho...

19 December 2014 - 07:14 PM

interesting read… though if the wiki article is correct, it wasn't really meant to provide simulated religious experience, only test hypotheses about brain functions. unless brain functions can be measured during religious experiences i don't see how you can draw any kind of correlation; but then, i don't know the first thing about neuroscience and very little about psychology, so i could be wrong

Yeah the documentary I watched was exemplifying the religious experience. I think the point is everything is chemical/electrical etc when it comes to brain experiences. Doesn't mean God doesn't somehow cause those electrical impulses.


I don't think so but what do i know?

In Topic: a journey from theism - ideas, sources, commentary, questions, and a whole ho...

19 December 2014 - 05:42 PM


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