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#3118747 Things you see in this video....

Posted by roaddog96 on 04 December 2014 - 05:19 PM

Just wondering what are some observations you all can make from this vine.....




Well, a couple of things after looking at it a few times...


Initial read looks to be KB, but he hasn't cleared, so he goes to Olsen who is open initially coming across, but isn't looking for the pass at that moment.


Goes back to KB to get the LB to drop deeper into coverage, which LB doesn't bite.


Comes back to Olsen and throws the ball (but not setting his feet all the way) towards the inside because of the outside defender that comes in to hit Olsen and jar it loose.


A couple of things to really observe when thinking about what the original play design should've been. Cam does go through two of his reads successfully, but never looks to the left. 3 crossing routes doesn't seem right for that play. I think that Greg had an option between cross/stop, depending on coverage. Greg continues the cross instead of stopping. KB ran a VERY lazy route, which affects this play more than anything else. If he runs full speed and through the route, it forces the D to account for him and possibly makes the LB drop further in coverage to account. Cam reads the middle of the field well, but it looks like J-Stew comes open on on the angle route late that had some YAC opportunity. Missed opportunity, but design may be flawed and execution definitely wasn't right.


Last thing, Cam doesn't have happy feet in that clip. See any game film on any QB and you will see that. It's more exaggerated in this clip because of how long Cam holds the ball before throwing it.  

#2782855 Nickname for Kelvin Benjamin?

Posted by roaddog96 on 12 May 2014 - 05:08 PM

He already had the nickname Optimus Prime at FSU. Just let him keep it and be done.

#2006325 Props to Cam...

Posted by roaddog96 on 18 November 2012 - 05:53 PM

Cam Newton in the 2nd half today: 12/13, 140 yards, TD, no INT

Cam played lights out in the 2nd half, no doubt about that. We shoulve won this game.

#1110682 Question for those who don't wanna draft a QB

Posted by roaddog96 on 25 March 2011 - 04:13 PM

The reason why I'm not so hung up on picking a defensive player is because our D is already good as-is, where we may need a tweak here and there.

"There is hope: The Panthers actually fielded a playoff-caliber defense in 2010, at least according to the measures we use at ColdHardFootballFacts.com. They were No. 12, for example, in Defensive Passer Rating, our measure of each team's ability to stifle opposing quarterbacks. For some perspective, the 14-2 Patriots were No. 13 in Defensive Passer Rating. The 13-3 Falcons were No. 14 in Defensive Passer Rating.

The Panthers were also No. 12 in what we call the Defensive Hog Index, a measure of each team's defensive front. And they were a top 10 unit in run defense, surrendering just 3.94 yards per attempt on the ground last year.

Read more: http://sportsillustr...l#ixzz1HeEAdFqW

Although I think that none of the QB's are top 2 talents, there are QB's who could be difference makers down the line if developed properly and land in the right system. The question is, do we address, in my mind, the biggest weakness long-term for us, or do we add to what is already a strength and wait another year?

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