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In Topic: Flex season

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Think it has to be announced by Wednesday 96 hours before game time.


I'd bet on Green Bay - Detroit in the NFC, Cincy - Pit only if the Bengals beat Denver tomorrow night, otherwise SD - KC.

Says 6 days here.



In Topic: Two police officers ambushed and killed in New York

Yesterday, 05:24 PM

We invaded Iraq because of 9/11. Because they had WMD and they were going to give it to terrorists.

Pie for you.  It all panned out to be true.

In Topic: We are Under Attack

Yesterday, 08:39 AM

They pulled it from the christmas release, so no it will not. Federal agancies, as well as some of the top information security firms in the world are digging into this.  No chance in hell its a Sony hoax. 


Have you seen the trailers?  Who would pay to see this POO?

In Topic: We are Under Attack

20 December 2014 - 06:22 AM

This movie will be the biggest box office hit since Gone with the wind.  It is all a big Sony hoax to boost sales of a doomed waste of money. Really, would you have blown $$ to see this crap?  LMAO.




In Topic: Breaking: US and Cuba seek to normalise ties

18 December 2014 - 08:03 AM

Lmao. I still like to smoke a good cigar from time to time.


Have not touched tobacco since. Scared to.

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