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In Topic: Lets talk about someone important Andre Neblett

07 September 2010 - 06:31 AM

Barry White Jr..?

Ha, he sounds like a mix of 70% Denzel 30% Method Man in that interview.

In Topic: Is it fairly obvious to anyone else....

03 September 2010 - 10:07 AM

You guys are insane. Heres the deal.

No, Armanti Edwards did not warrant the second round pick that we traded to get him. Yes, the front office is stubborn and he will make the 53. No, the "mountaineer" package wasn't to sell tickets beyond the normal propaganda. Yes, Armanti has skills that have not yet translated to the NFL.

If he doesn't deserve a spot on the 53 due to his WR play, who has? It tells you something when AE looks the same as guys who have played WR for 5+ years and he has done it for 5 months.

In Topic: There will be a ESPN NFC South Mailbag at 1pm. I need everyone to

06 November 2009 - 12:31 PM

I submitted around 20 questions about it. Great idea.

In Topic: Panthers vs Saints: Who Will Win & Why?

06 November 2009 - 11:12 AM

I think that the Saints will be a huge test for the Panthers. Hell, I would almost take the 14 points and still say the Saints win. However, there are a few things that could easily change that.

-Panthers WILL run the ball down the throat of the Saints. The Saints will try to stop it, but it wont happen. If they blitz and put a lot of pressure in the backfield, look for D-Will and J-Stew to break some big runs and punish the saints secondary.
-Jake is coming off his only turnover free game. So there is finally something to build on, albeit not much. If the Panthers can establish their gameplan, I see plenty of TE use for 5-10 yards to stay away from the ballhawking Saints secondary.
-Also, by running and passing short, it will force the Saints secondary to creep in. Smith only needs one play to change a game and I can see it happening Sunday. No Saints corner will be able to go 1 on 1 with SS, the only chance they have is a poor throw (which is likely).
-Other Panther fans would agree that the Saints front 7 isn't scary at all. Come 3rd and 4th quarter they will be run into the ground by our OL and they will definatly hate trying to tackle our RB's who are as abusive as a rogue wrecking ball.
-Panthers O WILL out-physical the Saints D

-Panthers D-Line.... Makes me proud to be a Panther fan. Our rotation is deep and extremely physical. There will be pressure on Drew Brees, there will be batted passes (CJ's arms must be 4 feet long), there will be sacks. Julius Peppers is playing like an absolute Behemoth and will come at the Saints from a variety of angles.
-Improved D-Line play has been the turnaround for our Defense no doubt, it crowds our secondary and makes our LBers make plays. Hollis Thomas is soon growing to legendary status, hah. The real key here is that our 24th ranked run defense has significantly improved since the bye allowing only one 100 yard performance. The last 4 games they allowed 74, 124, 53, and 94.
-Thomas Davis and Jon Beason. Im gonna get a little cocky and say that they are the best LB tandem in the league. Their play speaks for itself. Dumpoff passes will be held for short yardage.
-Our secondary is talented. They finally started gelling the past couple weeks and its noticible by opponent QB's hesitation in the pocket. Sherrod Martin had an impressive week with 2 int's against Warner and could be a diamond in the rough. Harris may just hurt someone (not that its intended or malicious, like GW's statement about SS) One thing I noticed is that our secondary allows practically no yardage after a catch, there are always two people around the ball. Your Saints recievers wont break long yards off, they will have to fight for every single yard.
-Fox and Meeks recently unveiled the 'Joker' position with Dante Wesley. A hybrid LB/Secondary player who sometimes spy's the RB or QB. Look for plenty of 4-2-5 or 3-2-6 sets.

:hand: Dont be fooled by the Panthers 3-4 record, if the recent trend on defense continues and the offense sticks to the gameplan the Panthers could upset.

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