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In Topic: Deepest and best backfield?

20 August 2014 - 09:31 AM

What is an asshat anyways?


Well, I don't have any preseason PFF chart based on 8 attempts to help support my claim, but I'm pretty sure an asshat is as follows:


A person who creates a thread on an opposing fan base's message board to boast about his own team's RBs and supports his boast with a chart of preseason stats based on a single game wherein his player has 8 entire attempts and shares the top of said chart with the likes of Peerman, Burkhead, Tipton, Parmele. He then later denies the use of the preseason chart.


He creates this thread under the guise of responding to an offhand quote from an older player on the message board's team but then is so unable to contain his own erection for his personal team he doesn't even use the entire first sentence before he begins pleasuring himself my boasting about his own personal team's RBs. 


He does all this with an avatar 'selfie' of himself flexing his flabby bicep and smirking into the camera.


That sir, is my understanding of an AssHat.



In Topic: Deepest and best backfield?

19 August 2014 - 05:31 PM

You know what makes you the "asshat"? Citing the play of our backup guards. Both probowl guards haven't played yet. Also, the stats in OP about Ingram after contact were from THE ENTIRE 2013 SEASON. THE POINT OF THE THREAD was questioning Stewarts claim about Panthers having "deepest and best backfield", it wasn't to claim that that is what the Saints have.

Go back to the OP. The chart you posted was based on 8 attempts by Ingram which I can only assume is from the preseason as you stated 'so far this year' before it. You cherry picked a stupid chart from the preseason to boast about the Saints backfield. Asshat.

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In Topic: Deepest and best backfield?

19 August 2014 - 04:49 PM

Point being, your smack is incredibly weak when you're referencing a 'rating' based on a tiny sample size in conditions that are very unlike a real game (1st week of preseason, little to no game planning, mix of starters and depth, reduced intensity, etc.).


I have no doubt that the Saints will be very good this year. I have quite a bit of doubt that 8 carries by Mark Ingram in the 1st preseason game has any bearing on that outcome. I also doubt his fuging PFF "Elusive Rating" means even a quarter poo when it comes to his capabilities as an NFL running back. I could pull a whole boatload of stats pointing to Ingram being a massive waste of a 1st rounder. 


Go back to discussing your pre-teen-like obsessive collection of overpriced gelatin-outsole basketball shoes. I'd be much more inclined to take you as an authority on that topic. 



In Topic: Deepest and best backfield?

19 August 2014 - 04:35 PM

Hey asshat, just like you I can cherry pick a couple of fuging preseason stats from PFF and jerk myself off about them.




Oh and if Mark Ingram has such a TITILATING ELUSIVE RATING that you felt the need to create this thread after rubbing one out over a few preseason carries I should be over the moon at J. Stewart's few carries.






Wowzers, look at those PRESEASON STATS! Holy buckets, Stewart is on pace for 32 TDs, I bet his elusive rating is like 6.8 E and he has a jumpy jack rating of 12.887 compared to Ingram's 11.223. His scamper feet rating must be through the roof! How in the hell are the Saints going to contend with that?



In Topic: Deepest and best backfield?

14 August 2014 - 04:46 PM

Occasionally I wander into the Smack forum for chuckles. 


Big A never disappoints with his pathetic smack. 


His only link/source: a massive PFF chart (of a single preseason week's stats) where Ingram is at the top, and Ingram's in good company: Neal, Peerman, Tipton, Burkhead, Parmele. Wowzers, if those aren't the most e-fugin-lusive backs in the NFL. Hot damn. 


The rest of the post: cherry picked 'stats' and broad generalizations with no supporting articles/charts etc. 


Sometimes I honestly cannot tell if he's just trolling with inane threads or he has actually convinced himself the Saints are the class of the NFL in every category.





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