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#2228568 Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

Posted by Zod on 11 May 2013 - 01:59 PM

8. Kenjon Barner - Mixed reviews on him today. I could really tell he was trying to run low, sometimes even exaggerated it a bit. Which is good. But he did drop a few balls out of the backfield that hit him dead in both hands. Yes, its rookie camp, I am sure he will settle down.




9. Edmund Kugbila - Fairly impressive physical specimen. Wide bodied like a guard, thats for sure.


Here are some random pics from today....













#2228562 Carolina Panthers Rookie Camp Pictures

Posted by Zod on 11 May 2013 - 01:54 PM

Rookie camp is basically an introduction for the rookies and undrafted free agents of note and a chance for scores of other players to try to get an invite to the regular camp.

In all honesty there is not much going on except the extreme fundamentals of the game. They break down the rookies with the basics and keep an eye out for others that show them something.

There is no real contact allowed, so we can only watch and notice the footwork and strength of the lineman in dummy drills and such.

So anyways on with some pics and general observations....

1- Gettleman is awesome. He has a much different personality than Hurney. Very outgoing. Just seems like a great guy. He reminds me of a highschool football coach from his demeanor to how he wears his shorts. He also chews tobacco, not redman, its out of a tin. A Copenhagen man.

Here David Gettleman takes time to sign an autograph.
Posted Image

2. A couple guys you may not have heard on but possibly keep an eye on....

Tori Mobley - Guard from Jacksonville State - 6'3 290. Undrafted Free Agent
Posted Image

Casey Walker - Defensive Tackle from Oklahoma. 6-1 335. This guy is HUGE.
Posted Image

3. Star Lotulelei is as advertised. He instantly makes you aware of what has been missing. He just has a presence about him. I was watching him in drills. Nimble feet, tons of power, and it all just seems to come to him naturally and effortlessly.

Posted Image

Posted Image

4. Kawaan Short - Looked fine in drills. The biggest thing was he was not corrected on anything. This was a day you really did not want your name called.
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5. Matt McGloin our new QB prospect. He actually looked pretty sharp. The receivers were extremely sub par, but he seemed to hit most of them in stride. Not a big guy and doesn't seem to have a huge arm, but is very fluid. Maybe our own Andy Dalton (ginger reference). Gettleman was keeping a close eye on him (pictured below)

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Posted Image

6. Ron Rivera seemed to be in really good spirits. If he is a man with his job on the line you couldn't tell by looking at him.
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7. AJ Klein - Good guy. Took the time to sign autographs on the way in. Again, didn't hear his name all day which was a good thing. Bigger than I thought he would be (twss).
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#2122252 Luke Kuechly wins DROY

Posted by Zod on 02 February 2013 - 08:22 PM

When photographing the Panthers defense this year often I would just keep it on Keek, chances are he would be where the play was. True story.